How come the Italian mobsters disliked Jews but still worked with them and married up with the women...

How come the Italian mobsters disliked Jews but still worked with them and married up with the women, made money with them, etc yet they never did the same with blacks? Blacks were largely ignored by the mob altogether and pushed out from making money with them.

The Italians didn't have the best view of Jews but still did plenty of business with them and treated them like extended family in some cases. Why not this same closeness with the blacks of the time?

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Maybe it was because the Italians and Jews look exactly the same while nogs look nothing like either of them.

Yeah but it was all about the cash in terms of the business side of it. Plenty of nogs were good gangsters and had the ability to make money so why weren't they used ?

Because niggers have an 85 IQ and kikes don't. Not that complicated.

Blacks are too dumb to organize anything.
But in the long it would have been better to deal with blacks than with Jews.

>judging the reality of Italian criminal syndicates based on portrayals by Jewish criminal syndicates
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Same reasons they don't mix much IRL.

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Just watched Godfellas. Had no idea that it was based.

everyone hates niggers and theyre too dumb to be good at crime

The same reason Tywin married off Cersei to Robert. Power.

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Are you asking why someone thought Jews were better partners to make money with than blacks?

>Plenty of nogs were good gangsters
GTFO with your "We Wuz Kangstas" shit.

Stacks was always crazy...

>muh incarceration rates

Overthinking: The Thread

fucking this. op is a mush head.

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Jews were their lawyers, bankers and money launderers and in some cases fellow mobsters. Moe Green, Bugsy Seigel, Meyer Lansky, Micky Cohen. These were all well known Jewish mobsters that worked with Italians. Jewish mob ran Chicago and still runs Chicago. Jewish mob ran LA. Jews and italians worked together in places like Vegas and new York. Look at the most profitable mob scheme in history, the gas tax scheme, that was a Jewish scheme with Italians as the muscle and Jews laundering the money

this, south italians are ashkenazi

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put the pic you posted doesn't show any "blue squares" which represent the ashkenazi jew in their regions....
I'm confused.....


Shame on you for jumping to stupid conclusions based on the half-baked musings of a mentally-challenged OP.

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Not necessarily better. Just why didn't they involve the blacks in their criminal proclivities too since blacks themselves were already involved in the same activities anyway? It's not like they lived worlds apart. The black ghettos were right next door to the Little Italy neighborhoods in places like NY. After the mob moved into drugs you figure they would have used the blacks since blacks were making millions from drugs even in the 80s from crack, blacks excelled at the "drug game"

You've obviously never been involved in criminal related shit, so I'll give you a tip; NEVER TRUST NIGGERS. They will flip and rob you 89% of the time, the other percent of the time they will sell your information to wogg thieves. It is is essential that you understand this. Blacks are horrendous at making deals and have 0 honor so by default their word is worth less than shit.

Because Jews are smart, niggers are comparatively worthless.

America used to be based where Dagos, Wops, Micks, Kikes, Krauts, Limeys could all work together in relative harmony before the socialists showed up.

They were, look up Lucky Luciano and Bumpy Johnson. You don't hear about them though because they were usually just pawns and footnotes of Italian and Jewish mobs.

Because Ahskenazis are our semitic brothers

Because money could be made in apparent legal ways. No money in involving blacks.

No, Jews are better at crime and making money than blacks. You're wrong, and your inability to acquiesce to this reality is what has you confused.

Luciano was 100% Italian...lmao

Whore of Babylon

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Based mob history user. This guy knows his shit. Jews were usually the brains, Italians or Micks were usually the muscle.

Because blacks are too stupid

Look up how Luciano integrated Harlem and Bumpy Johnson into the NY rackets, dumb fuck. Blacks were pretty much worthless but the Italian Mafia did work with them.

How does working with moulis suddenly flip your race around and make you a nigger? Elaborate more you piece of shit Jew nigger.

Because italians have already been blacked by the moors hahaha what pathetic fgt.

Kikes stabbed Italian mobsters in the back and threw them under the bus.

Now Kikes are the sole mobsters/rulers and Anglos are there puppets.

Good goy! You and (((them))) are totally blood-brothers, just like the Germans, Anglos, and Catholics before them!

I don't disagree that Jews are better on a general level. On a street level however blacks own all. No way are Jews better at dealing drugs like crack, heroin and cocaine and even weed like the blacks are. Jews are white collar crooks for the most part.

Anyway, what i am saying is that they had all these blacks next door profiting from drug dealing yet they rarely used them. For instance in Goodfellas when Henry comes out of jail and starts up the drugs he knows that Paulie and the rest of his bosses don't want anything to do with it and that Jimmy and Tommy are unreliable so why doesn't he go to the ghetto and get the blacks to sell it for him?

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Make that coffee to go

I didn't say Luciano was a nigger. The original question was has the mafia ever worked with blacks. I provided the clearest probably most historically significant example of this when Luciano organized Harlem taking Bumpy Johnson as a member into his organization and stealing the Harlem numbers rackets from Dutch Schultz.

>Why not this same closeness with the blacks of the time?
the smell

You can always count on a jew to be a jew. A jew can be a useful asset is you keep that in mind. Blacks on the other hand cannot be trusted with anything ever.

This is Alpine nose.

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They are closer to Askhenazi's jews, but most of them don't have askhenazi admixture, Greeks and Ancient Greeks are closer to Askhenazi's as well.

This is correct. The gasoline tax scheme turned out to be an enormous money maker. Blackstone Intelligence guy Jake Morphonios did an outstanding video series on this. Also, E Michael Jones has chronicled the Jewish mafia activities in Indiana.

>Moe Green
lol, that was a fictional character

S*uthern Shitalians are NOT, I repeat, NOT white!!!
They are subhuman and need to be expunged to Northern Africa where they came from.

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I cant stand Goodfellas. Bunch of dumb fuckin wops.

The blacks were not ignored. Nicky Barnes and Matty Madonna had one of the largest heroin operations in nyc in the 70’s.

>fetal alcohol syndrome nose

Italians run this country as much as jews do.

google any random private equity firm, it's going to be:

>Jewish cofounder
>Italian cofounder
>Irish cofounder

probably because jews were already balls deep in america, and also prone to corruption and organized crime (russian mob is mostly jewish)

ashkenazi are just italian converts

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wow, that's amazing and completely meaningless!
We all know normans landed in Sicily for a short period of time, just like the moors did.

The fact remains that Sicily and southern italy is J1 male haplogroup majority. - i.e. levant.

Cool, so the intelligence of the ashkenazi derived from Italians.

Rome spread J1,J2...

This is retarded. I did a dissertation on culture in italy after the roman empire. You learn that southern Italy is all kinds of muttted up. No way you could blanket them and call them Jews.


Ashkenazis are levantine fathers + south italian (i.e. also levantine, different subgroup) mothers.

phenotypically, you can look at people:
Rocco Sifredi vs. Jordan Belfort
Leoluca Orlando vs. Fouad Siniora

and many many more

That + applied selective pressure

Rome Spread J1, J2 NORTHWARD, not southward. J1, J2 in Italy predate Rome, stem from Carthaginian/Phoenician settlements

Culture is spread by the mother, if you fuck lots of Latinas, you are going to start speaking Spanish, white girls aren't having kids

Italians are just Jews with better food.

>Blacks were largely ignored by the mob altogether and pushed out from making money with them.

Op is a nigger

Well-off pre-1990 men marrying niggers.
What type of crack are you on?

Prolly at that time black communities didn't have an organized crime, also the first sicilian mafiosi (moustache petes) would only accept to make businness with people with roots in the same sicilian towns (catellamarese wars) it was all about trust and loyalty: if some associate did something wrong his family back there would pay.

It was the 'young turks', later, being less restrictive in such rules and more smart business wise, probably Jews proven themselves trustworthy and good crime / business associates.

They were also quite racist, I mean, a lot.

>Prolly at that time black communities didn't have an organized crime,

They still dont
street gangs are highest nigs have ever been to this very day. Theyve never been able to form a mafia or a cartel

Lol no.

It's litterally all Jews with a few Irish in financial establishments.

Eye are you talking about? Theyre side by side?

It's also worth noticing that every mafia society is patriarchy on steroids, so lineage is paramount.

I know it's all bs but they have this legend that the different crime organizations were founded by three spanish knights, and they were originally (and still are to some extent) secret societies.

Beside, burgerbro, I did watch a lot of documentaries on italian mobs in the US; is that true that R.Giuliani destroyed the US mafia?

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>Plenty of nogs were good gangsters and had the ability to make money so why weren't they used ?

Actually they were, but only at the lower levels where it didn't matter

>is that true that R.Giuliani destroyed the US mafia?

Sort of, he definately got rid of most of the old guard New York Italians.
Hard to say what is currently going on with mafia style groups. Normies dont really know much until people start getting put in jail.

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While on the US side this is fully covered here there's very little, after 1992 the sicilian mafia was almost done, at least the powerful structure once known.
Now it's all about the calabrian one, but it seems they're more focused on latin america rather than the US.
On a personal note they should all get the rope but one must give them that their own 'narrative' went past one world war, the cold war, the globalization and all, almost untouched in their basic rules.

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how am i supposed to notice a random clubfoot meme.
ive been here a decade and still dont get like 80% of the weird ass memes on here

Pretty much this and lets not forget the film Reservoir Dogs where in nearly every scene that features the lead up to the robbery they’re talking abt how stupid niggers are, culminating in Mr Pink (Steve Buscemi) pleading with Mr White and Mr Blue to stop acting like a bunch of niggers when they’re hiding out in the warehouse.

some families did sell heroin to the nigs but as was mentioned earlier italians hate niggers; however at the end of the day the goal is to make money by whatever means necessary. you aren't even supposed to sell drugs in cosa nostra but the profits were too great.

on the the hand, i ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce, and I got egg noodles and ketchup.... get to live the rest of my life like a schnook.

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Italian mafia never existed it was jews putting the blame on Italians

Well there is a boot shaped map of dots and squares and none of them show the light blue ashkenazi one in any region of Italy....

implying kikes and wops havent been working together since the roman empire

Italian mobsters were mostly Jewish Italians IRL but not in the ((( movies)))

Because they were (((Italian))), not Italian. The Jewish mafia goes back thousands of years in practically every country.