She makes a very strong point that nobody on Jow Forums could refute

She makes a very strong point that nobody on Jow Forums could refute.
Why not just get a vasectomy if you want to save a life? More girls will want to have sex with you, it's also reversible when you finally want to have children. And it the very very very small chance it's not, just freeze some sperm and that's it.
>muh damaging the body
And the pill isnt?

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It's not.

they are, but the reversal surgery is much more complicated (and expensive) than the vasectomy itself

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I actually support this because it will lead to extreme violence, civil war, bankruptcy and end to feminism once and for all.

No one is messing with my balls, son.

Yes it I you cretin. A urologist works in the same building as mine, talk to his staff all the time. They offer package deals, snip and option for reversal. Don't talk out of your ass.

research circumcision

Getting a vasectomy doesn’t involve intentionally killing an innocent human being.

Wow, debunking that argument was easy.

Why should I get a vasectomy when I don’t even have sex?

>a lump of cells that can't think, function or do anything is a human being

surgically reconnecting the vas deferens, assuming 100% success, is necessarily worse because scar tissue is unavoidable

It's not even that much more complicated depending on the surgeon. If it was a clean snip the first time, and you didn't fuck up the recovery, it's an easy suture to connect the vas deferens back together.

So? It's just a small sacrifice. Or should women take pills for their whole life and suffer the side effects constantly?

Why can't pro-choice women accept the responsibility of their decisions?

So mandatory going under the knife is preferable to self control?

No one is asking for tying tubes of women. It's a fucking no abortion.
Your agreement with her fallacy and the fact that you think she is right only shows how retarded you are. I suggest lighting up a cactus plant and shoving it up your ass

"it's just a snip." this is the same kiked up logic used to justify circumcision.

the answer is to use a condom, retard. control the birth yourself, it's your duty as a man not to entrust a woman with the fate of your legacy.

Vasectomys usually can't be reversed.
Suprise suprise tying up internal organs isn't good for them

I don't think women should suffer. I advocate for exterminating them quickly.

Mandatory tube tying.

The more time passes after the surgery the less are the chances of a successful reverse.
It's similar to freezing eggs. They promise women that they can have children whenever they want but in practice the frozen eggs very often die.

Just use a fucking condom, are people that retarded?

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It must be nice to have a double digit IQ

My sperm arent people
Babies are people
Either way, abortion means more dead negros, so lets keep it around

kys. this fucking clump of cells meme is retarded and shields what actually happens to fetuses as they are torn apart during abortion. a little growing squirming red human is no longer just a clump of biomass unless you're willing to call the same to all other things.

Allow them to make their own decisions then
>Their body their choice
Women don’t just decide to get raped either

And if we wanted to end all human suffering instantly, we should all just kill ourselves. What's that? People are still alive? Oooohhhhhhh! This argument is retarded.

>not understanding the science of embryology

My penis is not another life.

but men are already encouraged to not have sex ever because we're all rapists so no need for this drastic step.
>if women ruled the world, there would be no war

We want abortion!
>how about birth control
>why not adoption
>give it to the father
>keep your legs closed
>can you at least do it right away and not wait 5 fucking months when it starts to feel pain?
>well common sense abortion laws are starting
>is there ANY way you, as a woman, will take ANY responsibility for your actions?

Or like, all parties involved sex for the purposes of procreation.

Getting an abortion is accepting responsibility. It's a procedure that's unpleasant and something you go through when you have an accidental pregnancy that you do not want. It's not fun.
>stop having sex and be an incel like me
News flash : People like sex. Sex also leads to accidents sometimes. How is it bad to end early pregnancy? Or would you prefer more children in foster homes that are basically glorified prostitution centers for pedophiles?
Some people are allergic to condoms or don't always have one when they want to have sex. Is this so hard to comprehend?
They're free to leave the body if they want. At that point that "thing" is just a parasite or a leech that's taxing a womans body. A woman that did not want to be in that condition and does not want to have or raise a child.
Yes. So it should be easier to just take a simple procedure. Imagine how many clumps of cells you will save whoah!!!

It's also hilarious how all of you preach for the kids to be born in families that do not want them and then give zero support to single moms or children that are put up for adoption .I guess your Christcuck values end right there?

even if the eggs survived the shock of being frozen at -80c, the freezer suffered no mechanical issues for N years, they survived the shock of being thawed, the cell mating worked perfectly in vitro with no mutations detected, AND implanting the fetus in the uterus was perfectly executed, it wouldn't matter. a woman with compromised fertility will more than likely miscarry

don't fall for any jew tricks designed to question your faith in biological reality. especially around the genitals, the organs that are under the most intense selective pressure.

OP's harpy is a hollywood actress, literally living and breathing by kike propaganda

Cry more incel

I’ve gone my whole life without having a man ejaculate inside me, why can’t you?

We had this same thread yesterday, here's basically how it goes:
Side A- women should not go on the pill, not get abortions, not have careers, not be able to read or write, not be able to vote, and should be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen at all times.
Side B- getting low time preference animals to voluntarily, legally, remove themselves from the gene pool with options such as their males getting snipped, is a good thing for all society and cannot be argued against with any current talking point from the left or right
Side C- my body my choice I can murder all the babies I want I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no man except I need men plural to pay for my welfare babies

So Jow Forums while I know you want to be Side A, tell me, how do you convince people to agree with you? The barrel of a gun? No. Side B has no drawbacks, no downsides, and cant be argued against logically.

Sex isn't solely for making new life. It feels good and there's no reason why people can't enjoy each others bodies to make each other feel good.
>but it's sin
I hope you don't do anything in life that feels good. If you play any games ever, eat anything tasty or feel any physical joy ever in your life, you're a hypocrite.

Leftists are already pro-abortion, pro-birth control, and pro-adoption. Retarded strawman argument.

My penis is not another life, there is no need for it to undergo a procedure.

Roasties will never accept that a fetus "counts" as a human. They will use any and all excuses, no matter how flimsy, to convince themselves that they aren't murderers.

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>She makes a very strong point that nobody on Jow Forums could refute.
Vasectomies are rarely reversible and it's typical for a woman to compare killing their fetus to permanent sterility. Women are nothing if not fucking stupid.



prevention = termination
>t. retard

Those who get abortions shouldn't be raising kids. Abortions should be legal in conjunction with a hysterectomy.

This. Wouldn't it be eugenics and youre virile extremely valuable and strong white DNA become dominant if all those "degenerates" abort the children they do not want? Imagine all the children you will be able to have! I can already see your girlfriends being so ha- AHAHAHAH
>Jow Forums
>ever reproducing
And what of that human when it's born? Do you help children who are put up for adoption? You sound like youre so full of compassion! I bet you support them with as high of a fervor as you protect clumps of cells.

>I see you listed a myriad of ways in which people can responsibly avoid conception, but, like, what about these fringe cases that make up a vast minority of situations?
>I see you listed a myriad of ways in which people can be responsible, but, like, people like to have sex! Argument discarded!

The worse the better, yes

I was asking myself the same fucking thing

Yes, and that is the reason for thousands of years people could not have direct political responsability (which now seems those very retarded people as "evil")

Supreme kek

I bet if men were out killing babies women would scream bloody murder, not because you care but because you like attention, whore.

>She makes a very strong point that nobody on Jow Forums could refute.

Why do you faggots always write this?

What if we just made it legal to get an abortion but illegal to perform one? Then that avoids the whole 'muh body' argument.

UGH, like, don't tell women not to have sex tell MALE PIGS NOT TO lmao incel virgin nerd you'll never be chad. Why aren't you paying attention to my feelings!?

>you don’t think we should force a murderous procedure on an innocent child
>so YOU should have to undergo a sterilization procedure as an innocent man

Sorry, no. Innocents should not have to undergo medical procedures that are designed to damage them.

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I actually do not care if people kill their unborn children. I just want them to accept that they're pieces of shit for doing it, and they are the sole persons responsible.

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If you shill every DNC talking point do you get a prize? Is there a bingo card I should know about?

>bet if men were out killing babies women would scream bloody murder
A lot of these pro-abortion doctors are male to begin with. In a number of cases, men actually ask their women to get abortions.

christ now with the parasite meme. you are a fucking nigger. it is psychotic to think about the unborn like this. the woman chose this path barring cases of rape. sex is not the end all be all, and if fags want to fuck constantly with no consequences then they should commit fully to the new world order and sterilize themselves first.
another thought: why is it so important to try to dehumanize fetuses by calling them cell clumps, and then once that doesn't work just upgrade to "parasite" since you've now admitted its not just arbitrary biomass. they are little humans brought into this world by their sex addled mothers who have their cake and eat it too once they destroy the fetus and scrape it from the womb. the point is not that you must stop whores from nonstop sex, but to end their ability to create new life just to chuck it in the dumpster.

it doesn’t. there isn’t a way to scientifically determine when life starts.


>Sex also leads to accidents sometimes
Sex doesn't "lead to accidents" it leads to pregnancy and everyone over the age of 10 knows it.

why not use a spiral you numnuts

Sweeten the deal. $1000 for any male who gets the snip. 99% of non-whites would take this deal in a heartbeat, so would most liberals. We could be rid of the filth in a fucking generation, I don't know why Jow Forums isn't full throttle supporting this.

What he means is that it's not guaranteed. The reversal isn't always possible and occasionally fails. Vasectomies themselves aren't 100% guaranteed, either.

>A lot of these pro-abortion doctors are male to begin with.
It takes a female to make an abortion, all the male doctors in the world can't perform a single abortion without a women involved.

not op but if i had an unwanted child i would put it in a walmart shopping back and swing it into a brick wall.


This is the real answer but nobody will acknowledge it.

>b-but the pill will injure me too!

Don’t take the pill

>B-but I want to have sex

Use a condom

>b-but not 100%!!!!

You’ve assumed that risk, unlike an innocent man or an innocent child.

>Yes it I you cretin. A urologist works in the same building as mine, talk to his staff all the time. They offer package deals, snip and option for reversal. Don't talk out of your ass.
You are stupid beyond belief. I hope it's painful.

If a fetus is just a clump of cells, then that is all a women is. Their fucking purpose is to create people, which they fucking failed at.

Women are nothing but a useless clump of cell that don't perform what nature intended them for.

This is actually based and redpilled.

therefore fuck it all. ffs once the biomass has coalesced into a working reactive human (think little fetuses out of the womb that react when poked by the abortionist) that at least can be considered living and human. otherwise how is the baby born any different

so people uninvolved with the sex need to help deal with the consequences and or accept murder?

why not just you take personal responsibility for what YOU fucking do

All the "responsible" white men will get vasectomies and niggers will impregnate all the women. At least you'll know 100% the baby isn't yours though. Nice try schlomo.

>compromising your personal physiology, biology, and organs is the same as killing a lifeform growing in your womb
Not analogous at all.

the world is overpopulated, we don't need more children

>people uninvolved with sex
So men don't have sex? I never knew it's just the woman who is having sex. What do men do if they're not a part of it at all?

>the world
The third world is, the white world is NOT overpopulated, especially once we kick all the foreigners out.

congrats psychopath

This is a false equivalence. If women were forced to get vasectomy but men weren't, she'd have a point.

Having men be forced to be unable to create a child with a woman is not the same as not allowing women to kill a kid that she is carrying because she fucked irresponsibly.

>when you don't want to be responsible for creating another human life you are then responsible for caring for, so you abstain from sex or use protection
>when you don't want to be responsible for creating another human life you are then responsible for caring for, so you pay a doctor to kill your baby
Never seen all these hoes get mad like this, until it became illegal for them to commit homicide against innocent life.

>fucked irresponsibly
Found the virgin. Accidents happen you dimwit.

What's vasectomy got to do with murdering babies?

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I used to say I had a vasectomy so I could raw dog them without a condom. My cum always went in their mouths anyways so thankfully none of precum swimmers were strong enough.
I definitely reccommend doing that to chicks like this. Let them deal with the abortion, not your problem

have you ever been to a trailer park?

Nope. You accept the responsibility the second you decide to have sex.

>Some people are allergic to condoms
They are other methods
>don't always have one when they want to have sex.
Pathetic, then don't do it.

Both abortion and a vasectomy program are a system that forces a damaging procedure on someone. Taking the pill is voluntary.

>b-but pregnancy

Unsafe sex is voluntary, and if the baby is from rape (less than 1% of abortions) it’s not a part of the conversation for me

Why does everyone feel entitled to consequence-free reproductive sex?

Because we’ve let them.

and the answer isn't just to kill it. in the before time accidents just meant another child, not a trip to the abortionist.

Have you been to any fucking major city in the US? It's filled with fucking useless shitskins who invaded and take our resources since women did not produce enough native whites to grow our own population.

The baby's body and the woman's body are not the same body.


Yes. And you responsibly terminate the pregnancy because you know you wont be able to support the child or give it a life it needs. And you also don't see a reason in taxing your body or dying over giving birth to someone you will give away into a horrible life.

How is it hard to understand? People itt really need to learn about fetus development. Obviously abortions shouldn't happen during the last weeks of pregnancy, but for the first few months? There's nothing there. It's NOT a living thing. Actual doctors and scientists have determined that long ago.
>inb4 but da joos doctors
Yeah, i'm sure your feelings on how biology works is better than someone who dedicated decades of their life to studying the natural world.

What makes your stupid ass think everyone is as retarded as you ? I'm a Chad and have NEVER had an unplanned prego. Because I'm not a fucking idiot, knows how to prevent having kids, and keep keen observation of the cunt owners I fuck

Found the retard (memeflag says enough, really). Accidents don't happen if you don't fuck random men who you wouldn't want to marry. It's called being a real christian.

>government issued vasectomy
Thats a hard no.

Why can't roasties just keep their legs closed?

And no one said hoes get ur tubes tied, just dont be a slut

This, based and redpilled