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A nation that will die or purge

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Finland's flag is more aesthetic.

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They are doing mediocre in the IIHF this year.

Suomi and Kaapo Kakko for the gold!

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That thumbnail make them looks like a bunch of Pikachus

I'm an American, Married to a Swede. The most group think group of people I've ever met. I'm glad my husband got out, he clearly doesn't belong in it. Lovely people and all just extremely closed minded and hypocritical. A society of judgemental snitches.

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>kaka poopoo
Yeah... no
The finnish team is a bunch of faggots

Sano se minun kasvoille ja katso mitä tapahtuu.

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Nevar forggetti.

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The finnish team is a bunch of faggots

You'll lose against Britain tonight

It's Finland, not Norway.

This is unironically what Sweden will eventually become. Politicians will put harsher laws in place on things like standing your ground and vigilantism, which will become an ordinary sight among ethnic Swedes, as the justice system does nothing to immigrants. One day, mark my words, one day the actual nigger hunt will begin, and it will begin in Sweden.

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Binland vs Bongland

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You can't even into sauna properly. You make vitah like 95 year old Finnish woman with Alzheimer.

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Your retardedness confused me.
I never stated Norway was going to play against Britain tonight.

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I have such motivations-

I'm saying out of all the Nordics, GB only has a chance against the laughable Norwegian defence.

Take back these fucking Syrian refugees and obnoxious Gypsy Roma!

Niggers can stay tho

Fuck you nigger-jew!