Massachusetts teacher caught on camera planting live ammunition in a school then calling the police to report it...

Massachusetts teacher caught on camera planting live ammunition in a school then calling the police to report it, putting the school in a lockdown.

I asked a question in a political group saying do you think teachers are doing things like this in order to stage school shootings to push their anti-gun agenda?

After seeing this, I wholeheartedly believe the answer is yes.

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Its just how lefties are. Nobody punishes them for being retarded

Teacher executes a perfect Smollett, 10/10

>just how lefties are
a leftist would get pregnant, false rape accuse, ruin a man's life, just to make fetus murder legal again.
they can't win in reality so they have to stage things to fit their narrative.

He meant well so hopefully he receives no punishment

I put it in my jew folder, is the teacher a jew or nigger?

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This is the motherfucker. Bet if we look into his connections and background, we will find either Jews, Jesuits, or glowniggers.

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>Alfred Purcell lll

That means knowing who the father is 3 times consecutively


Was he a jew?

So many reasons to gas that faggot.

That is a prime A jew nose.

My mother is a teacher who supports guns. You'd be suprised how many right wing teachers there are. But they are silenced by the (((union))) and (((board of education))).

He looks like a garden variety commie

I know a girl...
Leftist, she loves to get drunk and high and get fucked by numinous guys.
then when she sobers up she'll post on facebook that she was raped because she was drunk and high when she asked for it from other drunk and high guys.
We all know her bullshit and call her out on it, but there is always one white knight that will run to her aid with comfort and threats onto the guys she accuses.
That guy she doesn't fuck or suck despite him being the shoulder to cry on and the support for her delusions.

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My jewdar is correct then.
It's rather telling seeing as they are less than 3% of the population.

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Idk man I need a side profile of that nose just to be sure.

anyone can add the black hat and curlies to see if it fits?
If he's a Jesus one then he is a Judo-Christian that uses that corrupted NIV Bible.
The KJV Bible is very clear on weapons,
>we need them
It says to put archers nests on you farms, homes and walls, meaning it's pro gun, meaning Christians should be pro gun.

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he just wanted a day off

>"live ammo"
Dat framing. Without a gun bullets are just inanimate objects.

When I was a kid I'm sure I occasionally had shotgun shells or 22lr in my pocket at school because I forgot about them from the night before. Itd suck dick to be a kid nowadays and have a swat called on me for something like that

Just once, I'm waiting for it to not be a kike. One time.

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>archers nests on your farm
Where does it say that?

Remember that school shooter training camp in Taos, New Mexico, that the FBI bulldozed and destroyed all the evidence for, while the judge in the case released all the adults charged on bail?

The deep state is real, and it's murdering children to try to make us ban guns.

Purcell is an Irish name

Its Massachusetts. You need a license to buy or store ammo. This retard is not only breaking laws about ammo in schools but possibly state laws as I doubt this cuck went through the bullshit they throw at you to own guns in Mass.

Ammo can still be dangerous if you smack it hard enough

Yes, wtf is "live" ammo? Was it in a gun with a round in the chamber? Journalists are such weasely retards.

Is this a man?

By live I think they mean self contained ignition and propulsion.

They mean "live" as opposed to the spent shell casing of a used round.

Came to say this

Yeah better hope some really curious kid who just happens to have a hammer and nail punch in his backpack doesn't get hold of it

Youre an idiot or underage


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Ah Massachusetts

I've lived her my whole life and I'm not shocked whatsoever that a teacher tried to make a nonissue big news.

>trying to make guns the problem
We have some of the strictest gun laws in America, gun culture is non existent here, yet we complain about it all the time, in schools and normie culture. Smug prick was just stroking his own ego to show hes right.

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