White cis males are literally terrified to sit down with a woman

>White cis males are literally terrified to sit down with a woman.

>LeanIn.org and SurveyMonkey’s new #MentorHer poll reveals Friday that 60% of male managers report feeling “too nervous” about being accused of harassment to interact with women in “common workplace” activities such as mentoring, socializing and one-on-one meetings.


Is it time for white men to step down from their plateau of privilege? This user thinks so...

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Good they should feel that way white men have terrified women for decades it’s their turn to be terrifying

Terrified? No. Reducing my exposure to, and therefore potential legal liability to? Yes. My company is small enough I can't afford to eat a lawsuit because some cunt thinks it is easier to sue me than work the seventy hour weeks outdoors in all kinds of weather we regularly put in.

I don't hire women, I don't hire graduates of certain schools. I don't hire people who had certain MOSs in the military. We have professional background requirements to meet our contract deliverables, or we are all out on our ass. I have no time for bullshit, and women bring bullshit and drama.

Dude, are you seriously unable to NOT act like an autistic shitlord around a female? Just act cool. You sound like an asshole to work for btw.

Does that mean women will become rapists?
Because that would be TERRIBLE.

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One more proof that women secretely crave for white sharia.

t. has never made contact with a woman

Heart-attacks, years away from home, forced military service, physical injuries and a 100 to 1 work-related mortality rate,
>So Privileged.
This post represents sticking your tongue out at Science from evolution or Creator. Thus user isn't actually thinking.

You've obviously never worked with women. Every single thing he wrote is correct and then some.

This has to be their end game. Their actions make absolutely no sense whatsoever other than a subconscious drive to be completely smacked the fuck down as hard as possible.

10 years ago, i thought office culture was cut throat

edgelord feminists pushed those boundaries

this is the end result

smart people know the best way to win a battle is to never engage in battle in the first place.

clown world


based and redpilled

>getting a no fault divorce and not paying a dime cruising towards a life of solidarity

Actually happy, I dont want anything to do with women anymore other than to 100% objectify them and then pray to God for a total collapse so I can join a militia

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Give no fucks. On film, off film. Give. No. Fucks.

based and /threadpilled

this. honk honk. i refuse to work around women in any kind of structured environment. if your business has an (((HR))) department, bounce. fuck roasties and feminists. repeal the 19th.

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I put every woman I work with into a "little sister/niece" territory. automatically
some wemen even said to me that I'm a zero flirt and "business" all the time
I said thanks. That establishes are clear order of conduct over multiple years that I never ever "oogled" or touched inappropriately
one woman once showed interest, but I told her that factory stays factory for me and I have no intention of leaving
that stopped this immediately. stand your fricken ground

Imagine wasting your precious time and resources on these needy brats only to have one of them turn on you because your hand lingered on her shoulder for two seconds too long or some equally stupid shit. Garrison lost his radio show because his bare hand touched a woman’s skin because her dress was backless and he put his palm on her back while talking to her. Let them languish in stupidity. Don’t lift a finger to help women, ever.

>t. Shitposting NEET

>normal men spooked
>chad also spooked
>normal guys refuse to pick up on hints
>chads forced to become more manipulative
>some paranoid lads refuse to be near women without a cam
the women also fucked themselves. this is the worst possible outcome for all parties involved

Naw, but it's almost time to kill Jewish and israeli children

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I worked in a small Convention Center a while that hired one female receptionist and only males for the longest time. The state came down on it because a female guest filed a complaint or a report. The second week we hired women on, I was noticing more guests allowed through areas they previously never breached. Who is keeping the gate? A woman. The first instance of negative gossip in the workplace towards a coworker I knew and everyone else knew to be a good albeit quiet shy guy was from a woman. The first office drama related firing involved a woman who got a good friend that had no strikes fired by a mix of HR pressure and one person yelling loud enough- only for the woman who got our solid worker fired to quit when she was pushed back against by HR, then she went for their department apparently. Every time someone talks to me at work like I'm their blog to post on, its been a woman short of the time a dude I work with moved here for his woman, had kids, has her whole family's support, then a guy shes having an affair with walks in and serves him divorce papers. That whole shitshow ended with her being disowned from her family and him getting custody. Most women are awful selfish creatures and most of the ones I respect the most have gone through terrible things that seem to of given them a strong sense of relativity.

>men literally refuse to give women cpr because it involves touching boobie
>people less likely to give help to a women when alone, especially after the tire changing guy

Roasties are cancelled.

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Oh yeah, and about a quarter of the time, especially right up towards the end just before the 2016 election if I tried to explain why a lady was doing something objectively wrong and making everyone else's job harder since one guest without a seat getting through means a party who bought the seats getting angry at one of us as we solve the issue then I was met in return, from a completely new worker who hasn't made it through a year, that I'm mansplaining, which to me sounds like they have a problem having their objective flaws pointed out and want to cover themselves from criticism by mashing "Man explaining" into one word and turning it into a brand of shame that means everything the person mansplaining says isn't worth listening to, thus the problem continues to repeat itself until she is fired or points a finger at someone else and uses her women-privilege to be the defaulted-to victor in HR's eyes more often than not. It may be worth noting when I quit, I gave no notice, came in on a day there were no events, and explained exactly why I'm quitting and my stories in the workplace that act as motivating memories. They offered to fire employees I mentioned by name, date, and spot they were assigned to the next time they fuck up, I looked that bitch in the eye and said "So you can hire another new worker to fill the quota? What about the old ones who were never a problem for the workers or customers? Can't hire them back because we need diversity instead of skilled workers who have been here a long time and knew the implications of doing poorly at their job while having a connection to coworkers on the ass end of the result?", something along those lines.

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Sounds like they didn't even care, user. Like you said, they'll just hire more idiots and keep things barely working.

Back in the day HR existed to ride everyone's ass and make sure all the cooking is done by the book lest they have cause to terminate. I'm firmly convinced with the social climate of now HR is a tool of unprofessional prosecutors that make excuses for workers they can't let go of lest a quota be thrown out of balance or lest they cease playing favoritism, while also making excuses for the employer to have cause to terminate. Just like a court short of you being a pillar of integrity people will testify to your word for being inherently male will hold less weight and ethos to it than hers, whether or not her accusation is true or false.

>“too nervous"
Is what you tell the HR people/canvasers when they ask user.
Saying "I hate women" out loud doesn't fly today.

It's just not worth the hassle.
Women destroy the cohesion and so productivity of any group they're a member of.
ok look. if you have a rival manager in the office. with a productive team of men working for him you arrange to have >2< women put on to his team to effectively halt all further progress.
1 and he'll limp along, sometimes even get some improvements, but 2 and the entire team will implode.

They are making shit up about you behind your back. You'll get called to HR someday soon.

>60% of male managers report feeling “too nervous” about being accused of harassment to interact with women in “common workplace” activities such as mentoring, socializing and one-on-one meetings.
I love when feminism backfires and implodes proving how women lack the capability to visualize the long-term consequences for their emotional tantrum based decision making.

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What schools are a no-go? Ivy Leagues?

Curious as well. I'm tempted to get a degree and would like to avoid as much 'campus culture' as I can. I imagine places that produce liabilities lay on campus culture heavy.

You're either Chad or threat. They'll come for you eventually.

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This reads like you're having a stroke, but I generally agree re. women in the workplace.