"I'm the superior race"

"I'm the superior race"


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If you're under 6 feet you're not a human. period.

White people can't even defeat spice and they think they could kill us all, bitch! look around this is Africa and Asia 2.0 now LOL


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I'm too powerful it won't work


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What do you mean, you got white bitches donating to these lil niggas. Soon brother.

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When I say Shoah, you say sorry.


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If you are over six feet you are a maladapted energy sink.

>Cool langauge you're speaking
>Nice internet you're using
>Nice camera used to take the picture
Stay comfortable jamal
Its coming

> Defeat us (implying not white)
> Britain flag

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This is why I’m gonna do my best to have kids with a half black girl

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>Tfw 5'11
I think it made me so insecure that I improved every imaginable aspect of myself to the point that I'm viewed in the highest tier of humanity. If you're under 6 feet, you have to better than everyone at everything to attain 10/10s and happiness.

Im 6’0 and depressed as fuck

Actual coping manlet

i bet that this thread will reach 100 replies

Why we are all arguing about genetics the Jew is laughing.

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Checked kikebro

i'm more dissapointed then anything else

>That fucked up hair.
Not impressive given hes a kike and thus not human, its like looking at buff cow or dog.