Could it be true?

Could it be true?

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Nope. Modern day African "civilization" is enough evidence to convince anyone with a functional IQ that they are incapable of building anything worthwhile on their own.

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> stands in your way

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No, they didn't shoot off the noses because they were black. In Egyptian mythology, the icon invokes the spirit of whoever it represents. By shooting off the nose you prevent the spirit from entering the statute.

Then, when the French came in, they used to play target practice on the noses just for shits and giggles.

What the hell are you talking about, whites were never able to build something like this

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Why didn't the noses break off of Olmec statues?

Egypt had Sub-Saharan african rulers for a time, but mostly it was levantine/North africans and greeks who ruled. Now that the question has been answered.

Fuck niggers

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because they are so obviously black that it can't be denied even if they had destroyed the noses

north africans are still black

Look around you Mohammed. Whites built the world you live in.

>white boy can't accept non-whites have superior culture

There are larger pyramids in Europe educate yourself

No lol

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I feel sorry for you kraut

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I could not be more impossibly true because the literal black pharoahs DID exist but were an entirely different civilization. The southern Nubian civ was an actual thing, of actual blackies and black pharoahs that was unrelated to Egypt proper, but for whatever reason, stupidity most likely, the coons disregard that and try to blackwash Egypt.

Breaking the nose off a statue was a sign of disrespect/vandalism common in the ancient Mediterranean world, it is not a conspiracy to hide black noses.

How dumb do you have to be to think they broke the nose off to hide their blackness but left their skin color

The nigger dynasty lasted for 88 years. Ancient Egypt spans 3100 years.

The noses broke off because Jews have really big noses, you see

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No whites built the world that allowed you to build the world around us. Who invented numbers? Written language?

Egyptians were/are Semites.
They have big noticeable noses.