I live in NYC and stickers are cheap (100 for $18). It would be easy to plaster redpilled stickers everywhere..tourist attractions, store windows, monuments, subways, etc.

What are some redpilled ideas for stickers?

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It's okay to be white


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troofers make anti-semites look bad

Ebba Ã…kerlund was 11 years old

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You like this one, moshe?

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>(100 for $18)
How tiny are those? Sticker Guy won't print them anyways.

I've declared war on the communist propaganda in my city. At this point I've torn down 100+ stickers and posters, and painted over leftist graffitis. They started putting razors under stickers, but it didn't stop me at all.
At the beginning it took them two days to put up their red filth again, but there's less and less. I think they might be giving up.
Once one of them caught me doing it, but didn't do anything other than giving me a bad stare. It's understandable though, I was wearing a tanktop and had a gymbag with me, and I'm tall as well, while the guy was a typical soifaglord with a shitty beard, hipster glasses, bad hairline, wearing a flannel shirt and a backpack with leftie/feminist pins on it.
I've also smashed a billboard promoting race-mixing with a couple of friends.
Pic related from last week.
Fucking lmao.

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Buy a bunch of sticker paper, make a stencil, then mass produce with spray paint followed by a clear coat. More durable than inkjet.

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Stickers represent a fine line between legal and vandalism while spray paint crosses that line no question.

Will do.
At least I don't fight alone in my fight. I've seen a couple of pic related around the city, and my neighborhood, even though full of Latino migrants, is full of Celtic crosses.

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ae9/11"truth" are gatekeepers. only a shill ignores facts that dont suit their narrative

steven jones and alex jones able to talk about 9/11 "truth" on cspan???

birth of "muh space beams"

why is a "truther" attempting to cover up any sort of investigation/talk about such technology? interesting note that jones worked on EXACTLY this sort of technology privately with the fucking government
>Did Dr. Steven Jones help cover up Cold Fusion & now 9/11?

>Dr. Judy Wood - Thermite, Cold Fusion and Steven E. Jones

>Heavy Watergate - Cold Fusion Cover Up.

Richard Gage bombing an interview

why do so many people who consider themselves "truthers" spend so much time attacking someone whos actually bringing court cases to the likes of NIST? one of which actually made it to the supreme court, who apparently can deny overseeing a case if they dont feel like it...

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Wouldn't wanna not be a patriot? Would you?

I've seen these in the town I live, and scrached every single one of them. The commie who sticks them is a lvl 1000 sperg.

Richard Gage once again failing any sort of questioning

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true patriot has no business in nonsense like that

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Better? You left our your sticker suggestion.

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>Traps are gay

Do you live in the UK?

No, It's just that my geo is displayed wrong. Spain.

honestly I'm surprised we havent started putting these up on ads and shit

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Here in Austin there are lots of stickers on the streets. Just the other day i saw one that said "DUMP TRUMP"

I didnt have a sharpie with me at the time or I would have defaced it.

Note: always walk around with a permanent marker in case you come across this fucking bullshit.

checked and a good idea

it goes much deeper than the jews

>you left out your sticker suggestion
yea, im not very good with that sort of stuff. this is pretty short and sweet, though

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It seems like reading comprehension isn't your strong suit

Checked. Stickers are a good idea, better longevity than posters, easier to deploy discreetly.

Keep up the good work


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>100 stickers for $18
Pick one