East Asians are bas-

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Based Mukhtaar

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They ignored referendum vote where 70% of them voted against...

Based Nadim

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>70% voted against it
>Still passed

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>tfw muslims actually are the last hope this planet has at combating faggotry...

I'm sorry my /true_christian/ brethren, but we are far too few now for me to hope that it could be us who can stop homosexuality...

Taiwan is a lost cause. You know it's true because their leader is a woman.

Maybe they do it on purpose to become so shit that China doesn't want to touch then anymore.

There is literally nothing wrong with homosexuality. Go marry a goat for all I care, as long as I don't see you fucking it.

this is a globalist push, global money and influence are trying to normalize the lifestyle across the world to allow gays free access to the world labor markets.

One of the largest goals of the globalists is to have a unified set of laws across all countries, so they can easily control them. Gay pride isn't about pride, it's about eroding the status quo of the family unit.

Even California voted against it in 2008, why do they even hold elections anymore?

Looks like Taiwan was better off under Japan


Not everyday I agree with Pat Condell but that was a home run.

Taiwan will be stomped by mainland China any moment now. Cant wait.

Why would that be a good thing?

Rather fags than mudslimes imo. I truly hate the mudslimes.

they have been under pressure from the globohomo kikes for some time now

If you prefer faggots over Muslims you don't know enough about faggots and how they are a huge part of the reason the West has a Muslim problem to begin with

>Goat fuckers
>Chai tea boy shaggers
>The guy catching is teh big ghey
>Not the pitcher
>Weekend marriages

They're both the same, user

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Can someone explain how democratic governments regularly just blatantly ignore referendums and the like....why do plebs still buy into the democracy meme.
We need a modern Caesar.

They've also legalized gay marriage in my country a few months ago.
I haven't noticed any difference in my life.
Why is this topic so important for Jow Forums?

LMAO I told everyone Taiwan was the gay China guess I was right

You're a fag

Because the slippery slope is real you pleb.

>that flag

Sounds like western democracy in action
Reminder the only reason we have gay marriage is because our jewish kritarchy decided so

> their birthr rates plummet > new home for africans opens > yellow mans guilt

Exactly. If there is one truth about politics that I've witnessed in my life and in my time spent reading about human history, it is that the political slippery slope always actualizes, and the bottom of the slope is just death, one way or another. For homosexuality, the slope has been actualized as pederasty, unstable marriages, polyamory, and STDs. Gays do not keep their lifestyles to themselves, and even if they don't convince others to be gay, they will manage to inject the culture they are in with their lack of moral values.

Homosexuals dont change much. Its always going to be about 8% of the population

(((Davidson))) replied

Wtf you on about? It’s not 8%, in the uk it’s around 2-4%. If 10% of your mutt population is gay then they really are putting something in your water.

MK Ultra had some sub-branches where:
>TV stimulates emotional reaction and suppresses rational thought
>Media can emulate realistic events (War of the Worlds)
Were both discovered. There's many more that were classified or don't have to deal with the popular LSD scapegoat, but essentially, if the media reports it and you're watching it on TV, you're hopelessly brainwashed; media can alter reality to any viewer.

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Didn't know crown dependencies had their flag shown here.

>East Asia is one country