Why are liberals smarter than conservatives?


Anyone find this strange? And this is despite all the African Americans bringing down the average. Imagine how smart the average white liberal is.

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If you believe this propaganda than you are the fool

Yeah, I used to believe the Jow Forums propaganda that conservatives were smarter. I was a fool then.

Conservatives are reactionaries, while leftists are neoliberal pseudomarxists

More knowing, more opportunities to beguile.
No Bix Nood understand white privilege, they understand it's benefits, only oversocialized High IQ can grasp it.

Indoctrination in higher education.

Liberals are better at blindly following orders like dogs is all I see.

That's from 2010: basically every redneck who were on the left-side of that chart are now the core of the SJW movement, while most high-IQ folks who were on the right (I called myself a liberal for years) are now the evil natzees.

This. People are smart or dumb regardless of their affiliations in politics. Smarts go to college, they're exposed to the political bias there, they come out with a liberal view.
Your forgetting that Nazis got us to the moon here. They were some of the smartest people of their time and they were more than happy to work for Hitler until Paperclip got them into the States.

Why would it be strange? The more intelligent you are the more adaptable you are. A "conservative" ideology is only attractive to smooth brains who can't handle nuanced beliefs, can't adapt, and can't change.

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Huh? The entire social justice cult is a reactionary movement.
Also, leftists are notoriously ignorant on history that isn’t spoon-fed to them by propaganda media outlets. They are also very hostile towards scientific findings that challenge their narratives, and have a general disdain for the scientific process.

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Higher IQ is needed to operate in cities. It doesn't mean that city people are smarter, but that they can compute abstract concepts a bit better (a 10 point difference isn't that much, really).
High IQ doesn't mean objective by any mean. It means they are able to fool themselves more efficiently.
That plus Negroes and Latinos have very conservative views, although they vote Democrat because of racial interests

10 points is a ton when 1SD is 15

False. See
The smartest people to ever live were all on the far-right spectrum.

>Why are liberals smarter than conservatives?
Most jews are liberals, so...

Statistically, maybe.
I'm like 135, in day-to-day life, there's not much differences when I interact with most people around 100-110 (ofc I don't know their IQ, but statistically they are the biggest group)
My point is that IQ isn't a measure of objectivity. I know high IQ people that say blatant shit most of the time. It's simply that they are able to articulate better, so fool themselves better

IQ is objective measure. It's a consistent test. Your anecdote is a subjective measure. You described how you felt not what you measured.

IQ doesn't measure education.

>Human made test to determine human cognitive ability
I suspect this might not be as objective as you think.

the study is flawed, and it's also old. a new study with the same methods finds that the trend has been reversed since then, but again, still using an inherently flawed method.

They're not
Centrists are the smartest ones, as they escape medial tribalism, and focus on actual policies & results


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>6 points
>5 points

>Standard deviation is 13
Yeah.. literally meaningless

You can tell they are trying to fudge the data hard here. Why are they measuring adolescent IQ and not adult IQ? Certainly It would just be easier to collect IQ data at the same time as they are collecting political allegiance instead of having to track these people down later in life? I wonder why they are doing that. They also don't give the sample size in the article or who did the testing.

All and all these data are highly suspect.

Higher IQ is more likely to enter higher education ya dingus.

It's no mystery why right wing politics isn't popular with women like the OP. Right wing policies would lead to women having fewer sex partners.

Modern women view sex as an inevitable bodily function like taking a shit. Most of what you're saying is completely irrelevant. Banning abortion and next hormonal birth control is a process to enforce women's chastity again.

That’s really what 95% of feminism boils down to. Sex, and women believing they have supreme authority over it, and all that entails, at all times, and if you contradict them or oppose them in any way then you are "literally Hitler" and they will seek to destroy you in all forms to protect their power. I'm not even joking about that, if you view everything through that lens all of their actions make perfect sense and come into focus very clearly.

Women want into the work place, knowing it’s all shitty jobs and hard work for 99% of them and is usually soul crushing over all. Why? Because then they can have sex with whomever they want, whenever they want, they aren’t reliant on a husband for support so they can fuck around as they please.

Women want into colleges more and more and want more spaces for themselves creating a situation where only the athletes and the absolute smartest and hardest working men are going to be afforded spots, despite the fact the vast majority of programs these women join provide useless pieces of paper and no practical training that will amount to anything. Why? Because those degrees require damn near zero fucking effort, leaving them to spend all their time focused on the men, and that means they have insanely easy access to sex with athletic men, and have already weeded out the vast majority of men for potential "marriage material" (i.e. some loser to pay for their whoredom) so they don’t have to do all the work on their own out in society. Easy sex now, and setup for longer term situations down the line with some cuck to support them.


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Women want easy and free access to birth control and abortions (while the "free" push isn’t as public at the moment, make no mistake it is coming), despite the damage it does to their bodies and the fact they're murdering the most innocent, weak, and vulnerable form of human life. Why? Because pregnancy and children make them far less appealing to fuck, and eat up much of their time and resources leaving them far less time TO fuck.

I can keep going, but that is ultimately what it all boils down to, pleasing their vaginas and keeping a stranglehold on men who wish to have access to their vaginas. Its why they both hate and fantasize about rape so much, it’s a man taking away all their power by sheer force and not submitting himself to them which they despise, but they also massively get off on the idea of being subjugated by someone standing up to them and realizing they cannot fight back and simply taking what he wants, that makes them wet, its why they write about it so god damned much that its frankly sickening.

It’s why they put each other down constantly, but never address female on female "slut shaming" and the like and only blame men for it. Because they know they do this to each other FAR more than men ever will, but they use it to try to increase their own value and may the best whore win. Its why they don’t give a fuck about "oppressed women" in the 2nd and 3rd world, because it’s never been about female freedom, it’s always been about individualistic desires to get wet and get off.

And on and on. When you stop and realize this, all female/feminist actions make much more sense. You don't have to wonder "why" they think about how they do about abortion, or pills, or college, or whatever else, the answer is ALWAYS "to please their vagina and hold power over men... basically, sex." They're very simple creatures when you get right down to it, their entire existence can be summed up in one word… pussy.


And what do people in higher education politically align as?

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a lot has changed in 10 years user
I used to be very liberal

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Liberal due to political indoctrination rampant in the higher education system's humanities and social sciences.

CALIFORNIA, heavy blue state, is 23% illiterate.
Source: nces.ed.gov/naal/estimates/index.aspx

Easy to look it up. Studies like this clearly dont give illiterate liberals written tests. So, they are dropping almost 1/4 of the sample right there.
It's just left wing bullshit.
And if you think it's just illegals doing it to california, new york is second, 22% illiterate.

>Imagine how smart the average white liberal is.
dumber than the average nigger, apparently.

>can't read a chart
>call others dumb