This is the power of the IDF

how does this image make you feel?

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They're pretty cute for shitskins.
What ethnicity?

idc but she looks kinda cool, or at least more fierce/less entitled than most bastketball americans

i think they're somalians, nigger jews if you will. israel kidnapped them from somalia like mgs5 with balloons or some shit

They've got to be Ethiopian.

Imagine the smell.

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I don't know but I do think women should have guns and train with them.
So we can stop talking about rape and they can stop experiencing it.
I recommend the Ruger LCP 2 .380 as a nice purse weapon.

wait, am i losing my marbles? am i thinking of ethiopa? whatever, same thing

Making the jobs of the men who left them behind in their shithole countries. These women are more men the real men of this countries will ever be.

Confused. How did her hair get that color?

You cannot deny there is a certain Jewishness to her.

Added to the collection.

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kikes just doing what kikes do best, creating combatants and more shit...

what kikes do best!

Ethiopian. if the JIDF used more cuties like that in their propaganda, i'd be calling for the annexation of the gaza strip faster than the HIV i would contract from fucking one of those babes

Ethiopian Jews

why would that make me feel anything ?

she is an Aryan Princess

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Jow Forums here, poor grip and posture, finger not even close to trigger, not aiming down sights. 2/10 Worried she might try and club me with her rifle.

mfw i know this girl, she was airforce technician instructor when i served.

Were these the same ones the Israelis tricked into taking birth control so they didn't mud up their country?

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why would they teach kids to have guns while simultaneously lobbying for no guns in America unless they want to destroy their brother and forsake the tribe of Judah to establish their kike supremacy state. woe to a city built by blood. guilty all the same.

Half black, half arab.
I have a new fetish!

Like I could take them on even though i've never shot a gun in my life.

she cute

Ethiopian Jew Mercenary Army

Just like France soccer team

"Wewuz" Queen of Sheba / Solomon "Kangz"

King Solomon smashed the Queen of Sheba

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>she was airforce technician instructor
Moshie, I-

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no one gives a shit...

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Horny,the sexual relationship between Hamas and IDF girls is very big,why do you think so many girls are joining IDF and MAGAV?They are joining so they can fuck with us while their Shlomos with noses bigger than their dongers are staying home wanking and spreading BLACKED porn on Jow Forums while their girls are getting HAMASed and Hezbollahed

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Ive also heard this.

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they actually smell bad

Jewesses love BHC

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This has been happening so much that the Jewish birth rate in Israel has dropped super low. They are in "ZERO BIRTH MODE". The HAMAS men are breeding each and every little Juden girl in the State. Its a virtual Shoah! They started even taking the older Jewish roasties.

Why aren't any of the major news networks talking about this?

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Most Ethiopians have caucasian skulls, they always stink though, i can smell them from the op

the IDF is the USA military

Ethiopian girls are certified qt

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i feel great
let them fight and die to defend themselves rather then the goyim fight and die on their behalf

>Septum piercing

lmfao they allow that snake haid shit in their joke of a military. fucking kikes

It’s cultural for them

we call these M16s long M16s and we only give them to recruits and non combatants.

It's still disgusting, nigger loving kike.

Long m16s...or you could just your their number designation...stupid kike.

that's how we call the long barrel m16a2. we also have short m16 and shorter m16.
it sounds better in Hebrew.

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I'd like to see vids of you cowardly fucks dying...we've got soldier death videos from all nations except yours. I reckon you actually have to fight to die in a fight though. FWIW, I don't care what you call your weapons or anything else about you.

>he hasn't seen videos of Israeli troops dying
smells like a newfag

how does this make you feel?

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Come on we pay you over billion a year least you can do in return is send over your Ethiopian qts

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t. newfag
there are decant amount of them here. we are just better at doing the killings.
you'll never steamroll on 3 fronts in the same time.

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>you'll never steamroll on 3 fronts in the same time.
>t. The only country that has a worse understanding of history than we do.

they are, billions goes to bringing them over, there's a whole area of the city where i am that is nothing but ethi's.

so says you, bonnapart says differently

i want a blonde dark skinned girl. god i bet she even knows how to cook.


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Affe mit Waffe
(Ape with weapon)


Easy to topple with some Muzzie MOABs. You Jews will get gassed and glassed.

>Dying for Israel

Honorable army you got there

ok when did you steamroll on 3 fronts on the same time

Glad to not be a kike
All of these images do that tho

>knows how to cook
Yeah, other people

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At least we've actually got an army, you silly schnitzel.

Kek look at that form. Literally every woman shoots a gun like it's going to rip her shoulder off.

Why would you want women to stop experiencing rape? Lol even they don't want that.

.380 blah also semi autos for women is kind of a stupid idea, what if there's a jam. also you have to run ball ammo for that calibre. further more there are 9mm's that are just as small

>Most Ethiopians have caucasian skulls
>they always stink though
So uh...who's going to make the sacrifice and start bleaching them then?

We are

How does this image make me feel? Well if not for the US giving them aid they would have likely been overrun and destroyed already. Which makes their small and feeble efforts to defend themselves look even smaller and more feeble. I mean how weak does a nation have to be t to still have mandatory military service for all citizens. Not only for men but also for women. Imagine being so weak that you are forced to put women in harms way by having them enlist and become soldiers. I'm sure Israel would do more if they could. But they can't because they're just not as strong as white countries. Which is pretty funny if you asked me. How does that make you feel OP?


We even get the best niggs

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very good teeth

>Ethiopian girls are certified qt

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No fucking way you're a white guy. Because this is the least attractive thing I've ever seen in my life. I'm just being honest.

It's just like angry kitty

Fuck you

You should not be allowed to talk until you actually win a war.

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Hungry. I'll go for a big tasty this time.

Doubt it.

Looks like a black Lisa Simpson