Meanwhile on Galactic Jow Forums (Clone Wars Era)

>Meanwhile on Galactic Jow Forums (Clone Wars Era)

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>13% of the galactic population
>54% of all blaster-related crime

What the fuck is wrong with Rodians?

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>Trump is based!

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>Aliens make up 90% of the CIS
>Senate refuses to take action
>everyone agrees that the galaxy rightfully belongs to humans
>Eradicate every none-human species

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>First Gungan to pass through Naboo's core
>War hero for actions in battle of Naboo
>Responsible for based Palpatine becoming Emperor
>makes normie libshits reeeee
Is he, dare I say, our guy?

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>what could've been
yet here we are babysitting the niggers

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Fuck non humans.

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Palpatine did nothing wrong.

The Senate did nothing wrong.

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Anyone got any red pills on the Hutts? I mean the seem like a maligned minority just trying to survive in face of loosing their ancient homelands, and the reputation as greedy gang-lords is just latent anti-huttism.

The most based I say

Chewbacca cleared of charges he killed 3million ewoksilims.
>everybody knows it was 1488 million

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Lmao you pathetic humanist losers never fail to make me laugh with your "galactic pol humor" threads
Face it, most non-humans will be infinitely more successful than any of you sad virgins. You are on the wrong side of history, get over it

Your daughters will be lard burners!

>think of what could have been, we could be babysitting ayyyniggers instead.
I am not certain witch would suck more.

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When you are going to take the ultimate red-pill and have hybrid babies with Twi'leks? I mean they are clearly more atractive than human women, they all want human men instead of their ugly ass twi'lek bois, and your kids will have the best of both world, the intelligence and creativity of huimanity along with the beauty of the Twi'lek.

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How does it make you feel h*man boy?

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careful our you'll trigger the humanist


We need to find a solution to our "jedi" problem. We should concentrate them in death camps.

hes the actual phantom menace but george lucas bitched out

Well I wish I was on a world of metals
Where forges burn and spout like kettles
Look away, Look away, Look away separatist
On the station where I was born
Was early on a standard morning
Look away, Look away, Look away separatist
Well I wish I was in free space. Hooray! Hooray!
For Independent land i'll make my stand
Live and die, in free space.
Away, Away, Away rimward in free space!
Away, Away, Away rimward in free space!

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I'm not getting a better time to post this again

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Palaptine was right from the start and every single word he said was true. Non-Humans muust be eradicated but a few exceptions can be made for near human species.

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>what could have been
user it's a LONG TIME AGO

a Tribute to our hero anakin

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Any Clones want to got 79s? 91st recon boi here. No non clones allowed except twilek bitches.

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>exceptions can be made for near human species.
STFU Thrawn.

I wonder when executive order 66 will be unleashed

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>exceptions can be made for near human species.
I meant they would be used as slaves while others would be killed immediatly

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How can human wahmen even compete with a trad Twi'lek qt?

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take it to /wg/
there are so many non-politics threads here
you aren't doing anyone any favors by promoting off-topic discussion
also you appear to be shilling for Hollywood and Lucasfilm

fuckin swoopshitters are so goddamn noisy reeeeeeeeeeeee

Found the zoomer loser.

Is Dooku /ourguy/?

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Greedo did nothing wrong, he did not fire first!

>Something wonderful has happened. Peter... I'm pregnant.

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Were the Sith actually right?

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The Sith ideology is not based on fantasy

A civilization technologically advanced enough to create a space empire would have grown out of believing in Christian mythology hundreds of years prior.


>being this much of a fedoratard

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>not Djuddge XDDdD

You had one jon

>Someone criticized my semitic slave cult? Better lob a clumsy fedora insult at them and hope they go away

Hell no

Why though? He actually believed in the confederacy more than Palpatine ever did

Klingons are 13% of the population but commit over 50% of b'ach-tor

-eye twitch-
wrong fandom leaf

That's because the confederacy was shit in itself. It was ruled by aliens and corporations. The repulbic transformed into the chad empire thanks to palpatine. The CIS are basically the democrats.

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why are his legs so fat

Togrutas are H O N O R A R Y.

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>Meanwhile on Diversity is our Strength Jow Forums

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>semetic slave cult

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Nah. Good slave material though

Tfw no Sith 3D wafu

Her tummy is straight up honorary, hell yeah.

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Wrong universe Trekkie

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imagine the smell

The Captain of the Enterprize is a white male!

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The senate is literally controlled by the (((Jedi))) Trust me. Palpatine is doing some 4d chess, he’s actually a massive human supremacist.

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>Peter, I want to have our baby home in Amsterdam. We can go to the Annex where no one will know. Where we can we safe. I can go early fix up the baby's room. I know the perfect spot... Right by the Westerklerk.

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Indeed. Polytheism is superior to monotheism and has more tolerance of marginalized transgender people.

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This would have been such a cool twist

every day is leg day

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Based poster.

Conspiracy theories. You really think our military would turn on their own people?

Isn't the CIS in star wars literally controlled opposition?

Democracy is a scam. The Republoc is comprosmied. The Emperor is trying to bring peace by doing 3746D chess with the fish face aliens in order to secure the Empire's supremacy and authority in the galaxy.

Not as much as the Clones are.

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Kinda of. It was multiple layers of controlled opposition. they were a real movement, and count Dooku was leading them, knowing they were being used by palpatine, but dooku didn't know what the full plan was and that he was infact intended to be disposed of as would the CIS.

FUCKING BASED roger roger, hail dooku

Fucking hell, I’m tired of this Republic. The only people who benefit are Jedi cultists, clueless bureaucrats, degenerate aliens, and massive bankers and businessmen. We need a new order and a strong leader capable of uniting the Empire under a fist. A leader who puts Humanity before the weaker races of the world. That one leader is Palpatine

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*tips yarmulke*
interested in a new podracer?

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>best aesthetic
>most beautiful creatures
>acquire power to control space/land to maintain a stable people

>always the bad guys
what do we mean by this

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star wars is gay

the new one is, OT was fine

>*tips yarmulke*

That's a Tommy helmet though...

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Jew Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Merchant

I want to ______ a Twi'lek

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you re answering one non white christcuck burger what did you excpect was gonna happen?

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>designated shitting hyperlanes

The CIS were a bunch of retards.
Why the fuck dident they take full advantage of having an army of droids? They would have raped the republic six ways to sunday
>using standerd millitary doctrine and cheap shitty droids
instead of
>making an infinite army of IG-88 tier mass murder bots , or make an army of general gervious body guards droids
>droids can be built and repaired by the thousands, casualties are a non issue
>droids can be upgraded and made to suit any kind of battlefield easily
>make the Capitol ships droids themselves, they can react much faster and can pull manuvers that would splatter organic crews

>making an infinite army of IG-88 tier mass murder bots , or make an army of general gervious body guards droids

Because money. No, seriously. The reason the flimsy B-1 droids made up 90% of the CIS military is because they are very cheap to produce and could be ordered and built quickly. They were used in a quantity over quality method, as they were much more of a threat in large groups.

The other droids are much more expensive. For instance, I think the Droideka costs at least ten times the price of a B-1. Also, Grievous was a one of a kind cyborg, who alone not only likely cost the CIS millions in credits, but also had to take personal training from Count Dooku himself.

Well the IG assassin Droids are a lot more complex and expensive, and dangerous to the CIS due to the fact that they were smarter than battle Droids who were getting regular memory wipes. But they were all designed to fail anyway..

Also they were kept restrained by Palpatine through dooku, they actualy could have won very easily had it not been for that.

B1s were actually effective, you wouldnt think so because you only follow jedis but they only have like a thousand of those, so they cant really impact anything anyways

just lurking

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I'm not so sure both sides where fucked by the senate cause the cis wouldn't have existed without palpatine so you can't really say what would have happened without him

>fucking a Girl with 2 Dongs on her head

typical pol

it used to be cannon he had to restrain the CIS from outright winning on several occasions

I know the b3 battledroid or the cortosis droid are just some examples. I find the CIsS military is cooler but they only almost consist of non humans so i have to support the republic