White people have lost their minds

I’m sick and tired of watching on the news and seeing all the opinions of the lesser races, especially Mexicans. Mexicans come here to our white nation and proceed to make demands for more representation and more welfare and more more more. Mexicans are the worst race because they come in higher numbers and make ni99er demands, it’s disgusting. Mexico has the highest obesity rate in the world and these fat losers come here. Imagine a culture who promotes unhealthy foods. Mexican culture is literally based around the most fat fuck food, nasty bean3rs. I fucking hate you even the Castizos will never be white. Then I see blacks cry bitch and whine like little whores in a brothel. I’m sick of it. I’m leaving the west and I’m never coming back until the white people grow a fucking pair again. Which will probably never happen because they have become so weak. See you retards later enjoy arguing on this board as the ship goes down. Jow Forums is basically the band on the titanic

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its always the jews

you really think anyone will read that

you're worthless as we all are

Yeah no shit but we’ve got many problems

Nah I’m not nice projection though

It’s been a honor

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Lol big gay but funny

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Tidal wave of bad karma, all minorities are sitting back watching the jews do the same to you as you've done to others. Oddly, I hate the fake jews but I'm not going to help my enemies. Fuck you guys.

Don't worry it's coming, multiracial societies NEVER last, and 95% of humans will not fight at all they'll just bend over and let you blow their brains out like the subhuman animals they are when the time comes, that's what Brenton was trying show us.

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Blackpilled defeatist, America doesn't need you. Go race mix away your genes while we stay here and fight, coward

DO A FLIP! Before you do though. Be sure to live feed it.

You won’t do shit nigger

its the era of alpha pajeet hindus now. Christians Muslims btfo

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You’ve never been to jail before I presume you absolute 12 year old faggot

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