GERMANY: 26-year-old migrant, stabbing 11-year-old child

A 26-year-old Eritrean migrant repaid a German family that took him in to their home in Bavaria by allegedly stabbing their 11-year-old child with a bread knife repeatedly while shouting “die, die, die!”

“The boy’s mother said, ‘We always helped Abdulrahman. We do not understand why he did this to us.’
>May 17, 2019

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>We do not understand why he did this to us.
The Scorpion and the Fox.

Good. Now the parents can live with the realization of what they've done to their country. Maybe they'll hang themselves.

He was on German soil. That makes him German. Ugh bigots calling him Eritrean. There are no Eritreans.

part and bloody parcel m8.

So is the kid dead?

In a decent society, it wouldn't be up to them.

be german
>get stabbed

>The Scorpion and the Fox

Notice the Scorpion is black

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>two more people getting redpilled

Oh how the mighty have fallen
Collapse soon, join your local nazi

>We do not understand why he did this to us.
They're still in the naive liberal mindset. They lose their own child and they still didn't become redpilled. That really says a lot about modern Germans.

>we do not understand why he did this to us
Hahahahahaha *wipes tear* fucking stupid ass white people

>‘We always helped Abdulrahman. We do not understand why he did this to us.’

It's good that we live in those times. Germany needs to be cucked from all sides, so it can wake up once more.

This, they should be hung for endangering their child by bringing in a shitskin. White progressive must hang.

Nope, but can't go to school anymore because PTSD. Based Dogo saved him, by biting the Snackbar. Apparently the 11 year old had a naked video of the Eritrean and showed it to his mum, which requires death and the devil is involved as well. Complete clusterfuck,
>We do not understand why he did this to us
Parents are clearly retarded and incapable, the Dog should get custody.

This is how redpilling begins mutt.

I invited a wild animal into my house and it started destroying the furniture and defecating everywhere. Why would it do that to me?

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>do not understand why he did this
you relaxed

> the Eritrean court said the report said he had a nude video on his cell phone. This has seen the mother of the boy. "It's not possible for a woman to see a Muslim naked, it has to be punished with death," he said.
We still can't figure out why he did it. I'll tell you one thing though, it is definitely not because of Islam.

>the Dog should get custody.

Kek agreed

Where did they get this idea that you should try to rationalize ooo-ooo-ooo's?

it is the divine right of the conqueror to hold the life of the conquered

why were the family sharing naked videos of the guy in the first place? wtf?


but traumatized and not able to attend school

He was just saying "The the the" in German

The muslim fears the Dogo. What's up with musles and their fear of mens best friend. (pic related is the kind of dog the stopped him, kek)
>the Eritrean court said the report said he had a nude video on his cell phone
Yeah Islam, whatever....why the fuck does the eleven year old boy have a naked Video of him? Did the parents want him to get culturally enriched.

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Evolution should've filtered out the people with poor pattern recognition. Leaving your child alone with a random 26 year-old is hilariously retarded, even if the person was white

Cuck gene of parents dies out. People are redpilled about subhumans.

At this point I don't care about this anymore since the West wanted this. You reap what you sow.

Ethnomasochist trash ate incapable of learning. They will double down on their core belief in the lies of equslity and they will increase thrir virtue signalling.
They'll probably take in a new migrant.

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Thats now how genes and political beliefs work, retard.

A dog bit the pedo prophet once so they hate all dogs

It's nature punishing stupidity pretty much. I don't even feel bad.

Yeah I dont get this either

Kiowas are amazing. We always felt better in Iraq when they showed up. Like another user said, their pilots are nuts and they would do anything to help us out. I suggest using them to rocket migrant camps, as well as any roaches who may venture too close to Greek lands

Political predispositions are genetic. Liberal tendencies are genetic. It's not a sure thing, but it is an influence.

mostly lib parents that lost a kid or got a kid hurt by their beloved funghis are alwys doubling down

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he did it because apperently the mother saw him naked, maybe he left the shower and she saw him walking through the living room or something.
He asked the boy if the mother was at home first. He then said, a woman is not allowed to see a muslim man naked. That must be punished with death. then he attacked the boy.

The snake!

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Germans are becoming gigantic fags

In islam allah told mohammad not keep dogs around but you know what the perfect man mohammad did ? Get dogs of his own ,

Family unwittingly adopted the highlander

Wasnt the original tale "the frog and the scorpion"?

>a woman is not allowed to see a muslim man naked. That must be punished with death. then he attacked the boy.
davanced musellogics

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>We do not understand why he did this to us.
It's ALWAYS women who say this shit! They're like naive children, utterly incapable of accurately perceiving threats, and yet they're full-grown adults. We actually let them vote, it's fucking incredible...

Apparently it was a video on a phone. I'm not really sure if it was the boy filming it and showing it to his mother or the mother viewing a video of him on the migrant's phone.


Female logic dictates if you're nice to someone it means they have to be nice to you. My ex had this stupid ass logic until a homeless guy spit in her mouth when she offered him money, shit was hilarious.

>Female logic
error 404

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They won't. They will never learn. Their son was mutilated, and could have been killed, hell they themselves could have been killed and in their dying moments would still not realize, still be wondering "why he did this to us."

It's why you can't let these people migrate to your country, wherever you are. It's a shame because more whites is a positive and abandoning other whites to die is a negative, but bringing these people in once shit starts to go south is just inviting the trouble with them. They're poisoned, they will never learn or even see the error of their ways, their country can collapse plain as day but if you let them in, they will still vote the same way and behave the same way as to invite nonwhites in.

probably donating to sea watch in the name of the son.

True but the son cant deny reality after being attacked, especially while his parents act like fucking idiots. If the Revis going to be change it will be with the younger generation or not at all.

>The, The, The!
I don't get it

the birth of a nazi(2019 colorized)

Let me explain something to this white bitch so she understands why her little faggot was stabbed. It's called a thousand years of abuse, rape, robbery, and colonization of the African people by cumskins.

I think it varies from culture to culture. I heard it as the fox growing up on the Rez.

The only thing I never understood about that fable is the fox/frog/turtle neither gains nor loses from helping the scorpion. Rationally, performing actions without gain equate to losing... at best youd lose time, at worst youd lose more

>Let me explain something to this white bitch so she understands why her little faggot was stabbed. It's called a thousand years of abuse, rape, robbery, and colonization of the African people by cumskins

you mean " a thousand years of abuse, rape, robbery, and after that the colonization of the African people by cumskins"

>unable to attend school due to islamophobia

5000 years of jewish history summed up in 1 min

That mudslime should have killed the entire family. I feel bad for the kid but that would have been the best for all. These retards invite apes into our country and their home and suffer the inevitable consequences.

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Muhammad tried to fuck a Saluki in its boy-pussy and it ran away. This slighted the prophet peace be upon him and he never really got over it.

nigger they lose their fucking lives.

Is the dog ok?

but don't you understand bigot, diversity=strengh

No one will even lift a hand to stop you if you go full Nazi, Hans.
Maybe the muzzie was trying for some bacha bazi with the kid and the kid was like wtf?

>We do not understand why he did this to us.’
Lol what the fuck is wrong with Germans? Do they think psychopaths are a myth?

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the bad people went away in 1945. germany is only filled with good people now.

never help niggers

yes. a good boi

Eritrea is a dictatorship that was not targeted by whites you imbecile.

>What's up with musles and their fear of mens best friend
Muhamad was, and later relied on others being for his benefit, a commin thief. Dogs alert targets to your presence so he included a bit of extra motivation to kill them/avoid being bit by them in his rape/conquest manual.

>we don't understand why
because he's a nigger? stupid cucks.

the dog that saved the boy has to be honored with an iron cross.

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Why would he shout 'the, the, the'?

Maybe the problem isn't German leadership over the past two centuries? Maybe the problem is the naivete of the German people.


most nords are really naive.
i think even Hitler said it.

my opinion is nords are the ones who suffer the most from self domestication syndrome.

Yes but at the point of consideration life loss is just speculation. My point is, if you're a frog about to cross a stream, there exists zero upside to bringing a scorpion. Extrapolating, there exists zero reason to bring migrants into your home or country, regardless of whether they kill or not

>The boy’s mother said, ‘We always helped Abdulrahman. We do not understand why he did this to us
>We do not understand

When will these cucks learn? They paid a high cuck toll for this one.

The whites of Europe need to rise up and take back their countries.

I think Goebbels once said that Swedish men were all docile.

you will never understand this because your country is build on materialism, egoism and the freedom to step on anyone's head or to backstab anyone you don't need anymore to get to your selfish goals.
something that never took of in our continent how many times your culture, tatcherism and jews tried to push this mindset trough our throats, on the contrary, it was always scolded upo and you where called an egoist and deviand for that
also the difference between you and us:
>me and my friends, me and my people, me and my car ...
>me me me me
>my friends and i, my family and i, my people and i

get rid of your jews and enablers and maybe you'll have a chance to cure this deseased mindset they brainwashed you with for so long

yeah or maybe Goebbels.
it's something that is well known, and the kikes abuse that naivety.

Wonder what the little boy do to the 26 year old to make him angry. Probably acted like a little wannabe nazi then got murdered for it most likely.

>niggers story makes absolutely no sense
>he did it because the mother of the kid hacked into his phone to steal his nudes
>he then stabs the kid because its not okay for his mom to spy on his niggerdick
>he says he had the knife because satan told him to carry one
>abdulrahman now works in a local kindergarten

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No more questions.

Why don't they kikl their goblina wifes then?

Looks like a trustworthy dude
Would let him babysit children

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>We do not understand why he did this to us

These people really do believe that the brown folk are the same as them.

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mate, if you knew