Her name is Ebba Akerlund

Her name is Ebba Akerlund.
She was just 11 years old.
She was decapitated and torn apart limb by limb by a truck stolen from by a muslim.

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This is her grave.
A muslim vandalised it.
Authorities did nothing.

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Rest in peace, Ebba.

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God I can't wait to see you fucking Israelis get killed by muslims.

>dude how do camera lenses work lmao

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me neither senpai so many of you will die

Nah actually you're gonna die.

The fact that schizos/shills can't stop shitting up even threads dedicated to remembering white victims of mass immigration says enough about them. They are not pro-white. On whose side are they?

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archive.fo/4tUxu (theatlantic.com/health/archive/2014/03/why-selfies-sometimes-look-weird-to-their-subjects/359567/)

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I will not stop making this thread until the world remembers Ebba.
She will not be forgotten.
I swear.

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Good she was a filthy white whore

Isn't that illegal hate speech in bongland?

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Leading Dutch party supports the cause: twitter.com/thierrybaudet/status/1129399963123900416

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take your meds, schizo

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Your time will come soon enough, scum.

Her name was Saffie-Rose Roussos. She was 8 years old. On the 22nd of May 2017 she was attending a pop concert in Manchester when she was murdered by a suicide bomber in the name of Islam. His family were Libyan-born refugees who had settled in south Manchester after fleeing to the UK to escape the government of Muammar Gaddafi.

This was his thanks.

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She wasn't decapitated. Don't discredit this place.

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sorry OP for the sloppy job poster

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Requiescat in pacem

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The correct answer

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I think it's about time we have a holocaust 2.0: electric boogaloo. But this time we will gas the dirty sandniggers.

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Is moarpenis the worst poster on Jow Forums? Yes, it is.

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You deserve death, kike

Remember her, lads.

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The desecration of Ebba's grave while the Swedish authorities do NOTHING.

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>Door isn’t made of wood

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What a cute little angel. Fuck Islam. Disgusting subhuman religion

The guy has been caught and he was not a muslim but was a mentally ill person.

A mentally ill foreigner who shouldn't even be in the country.

Prepare for feels, Hans.


He's brown, is he not?

Brown and does subhuman acts is usually called "mental illness"

And see a broken father


or islam

thank you brenton for your daily postings

Yeah, didn't add that because pretty much every brown person in Sweden is a Muslim. Somalian Muslim. The worse kind on earth.

Death to Islam

>Whos side
The Kosher Side

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>gaddafi did manchester
your nose is showing

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Yes she can Rest In Peace now that 50 Muslim mannequins are dead

Can you even read English? I didn't write that.

C- see me after class.

Go jump off a bridge, retard.

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the only reason you care for her so much is because she was a while loli

>le killing random mudslimes is helping
Your nose is showing.

she can rest in pieces lol

*breathes in*

That kike is in every Christchurch thread calling for "direct action".

>the only reason you care so much is because she was your sister

Heh heh *rubs hands*

Yes, white is an extension of family. Whites are one big racial group. Your pathetic attempt at shaming people for that is simply that; pathetic.

The loli part is just your pedo showing that can't view innocent childrenas anything more than a sex object.


This is her body after the attack.
She is a victim of mass-migration.

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>his thanks
who is he?
the context of your shit indicates gaddafi
you get F for wrong lecturing

>t. the kikes

Even if it was Mossad, are you saying you don't think it should have happened. More normal people need to be shooting up mosques.

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>She is a victim of mass-migration.
she is a victim of jewish rot

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Death to all invaders.

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The country that allowed him in, gave him safety and a life, he thanked the country by killing little girls.

You are going to have to go back to learning English because this just ain't it, chief.


And if little Ebba had been brutally raped and impregnated by a Muslim instead of bulldozed by a truck, you all would be cheering for that unborn shitskin's life. You would say she must give birth to and raise the rapist's seed, robbing her of the chance to ever have several healthy white babies with a white man and further tainting the gene pool.

The absolute state of Jow Forums.

Keep your disgusting fantasies to yourself.

Neck yourself you braindead idiot.

>do nothing goyim, you have no heroes anyway.

Can you provide just one supporting piece of evidence that shows that we would think like that?
Up your game Noseberg.