Post your dankest Honklers if you got em!

Post your dankest Honklers if you got em!

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sloppy job mossad

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She cute

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I dont like the Honkler memes lots of words. Preferably none. He is an absurdist at heart. Honkler points to those things which are contrary to our societal values and makes us notice them. He has no message other then to say "Hey look at this" *Honk Honk".

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That will never stop being funny.

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>inb4 the resident schizophrenics begin bleating on about how Honkler is a CIA/Mossad/their mother psyop and we're all Mossad for adopting and re-purposing the meme

Schizos BTFO.

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I don't know if you were aware, and I don't know if awareness would change your opinion, but he's just quoting a Pink Floyd song from the album "the wall".

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