what ius Jow Forumss opinion on transgender people or however you call them.

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Nigger hate thread?

You know its kill, quit playing dumb

They usually end their own lives...but you cannot ignore 0.3% of the population making noise like they are 50% due to emotional women, beta guys, and the MSM. I say ship them to the Middle East.

yeah there are nigger transgender

Make it Illegal

If they reject the treatment, put down.

Tongue punch their stink wrinkle.

Kill, they're unnatural freaks and they want to teach our really young kids about sex and the "multiple genders".

Adults can do what they want. Leave them to experiment. We should stop pretending its not a mental illness though.

Wont have to, They kill Themselves After Every mental breakdown
Fuck no
We did That and look Where it got us

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Someday the "gender reassignment surgery" or "confirmation" or whatever will be looked at the same way as the lobotomy. These people should be pitied, they are extremely confused and want to mutilate their own bodies. We shouldn't accept that confirming their delusion is the best way to go, we should try to figure out other treatments that don't involve cutting off your cock and making a wound in its place or turning your pussy inside out and making a fake dick with help from your thigh.

I've started to honestly hate them, it's not their degeneracy but how obnoxious they are. They are like women but even more unbearable.

100% agree, I hope doctors go to prison for it.

Too bad it's not just adults. This shit is being pushed on kids more than it's being pushed on adults.

Fuck off

Don’t care so why don’t you go somewhere else.

The mentally ill need to be treated with compassion, but society must stop enabling their delusional and self-destructive behavior.

user nails it.

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Just kill them. Fuck, would it even be worth harvesting their organs?

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Nope, this transgender epidemic is only promoted by white people who gave up the values of Christianity long ago.

Not an opinion. medical facts follow.

Gender Identity Disorder is a rare (.03% of population) mental disorder that is diagnosed by a psychiatrist according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Symptoms of the disorder are: stress, anxiety, feelings of isolation and alienation, depression, body dysphoria, gender dysphoria, and suicidal thoughts.
Once the patient is diagnosed by a psychiatrist, the current recommended treatment is to cosmetically enhance the body to fit the mental disorder in order to alleviate the suicide rate, and Rx synthetic hormones are prescribed. The patient receives concurrent psychiatric counseling.
Treatment is cosmetic and psychiatric; through the use of synthetic hormones, the patient is made to appear more like the opposite sex. In cases of severe genital dysphoria, surgery can be done to make the genitals appear more like the opposite sex, but the cosmetic surgery to the genital region does not change function.
There is currently no cure for Gender Identity Disorder. The patient will always have it and will always suffer from the symptoms, as treatment does not cure the underlying disorder. While the currently recommended treatment may alleviate the symptoms short term, it does not help long-term, and suicide rates rise again after treatment to pre-treatment levels.
If treatment is discontinued at any time, the patient's body will revert, so treatment is continuous and lifelong. Since current recommended treatment does not change biology, DNA, or function, and merely creates an artificially achieved cosmetic appearance that is 'more like' that of the opposite sex, many patients are extremely dissatisfied with the treatment results. This dissatisfaction may contribute to the rise in the suicide rate that occurs post treatment.

why does Jow Forums hate trans and gay people because they are unnatural? vaccines/computers/everything critical for humanity to funtion are the same and i don't see a reason to give a shit

I dont mind the when they're passabel and have a big cock

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Essentially this.
Except we SHOULD be ignoring them and turning our attention toward the people glorifying them and those people, well...
probably the only option.

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I love how trannys are a life long atm for these doctors since their treatment is life long. No point in trying to cure them when the treatment generates a steady revenue of money. Mutilating the mentally ill for money, based capitalism s m f h.

Fuck if hot, otherwise ignore. Never humor them outside the bedroom.

I dont hate gays and tranny hate was easy once they started trying to push their fetish on kids. I dont think trannys should be killed though, just the doctors who mutilated them and the people who defended the mutilation of mentally ill and vulnerable people.

That's pretty gay

How did the west come to accept such utter plain madness?

How did a great deal of the population begin to support a movement of genital self-mutilation?

How did the west allow this? I am genuinly curious please someone explain to me

>inb4 muh juews
More detail required.

>How did a great deal of the population begin to support a movement of genital self-mutilation?

It really wasnt a choice, western populations are heavily indoctrinated through media and education. People didnt just decide to accept degeneracy, it was slowly programmed into them. Look at the shit they are teaching in schools these days.

Kill is my vote.

no because they have to be hot, like I said.

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Doesnt change the fact That You want to Fuck a Man, Which Its Pretty Fucking gay
Good Night trans parade

>Doesnt change the fact That You want to Fuck a Man, Which Its Pretty Fucking gay
Indon't want to fuck a man. I'm just saying that if it looks like a hot girl then you should fuck it if you want to. Turn it around or some shit, hide the dingus. Asshole is asshole.

>vaccines/computers/everything critical for humanity to funtion are the same and i don't see a reason to give a shit
Why are you comparing machines and medicine to mentaly ill people? You Make it sound They are necessary to humanity, they are Not!
Not Surprise there, satan please leave us alone

Kill 100%

When Baron Trump is finally crowned eternal leader of USA, the burgeoning solar power industry will converge with social standards and Trannies will be baked to death in eco-friendly units

>i dont want to Fuck a Man
user, You want to Fuck a tranny, Which are MEN in a Plastic "female" body
Thats Pretty Fucking gay
Like a whole new level of gayness

It's not a "want" so much as a "don't mind." I'd never choose to eat at McDonalds, but if the lads at work are all going to lunch there I'll go too. I'm not in the atreets looking for trannies to screw. But if I see a hot one I'm not going to say no just because some user online might call me a fag.

They’re mentally ill and should be medicated.

No but seriously I would find it demoralizing if you catch my drift to have a cocktail and balls where the vagene should be

Instead You Accept the fact That You would sleep With a Man roleplaying as a "woman", Thats Pretty Fucking gay

homosexual who crave after male attention and imitate women

Vektroid is trans and Aaron Copland was gay.

I think there is something American women, they must just suck the life out of men. Emotional vampires. I wonder if that's why the creativity and range of expression of straight men in America is so limited, unless they avoid women.
American culture is oriented around getting women to suck the energy out of men. It's sick, and I wonder sometimes who to blame for this.
I haven't been with a woman for over ten years, and it's quite difficult. People really demand you treat these bloodsucking psychos as decent human beings.
I think the great innovation of the pick up artist movement was treating women as they actually are as opposed to how society wants you to treat them. You can practice at the cycle of life with sex or get into a marriage, but you basically have to brainwash them from the start.
Oh, you wanted an answer to your question.
>listen to their music

Kill obviously, or bring back old style asylums and shove them in there so no one has to deal with them. If it goes from being "glamorous" to "now you have to live in a cell" I'm sure rates of it will sharply decline.

Virulent mental disability and psychological disorder. Should be exterminated on sight.

>How did post ww2 philosophically crippled society end up extrapolising white guilt bred by jews to other socially defavoured classes like trannies and niggers
user, it is the only logical conclusion of current "democratic" view. Dont fret, it peaked, we are rolling it back

Send them home to pissrael

Kill then ignore

Don't even think about you.

We All did the same and Looks Where it got us

I was a nazi but then I saw that tranny in a youtube video so now I´m a liberal.

What weak willed individual You are then

Super feminine trannies that pass, I can tolerate. Non-passable freaks should be jailed.

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I can get into it as long as they show the perfect angle closeup where it can still look like a girl.
When they pan they camera back and start showing their shoulders and those bad angles where you can obviously tell its a male body it just kills my boner and i go soft. Pretty gross actually.

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fuck the qts in the boipucci

And for gods sake NEVER show tranny feet.
They look like godamn horse feet. Its disgusting. Big sturdy ankles with fred flinstone feet is not sexy.

I'm glad those threads slowed down.

trannies and the Jewish doctors that service them make mengele look like a humanitarian country doctor that does all of his work pro bono

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Sauce, damnit. Can't find.



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Once the notice, that nobody cares or supports them, they will die out.

where's the option to submit my boipussy to her big trap cock

Trans people are comrades against capitalism for the time being. Eventually though once they aren't needed we can purify the water supply of plastic and onions and voila! No new traps to be found. They're pretty harmless if you indulge them.

genders are unnecessary. people
value it too much. when in doubt I use they/them or their name. but they dont have the right to force anyone to recognize their proclaimed gender. it's subjective and composed of gender group characteristics which people can value differently. it comes down to don't do targeted harassment of transgenders and don't try to force me to recognize genders a certain way. just stop valuing it so much

>don't do targeted harassment of transgenders

transgenders need to stop targeted harrassment of normal people.
This kikespeak of let everybody run over you but dont you dare fight back is see through bullshit.

mental illness.

put them in institutions and then ignore them.

From an evolutionary perspective no society can survive if it keeps accumulating degenerates.
A big cleanup is inevitable.

Don't complete your transition Natalie. Let a fan suck on your soft, feminine penis.

I stop valuing it when Your Retarded mentality ill ass stoy forcing it on kids and believing the lie That You will Ever be a woman/man

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Most of them are fags who just want to be special and we dont need them anyways


The dilation holes is some of the sickest shit I've ever seen

Trannies get the rope.

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what story are you talking about? I'm partially on your side I think. genders are waste. transgenders put way too much value on identity. their lives revolve around this identity and not much else, which I think is unhealthy. the anti trans people also value too much the anti transgender discussion. and I was also saying that transgender people have no right to force people to recognize their self assigned gender.

on fire can heal those wounds.