I thought we were all supposed to be dead now.
Kill yourselves.

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25th I thought

I guess their plan is that if you predict it every month forever, you are bound to be right sometime over the next 200 million years.

>He doesnt know about splitting realities and alternate dimensions

user I ...

> He doesn't know about splitting realities and alternate dimensions

Oh...so we're going to be wiped out after all. But it's going to happen in an alternate reality and NOT in THIS reality. How convenient for you. What an easy way to confirm all of your stupid prophecies.
"Well it didn't happen in THIS timeline, but it happened in some other timeline in a parallel Universe."

Fucking shit-stupid Christfags.
Kill yourselves.

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It's the 25th. Which will almost certainly be uneventful, but you're still a faggot for not getting your facts straight before flapping your gums.

If you keep crying wolf eventually people will stop listening. That's the purpose of these claims.


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Please let it happen

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>T...The world will end now this time!! just watch!!
Absolute state of nu/pol/

If the rapture would happen and the few remaining TRUE christians we pulled into heaven, you really think social media society would notice?

Jow Forums would become a wasteland

We have been saying the 25th-26th this entire time. Wait til the 27th before full dismissal.

How the fuck is this political.
This schitzo shit belongs on >

implying this place isn't a spiritually void cesspool of hypocrites who preach religious morals without living biblical principles and teaching children the actual prophetic nature of the living word of God. TRUE Christians in every sense of the word would probably not be found here unless waging war against the beast and its image that many worship on this site out of ignorance.

Fun fact, most aren't even identified until after they're already passed us

That's too generous only 200 mil years maby 1 billion years

Space is fake and gay.

not till the 25th retard.

When was the sixth trumpet nigger

Hey, fag. Before calling something "christfag" why not look it up and see if it has anything to do with christ, your dumb fag. Just because they interpret it differently doesnt make them a christfag.

>how convenient for you

What benefit would they have to fabricate it? Are you just this bitter and angry all the time?

What is the meaning of this Seventh Trumpet website? What's the link? Why do they think the Seventh Trumpet is happening now?

It was 25th retard

Exactly! That's what I said.

The OP is an off topic super mega jew nigger fag 4000 (SMJNF4000)

Step aside step aside. My question is more important than anyone else's here. I am important. What is this seventh trumpet website and what is the meaning of it? By decree of the king I order thee, answer swine.

maybe the extinctions level events were the friends we made along the way