Hey, what the meaning of life?

Hey, what the meaning of life?

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Kingdom of Heaven
But we must gas the jews first.

To cross your enemies and see them driven before for you. Oh and the lamentations of the women... divine.


>what the meaning of life?

To make more life, duh

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Trap porn

meaning of life while in the kingdom of satan is
pain and pleasure. rich people cause pain and
get rewarded, /lesson.

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To serve in the Sam Walton paramilitary division

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Depends who you ask, they all have an opinion

Pain and suffering!

Make jews rich

I'd hit it. Twice.

Life is hell and we are here to replenish our sins

Procreation to further human life so that we can spread as far as possible across the galaxy and every possible dimension
God wills it

The question makes assumptions.

Try going for a while without using "the" where "a" might suffice. Meaning only has context within life, so there cannot possibly be a singular meaning of life.

To blow the shit out of leafposters

>Hey, what the meaning of life?
whats the meaning of playing games?

That's a realy stupid question

After we die we meet our waifus!

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To experience things.

To take care of the garden and its animals while following gods word.

You are just a sentient piece of the universe fathoming it's own existence. When you look at light, it changes from a superposition of being all states simultaneously to assuming a set state instantly. When you observe the photon now, you instantly determine not only its future, but have also determined its past. When we look in deep space and the events that occurred, we are in a way, confirming they happened by measuring the unmeasured light from the past.

Another take on why we exist is to save the universe itself. Like it or not, the universe is going to die one day no matter what. If we, in the far far future (100 quadrillion+ years from now) left this universe and created a new one, we would have served our purpose: continue the cycle of universes. In reality it could be an infinite time loop. You are born, serve your part, die. Its bleak but it may very well be true. We haven't seen any sign of aliens (Its about time), so it could very well be assumed that we are the only intelligent lifeforms in this universe, atleast in the Local Group.

The last one I have, is that there is no reason for our existence and we are just spontaneous and will die out with no lasting impression. The universe may appear to be fine tuned for us but this could really just be local, and the constants could be completely different elsewhere in the universe (There is a scary effect known as localized spontaneous symmetry breaking, in which the laws of physics could drastically or minimally change with no known cause. There is an extremely low chance that this will happen but it is still a nonzero possibility).

I believe that we as a species will never understand the meaning of life, but that it is all in the eyes of the concious beholder to interpret.

We're simply the universe experiencing itself, enjoy the show.

For me, the purpose of life is to be drunk and fuckoff. That's the beauty of this place, it can exist for whatever reason you want it to. You can even invent your own God and religion to make sense of it. As for me, a simple pint will do it

But maybe real life is the friends you make along the way.

life is of a greater order than meaning, it makes its own

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>You are just a sentient piece of the universe
you are not your body, you are consciousness itself

To move toward the ultimate, unknowable transcendent state of being by orienting my way of being in a way that aligns all the patterns around me in perfect harmony through the lense of pure consciousness, integrating things optimally. This integration leads to understanding and truth with the least amount of error. It also feels more meaningful than anything else.

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