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All that gay porn with sonic and knuckles seems a little less weird now

Well a lot of autists love Sonic and a love of autists are trannies

>Well a lot of autists love Sonic
But why though

why everything I only love in this world is ruined by sjws?

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Why? I just don't understand why.... Why is this happening to everything?

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>I just don't understand why....
First day with the jews huh?


why do they keep adding letters and symbols??

wtf does the "I" stand for? ill? I can agree upon that

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Wait what is intersexism and why don't faggots like it

the + symbolically stands for pedophile

a better question is why do people care about Sonic?

>UK-based studio

>Those faces
>Lets go beat those straights

Clown world

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the absolute STATE of modern vidya

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No I'm well aware... It's just frustrating

> Intersexism
Too many gangs still roam the streets, looking for interesex people to bash.

Post the comments.

You know well

Intersex people don’t exist. They are simply males or females with chromosomal disorders. These aren’t “other sexes.” I thought these faggots Fucking Loved Science?

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Not the racist Whyte man science

No they love pseudo science that confirms their own crazy ideas. Aka the religion of science. How long until we have a (((science))) inquisition?

Somewhere chris-chan is rejoicing.

Rhetorical ?: Why are there so many faggot pride days?

They want to rub it in our faces

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