German parliament declares Israel boycott campaign antisemitic

>Germany’s Bundestag has become the first parliament in Europe to pass a motion that defines the BDS movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel as antisemitic.

When "BDS" was done to apartheid South Africa, it was progressive. Now it's anti-Semitic.

>Brought to parliament as a joint initiative by Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its junior coalition partner the Social Democrats, as well as the liberal FDP and Green party, the motion also noted a “growing unease” among Germany’s Jewish community in the face of rising antisemitism.
Centre-right, centre-left, and left are all onboard, but wait....

>A separate motion brought forward by the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) called for a complete ban of the BDS movement.
The far-right AfD are even more anti-BDS than the rest! Take THAT.... erm, someone.
Vote for the AfD, where we'll arrest you if you're against Israel!


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we need a false flag. like burning a church and spraying a david star close to it.

>we need a false flag. like burning a church and spraying a david star close to it.


the absolute state

>A separate motion brought forward by the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) called for a complete ban of the BDS movement.
They don't mean it, they just rely on virtue signalling to keep the media from talking about them 24/7.

there is no "German" Party. They are all Jews

They will reject welfare payments if you support the boycott.
>b but germans destroy Europe yet again
fuck off brainlets, we are conquered yet again by judaism, dont cry when we lash out yet again faggots

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These kikes are really overplaying their hand with all this Compulsory support for Israel bullshit, you'd think they'd stop bombing hospitals and schools while they make this push. It can't be much longer until their crimes are recognized, can it?

((AfD)) is as jewish as adolf hitler.
it is divide an conquer.
the rothschilds need another war.

never trust right or left partys. they only help ((them)) to get more power.

>die Rechte
>der 3. Weg
no one is perefct but waddayagonnedo

BDS are nazis, it's well known.

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Nice try kike.

cringe and bluepilled
t. fell for the omnipotent Rothschild meme

There is nothing wrong with being a National Socialist

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A decade perhaps.

You wont lash out, the German pysche is still to recover from the guilt of de nazification, you still piss sitting down.

Yeah they are controlled opposition

62 people own 50% of worlds money.
one of the best ways make money is war.
you better start believing in rothschild stories.
you are in one.

Jews are the real Nazis and always have been.

socialism is slavery to the state, the political form of evil.if you want the world to be a better place try national libertarianism .

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Is that the one where we kick all subversive Jews out of Europe? If not it won't work.

Libertarianism is a Jewish evolutionary strategy

there are no jews in europe, jews live in israel. if a someone claims to be a european jew he's LARPing.
in case you've been living under a cave for 70 years we returned to our homeland.

>AfD was kiked

fuck off kike, why should they need to make money when they control the money supply and create money out of thin air. Arguing its all about money is bluepilled and cringe as fuck. This is a racial war first, a spiritual war second , third a geopolitical war closely tied to the jewish hegemony of the world, after that ressources, money, etc.
Hitler was a hero, the "he was a jew puppet" memes debunked as fast as they came up from jewish sources.

to expand on this point a bit, the Jews:
>have their own ethnostate
>killed millions of their enemies with WWII (Germans)
>continue to kill millions of their enemies (Arab Muslims)
>enjoy unrivaled privilege in the countries where they live (Jewish representation at Harvard is 300% their population in the US)
>will throw your ass in jail for criticizing them
the Jews are literally everything they pretend the Nazis are.

>our homeland
your homeland is east of the pale of settlement.
you're just on beach holiday larping as hebrews.

Thats what the jews said numerous times to us too, interesting how that always works out huh?
Sit down and enjoy the show, this century will get bloody, all or nothing mentality is on the rise from the left and the right, its time for yet another war, you couldnt know, you do what the jew tells you to do, as always, totally isolated from reality and social sentiment in other countries.

we're just their hosting nation

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It is Anti-Semitic because their end goal is the removal of the Israeli state and its Jewish people.

Same reason the protests about Israeli violence against Palestinians falls on deaf ears here, because they mix it up with the people who want Israel off the map.

Most European Jews live in France, there is about 400,000 there

We're not much better. Macron said the same thing. He even wants to define anti-zionism as anti-semitism and criminalise any criticism of IsraHell.

> Arguing its all about money is bluepilled
it is not. baron de rothschilds no 1 investing advice is buy when there is blood on the street, even if it is your own.

war is the ultimate investment.
google jakob fugger. he was a german christian and he richest man on earth. the sources about him are clear because he is not a jew. he made his money by managing the aristocratic peoples money. investing some of the money into advanced weapons and then convincing the aristocratic people to start a war. then he bought the real estate cheap, shortly before the war ended.

although he was so rich he donated everything to the poor. that is christian logic. kikes curse from over 2000 years ago.

take your schizophrenia medicine you inbred fuck

Wait so you're saying Turkic and russian peoples are from the Levant?!? Yeah sounds a bit rich. Is bibi Jewish? Or is a Pole ?

Honest question why would you be against Israel

Whatever. Fuck Israel.

The "refugees" will be fighting for (((them))). I don't see anyone other than the east Germans standing up.

why does Jow Forums keep posting links to that cucked site?
it is literally Socialist Workers party propaganda.

It IS antisemitic. Every country has problems, does that mean every other country should boycott everyone for every little thing?

>every little thing
There is no other country on this planet that is an apartheid state illegally occupying territory and expending for decades except for Israel. Not to mention that they have illegal nukes that no one seems to care about.

>socialist workers party

Pretty sure most guardian readers have jobs desu