Fuck Capitalism

Fuck Capitalism.

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No, fuck you, you commie piece of shit. I hope you die irl.

Capitalism is literally the best economic system the world has ever seen.

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A Laura based economy is the way to go!

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Fuck Communism
Fuck the economy

and fuck you

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Based and redpilled

There is literally nothing else but war and death, and the next war will glass the planet. So shut up, fuck off, and embrace the Big Mac 2 for 5 deal.

lol these retarded "communism is just sharing" memes are so brain dead.
On the same level as muh gdp posting

Money isn't as important as white survival, you race traitor Jewish moron. Capitalism has directly and specifically led to the anti white world we live in.


Stop appropriating that meme. Pepe is a staunch capitalist. Thought you fucks wanted production why still the product?

Why does no one have a gun pointed at them?

pepe transcends politics, tourist

Capitalism was great at its beginnings and after industrial revolution. After the war something broke and it mutated into something sinister.

>If you're not a capitalist, you're a communist.

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>muh money
We can survive an economic crash
We cannot survive ethnic genocide

What is a better alternative?

What do you do for work, gomrade?

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Awww baby get home from his first shift at McDonald's? You do know you have to work under communism too right. And you're not as well fed, and you can't slack off because they want you to produce x amount otherwise you're stealing from the state.

Wtf! I hate the government permitting me to privately own property now.

>currency in communism
kek, enjoy starving to death and getting robbed by subhumans while commie gets his daily meals and all necessities.

Fuck you.
Immigration is cancer

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security of life and limb isn't everything in life. There's a reason why the average north korean defector says they preferred life in north korea. Communism promotes traditionalism and a sense of unity between family and culture, capitalism promotes the destruction of the family unit to sell more houses and products. Although you may live a "worse" life materially, you will live a happier life.

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>hating communism
>fuck immigration

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>I own my own property
>because I pay the government to let me

it's true though

Absolutely traced

I capitalism.

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I said nothing about communism, you utter fucking retard.

Fucking shill


Communism death toll: 100M
Capitalism death toll: entire white race

You'd think at least one of them would have clued in. They arent very smart as you can tell.

Fuck capitalism
Fuck communism
Fuck niggers
Fuck likes
And fuck the janitor

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lmao can't handle a little truth?

Lol. Running headless with no plan but 'muh communism...im going say the death toll is much higher...much much higher. Not many web caches running anymore, looking rather anaemic in fact.

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Daily reminder that the 'third position' is shilled by foreign groups like TRS and AW and when pressed on it they basically admit its just a political theory built on capitalism to begin with