SAT to begin scoring 'adversity' of students

>my SAT score will be negatively affected because I’m white, my family is financially stable, and I live in a safe area.

Even with a great score, my adversity score is going to suck

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>"""Social and economic"""
Newspeak for IQ bellcurve.

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Should be called the diversity score.

Are you non-white? congratulations you get a free pass to do whatever please rape a white person today and make the world a better place

So basically the SAT will be meaningless.

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The attempt to justify a predetermined conclusion with only selected evidence whilst ignoring findings to the contrary is unscientific and anathema to everything that the academe is supposed to stand for.

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Just self identify as a transgender non binary disabled woman of color.

Reminder the SAT was designed to place a standard that was blind to backgrounds and social climate

Idk why I haven’t seen anyone say this, if I’m way off please correct me I guess.

This is something admissions counselors have done on their own for ages. SAT scores don’t matter. The metrics for admissions are secret and demonstrated racial discrimination have been held up by the Supreme Court.

This initiative by the College Board could have two possible motives. To keep the company relevant? They administer the fucking SAT, GRE, CLEP, etc. I don’t think that it.

I think that admissions standards are going to be challenged by the right/trump admin, and soon. Getting rid of the intangibles, removing affirmative action and racial discrimination. That’s why the push here is to integrate this social data into the scores, the numbers themselves. It can’t be discrimination to pick a 1700 SAT over a 1690. With this new “adversity scoring”, an executive/SCOTUS action mandating that admissions factors must be quantitative rather than qualitative could be circumvented to maintain higher ed preference for blacks and females.

Any thoughts?

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This seems really legit desu

So is this just extra nigger points on top of affirmative action?

>To keep the company relevant?
this. No one cares about SAT any longer, the only test score they asked me about was ACT and that was to determine the level of classes I start taking. The only number that really matters to colleges is the bank account number.

College is redundant. You have pretty much the sum total of human knowledge available on the internet. There isn't much you can't learn. Americans who have to pay for their education should start a movement to educate themselves, because if you have the motivation there is nothing stopping you.

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Get over it white people you’ve got it easy

black/white/yellow/brown... don't you know the only color that matters is green or have you been brainwashed to believe all that race is real bullshit?

Why not just give everyone the same SAT score?

>Why not just give everyone the same SAT score?
Canada everybody....clap-clap-clap!

Just felt like I should drop this in because some people seemingly don't know. The SAT and ACT are already literally useless, they have a predictive value on College GPA of like 8% when your parents' income has a predictive value of like 15% and your High School GPA has a predictive value of like 65%. Econometrics has proven the uselessness of the SAT and ACT a hundred times over, but no one gives a shit because it is a huge fucking industry. This is without getting into the whole School Vouchers argument I support but understand that the US public education system is that, "Public" as in a government monopoly. It is run very inefficiently and allows leeches like the SAT and ACT to make shittons without caring about their efficacy.

.t Economist

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unless you're going for stem don't even bother with college, it will be a waste of money, plus niggers don't like stem so there won't be any competition anyways, the only way you'll have any competitions with the new scores is if you go into worthless nigger degrees. go to a trade school instead

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>And then one day

Not bad thoughts.

The SAT itself has largely been ignored anyway. Perhaps a mix of both wanting to make a comeback and integrating it as you say

Yeah man I guess you’re just on this other scientific level where race doesn’t matter sure thing bro

Just put poor and black. If someone ask you why, just tell them you can't be expected to get every question right.

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what is this fucking shit ... Fuck, now you can become a surgeon because you are poor and black. Who needs knowledge and competences when you have emotions ?
Resist the socialist propaganda fren. Same here in Switzerland, just learned today that patriotism and nationalism have no place in our country, that catholic traditions make no sense, that being a man or a woman has is absolutely not defined by biology... stay strong fren

if you want your kid to get into a good college, cripple them now

But I thought (((we))) already had diversity hires? Are you telling me the never-ending hunger for the dilating left is ... never-ending?

Colour me shocked!

Unironically this. My buddy changed his sex to female on his driver's license in order to qualify for womens grants. Why should a chick be able to get her drivers training for free?

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it's funny cause it's racist af and i don't even think they realize it

fucking newfags who don't link to articles in threads about them

save yourself and take the ACT.
I graduated high school a year ago; I'm really glad I didn't have to deal with this. I did well on the test, but my parents are doctors and I lived in a wealthy neighborhood.
I wish you the best of luck, I know it's a stressful exam

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Being punished for having responsible parents is the true clownworld.

This is mostly true, however there are still entry barriers to lots of professions.

wheres the article?


i also put hindu on a job application and sure enough i got a few interviews.

Open a P.O. box at a UPS store in a shitty poor area. Use that as your mailing address for College admissions.

actually wrongo. This will actually help whites because the score takes into account actual things that would help a kid score better like parents income, education, and what type of school the kid went to. Way too many suburb dindus are getting into schools before rural bumfuck whitey do to affirmative action currently. This score will show how disadvantaged some white people actually are and the scores they achieve despite this.

They've made colleges the only way that you can get accredited to do basically anything except for working at McDonald. Even to be able to work as a mechanic you have to go to a community college.

>googled it
>its fucking real

lmao holy shit. So they're basically telling whites/asians who don't have the connections to pay their way in to not bother.

nah i think it's the opposite to take the eyes away from Race Race Race and actually look at the type of environment the kid grew up in. This will hurt suburban dindus who fuck up goods schools the most desu.

>this level of optimism/detachment from the reality it will be used to put black people ahead of whites across all socioeconomic levels because muh slavery or whatever

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>Boom in electricians, plumbers, and construction workers.
We should’ve done this years ago

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not when affirmative action and forced diversity makes it so those well off white kids get rejected so the poor blacks can have a chance to succeed
because fuck the white kid he'll make it anyway right?

they literally say they won't show the score. there will be zero rules and it will just be used so parents can pay for better scores and for statistic manipulation

Lol no white man is going to get into a T30 uni ever again. It’s over, the west is finished

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It's all so tiring.

Source. This cant be real.

It is. I’m glad I’m a zoomber who graduated college before this shit hit

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it has always been meaningless

trust me look at the criteria they used for the score. Race is like one of fucking ten categories and the rest are actually legitimate. You don't realize how many dindus there are that actually go to pretty good schools but still get massive aa boost into good universities. This score will make it more difficult to exclude rural whites you can bank on that.

nah currently with no score in place all dindus get a massive solely race based bump on there sat. You don't have any idea how many dindus there are in goods schools bringing them down. This will help rural whites i promise you.

itt: White privilege speaking
itt: Angry white males

>we wuz valedictorians and shiiiiiiet

>t. transexual

Say if this was true. What's realistically stopping me from lying on it? It's not like they're going to personally check every 200,000 or so kids who take it.


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I am, but I know you don’t care about discriminative college admission policies if it’s against whites and asians. Black people ALREADY get bonus points added to their SAT score. Now this

This is slander against white, Christian, European people. Who speaks for us?

Honestly stopped even guessing/assuming a long time ago. It's not "always the kikes" its literally always the kikes.

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The education isn't what they really pay for. What they really pay for is membership in the elite club, at least in Oxford or the Ivy League. Those who go there help eachother in real life. It's a sort of nepotism, but that's how the world works.

Oh please, you only utilize Asians as a shield from crticism. You hate Asians as much as you hate other minorities.

>when niggers are so inept and incompetent that every facet of their lives from birth to death has to be scaled to match a normal white
And people still think niggers and whites are the same holy shit

Here’s what his Vice President said about the new adversity scoring.

>“If I am going to make room for more of the [poor and minority] students we want to admit and I have a finite number of spaces, then someone has to suffer and that will be privileged kids on the bubble,” John Barnhill, assistant vice president for academic affairs at Florida State University, told the Journal.

I’m shit out of luck.

that isn't how it works
you didn't read any article on this topic, did you?

Isn't STEM largely a meme, too?

Rate my adversity.

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what kind of mental gymnastics do you have to do, to believe "in order to make these tests more fair, we are going to make them unfair"