Why do you stare at me like that I'm a boy just like you

>why do you stare at me like that I'm a boy just like you

wot do Jow Forums

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Is that really a trap?


I want fuck her so bad

make him my warbride

Ah well, gimme that boipussy then

Yes it is.

yeah, incredible. how can thots compete?

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Get your faggotry out of here. This is a Christian board.

I thought South Africans were very hetero and religious


It's true.

Is there are picture of him without the makeup?

No it's a life support system for a make-up mask

>I want fuck her so bad

Inside her open wound aka modified rectum part.

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>wot do Jow Forums
nothing i don't talk to crazy.

people need to realize that with modern hormonaly therapy at a very young age, plastic surgery, advanced make up products and photo shop software, these degenerates will look as good as the best looking females.
Fire could help, i dont know user, it will test the true masculine male and seperates him from degenerate faggots who will fuck dudes

there are videos of her/him putting on makeup

she/he hasn't had surgery


Show your flag French

>haha we should try kissing bro haha no homo just for fun bro haha

That's gotta feel great on a dick. All those bumps are probably stimulating as fuck. Are you trying to gross me out? Because you just did the opposite

christ, the jews are going for our children and it doesn't only affect the tranny children. imagine your little boy coming home confused thinking he's gay because he is attracted to that. fucking jews need to go NOW

>modern hormonaly therapy at a very young age, plastic surgery, advanced make up products and photo shop software, these degenerates will look as good as the best looking females.
I am not sure about that.
He is good looking because he is young.
His shoulders and jaw are going to develop soon.

Doom eternal looks great

no fucking way.
those soft eyes. that is a girl

jews BTFO

fuck off hans.

there is no fucking way that's a trap.
post proof

Time to make him moan like a girl.

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I kill myself for being on public transport.

Proof that Jews are descendents from a Khazars tribe of penis worshipping Turk pagans who converted to Judasiam so they could snip tips off of dicks and suck the blood out while getting away with it because God said so



No, Jow Forums is fucking with you.

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Emma makes my penis the big penis


knew it. fucking poltards. i love you guys. even hans.

he's trolling you. it's a tranny

suck her feminine penis and/or lick her boipussy

She's a boy but I want to make her into a girl

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not when they inject 3 years old with oestrogenes and hormone blocker for boys.


im from the same city as her, have seen her a few times, she's lanklet and not as good looking as the pics

It's a he. Check Hans' link.

God I reqlly can't tell anymore. For anons with xp, what's a dead giveaway a guy can use?

yeah i ....
what the fuck though how???

wow this faggot needs a rope, wtf is this shit, fucking jews fucked us up, imagine having to fight a war with thi abomination next to you in the trench, crazyness

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the sexy feminine bulge

cmon you lucky motherfucker
at least giver her a handy or something

maybe shouldve been nicer to us

Lots of makeup in really casual settings.

Hands, adams apple, shoulder to hip ratio. Always check that bone structure, it wont lie.

I want to impregnate your ass >///

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Yeah, SHE is Norwegian.
She has a penis and I bet it's just as cute as her.

Not even gay.

oh well, more evidence of the white supremacy i guess. night guys

WTF its a literal tranny.. there is nothin real left in this world

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he even admits it started with his brain damage when he watched a jewish documentary, thanks jews

>Not even gay.
nigga you gay.

Swimming pools kike, swimming pools...

I would make “her” suck my dick (no homo) just after I took a pee without cleaning my penis.

In other words, I’d make “her” feel how the sea tastes.

femanon here
i would peg him in his female boipussy

Stfu Sven is straight as fuck.

Don't you just fucking hate the Flood?!

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Open bobs.

feminist need to be raped

post feet and peg me pls

>Not even gay.
yet wants to fuck men with make up

I want her to cum in my mouth
No homo though

I was just wondering why you have gorilla knuckles and fred flinstone feet

ok but you're lying if you say you wouldn't let her(him) give you a bj

Stomp its fucking face


The fucking tranny voice combined with that accent is horrible.


I wouldnt


Would pound that regardless of gender

Nothing gay about nibbling on a qt perfectly smooth feminine penis.

Can you just imagine lying in bed with her? Kissing her neck and slowly moving downwards... Kissing her hormone tiddies and then her stomach, listening to her starting to breathe heavier and heavier... Then you begin to remove her panties but she says "n-no" between her gasps of pleasure... She is embarrassed about her penis ;^( she wants to be a real girl! But you say it's okay it's okay and then you pull them down. And would you look at that? It's locked up. So you ask for the key and she says "n-no it's been locked up for almost a month now i don't deserve to cum" but you eventually open it and the moment you kiss her hard smooth balls her peen rises... it's only 3 inch long but so so feminine. just a few moments of suckling on it... couldn't have been more than 1 minute... it releases it's feminine juices and you swallow it all up. She giggles and you kiss her... Then you turn her around and pound that boipussy.

The fact that I just dreamed this up without being gay proves 100% that traps are in fact not gay at all.

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Bad angle.
Look like an obvious dude in that one.

Op pic is slightly better but he needs to hide his gorilla knuckle hands.

Cant into gay porn

It's good for women to see this. They need to understand that men will replace them even as being females just like they get dommed in sports by brutish tranny they will be replaced at the cutie level too.

His face is way too big

Get off the VPN dirty nigger leaf.

go away mutt

Wait, what the fuck is going on here? He could've been a healthy man. This world needs to be cleanesed with fire.

i'm not a mutt :(

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That's hot

Imagine the smell.

For all the newfags: OP pic was born male but started transitioning at very early age. That's why the end result is the rare, ideal, trans result.

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More than the gorilla knuckle hands, as user said, the 5head gives it away.

you are in my eyes
now get on the ground so i can step on you while calling you a mutt and an inferior breed

just nuke them all already
>him at 14 years old!


No. 3d chess

Can you fuck to help him out with his issues?

yes mistress

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ja det kan jag

I think it would just amplify his issues.


even if I concede as much, it doesn't last for long. FtM has better prospects, but who does that?

how tall are you

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