Why did we drop the bomb?

Why did we drop the bomb?

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To see what would happen, lol.

Prevent the soviets from finishing the japs before we did

For the lulz.

we should've dropped the second one on Moscow desu

It was slippery?

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the atom bomb isn't real, we just destroyed the city with really big normal bombs
atomic bombs are a hoax and you can't split atoms to cause explosions

fucking atomic bomb hanging just on that tiny chain

to prove a point, Japs had already conceded

Because we could.


We didn't.

Quite literally for shits and giggles
The second one was just to see how many you'd get away with

are you a flat earther too

It was a power play. Japan was in the process of surrendering, and the Soviets were mobilizing with the plan of spreading their commie semen. The US didn't want that to happen (in order to prevent the Soviets from getting too powerful), so they dropped two nuclear bombs killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians all in the name of "freedumb".

Because fuck anime.

Amerimutts felt inferior to superior Nippon master race so had to use the most abhorrent creation of human history to melt civilians into stone in order to subdue them.

Based linguine

Where does this theory come from? It makes sense that nuclear weapons are just another panic scam like global warming, and I like to read more about it

Jews demanded it, and America is a slave to the Jews

Gotta nuke something.

The nips were not surrendering anytime soon until we dropped the bomb the US dropped leaflets in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to tell nip civilians to bounce, they didn’t so get fucked faggot

>killing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians

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It’s pretty stable. You could wack away with a sledge hammer and it wouldn’t detonate. Hell that chain could brake and it’d be fine.

to fry some nips

Was cool and expedient at the time. Scared the shit out of the Moskals and Ching Chongs, too, I'm sure.

There you go. I knew some faggot would say it. Just didn’t expect it to be so far down.

After the first bomb dropped, Japs did nothing.
After the second bomb dropped, Japs did nothing.
As the third bomb from Texas was above Commiefornia, the Japs suddenly went "lol :D jk, we are done now, ok?"

truth is simple
embrace it

Why did the chicken cross the road? Why did sun rise this morning? Why didn't your dad pull out? Some times shit happens man...

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Good job blowing your own muh Nippon Master race theory out of the water. Master races don't get exotic technology dropped on them by lesser races

Because those two cities were the Catholic population centers of Japan. The only places the Gospel had taken hold.

Yeah, Project Manhattan was led by goyim with jewish sounding names. TAKE YOUR MEDS, SCHITZO!!!!

>Why did we drop the bomb?
japan refused to surrender.
They could have surrendered at any time!

Is there any evidence either cities existed before they were bombed?

To kill Christianity in Asia. Wonder why Nippon is more degenerate than before Nagasaki.

Japan worshiped their Emperor as a God. American Science was stronger than Japanese mythology. The Japanese Emperor could not protect Japan from death from above and nuclear oblivion.

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If the explosion was just with normal bombs, why was there radiation scattered, and still localized over the blast sites? If they used normal bombs, why waste weight by adding non lethal radioactive particles to bombs just to make it seem like it was a nuclear reaction.

To mutate the Japanese on a molecular level. You think the emergence of anime is a coincidence?

Japan would not surrender. Why send beautiful Europeans to die against shit tier nips? They should have dropped more. Fuck the east.

radiation is everywhere and its not any higher at the blast sites than your backyard. You could probably find a rock in your backyard right now that has uranium in it.

How do nuclear power plants work

they boil water using radioactive energy

To prevent a land invasion of the Japanese mainland

Because gooks aren't human according to Americans.
You never would have dropped it in Europe.

the question is why they dropped the second

In the pursuit of anime.


To lessen the Christian population in Japan.

you have to prove your rice cooker works before you can patent it

The real question is why haven't we dropped more.
We bombed the wrong people though
WW2 was an obvious genocide of ethnonationalists.
>Bomb Dresden
>Convince Japs to kill themselves
>Nuke Japs
>Invade Germany 3 different directions

If nukes were real, people would have used them far more than twice on the same country. This is a giant hoax staged by the US to create this fear that a country will never be able to oppose them, because a nuke will be an imminent threat. Ironically this spread like a Jow Forums meme. The Russians genuinely believed the US and claimed to have created a "bomb" themselves. It's the ultimate troll considering how many countries were trolled into claiming possession of a fictional device. The guy who started this troll has likely gotten several holes in his tongue and lips before he died, because he had to bite himself to contain the laughter every time some country jumped on the ruse.

if you have a thing you will use it.

Pearl Harbor's Revenge! those dirts japs sneak attacked us! They did not declare war or give advanced warning. For all their words about honor, they showed themselves to be rats. Took two times, but hopefully they learned their lesson and will behave like men from now on.

"Revenge". Psycho country. WW2 was (((USAs))) plan, starting in 1929

Cool story Merkal

>sneak attacked


Nips didn't know when to quit.

To grow some Godzillas, Anime and sheit

>Why did we drop the bomb?

Well you're the expert on that I guess.

If you faggots could have contained yourself and not reneged on every treaty you signed, Germany could have taken over the world. Allies were shit, but axis were backstabbing idiots.

So we didn't have to send people, and to prove we got it first.

that's some pretty good bait

jewish ritual to take out the last true traditionalist society. Member lists of the Manhatten Project looks like the telephone book of Tel Aviv

i mean japan is known for that shitty sneak attack bullshit look at ww1 when they attacked the Russians than declared war japs are shiity cunts when it comes to war

Have you gone and checked yourself? I thought not. That is absolutely a lie, and the meter i used when there, like when visiting Chernobyl is not so.e Jew machine that clicks whenever it wants you fag. Furthermore sure theres probably uranium in my yard. You know what isint? Fuck me I cant remember too well but I believe tritium isotopes that are so rare in nature, all are found in large quantities at both sites. Heres a shit article explaining the way we now have radioactive traces in bones after nuclear weapons were invented. People for will not have the radioactive signature but those after the use of weapons do.


Nukes aren’t real.

Political posturing and to prevent the Russians from having a slice of Japan to force Communism on.

This, unironically.

This more or less, amerilards were actually concerned that if they landed on Japan, the soviet horde would join and kick their assess out of Asia. The bombs were the iron curtain of the Far East.

>creates anime

Many considered it no different than the bombs that already exsosted but on a larger scale. Really, the question to ask is why we created a moral grey area where dropping explosives on masses of people we didn't know we're civilian or military was gonna be okay. We devastated Tokyo with "conventional"" wepons yo a greater degree than Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It's the singular nature of the atom bomb plus it's totality in a single instant that makes it any different.

We didn't know the scope of the fallout until afterwards from my understanding.

Declaring war before attacking is retarded anyway.

Unironically to prove they had more than one.

everything has traces of radiation in their bones, the invention of nuclear weapons has nothing to do with it

also you could take the clicking jew machine and go into your backyard right now and get clicks. I'm telling you that you almost definitely have uranium rocks back there.

also I don't doubt that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dirty bombed and that radioactive materials were deposited from the explosion, but the idea that we split an atom and that caused radioactive fallout is just straight up science fiction.

There's no distinction between what happenes in Japan to what happened in Dresden. The Bomb is simplt more efficient.

Thank Jeebus you didn't. A girl I really like is from Moscow and if you mutts had nuked the city, she'd probably not exist today.

This is true, my Japanese Professor in High School lived in Hiroshima when she was a child. She went to her grandparents house when the pamphlets dropped just in case but her parents stayed to work. She was never able to go back and see her parents, not because they had been evaporated, but because it was a funny joke and they did that to all of the children just for the lulz. It was a pretty good joke.

Mummy will never know you exist.

It’s actually hooked on the middle top ya dumbass

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Speak coherently, leaf.

No shit sherlock, did you read it? There are things, I cant remember sauce but a tritium isotope that does not occur in nature is now showing up in bones, never has, but all of a sudden it does after testing of nuclear weapons.

Also its odd how my jew machine can distinguish different things, every time. I dont see how a beeping machine can always get right how radioactive things are every time if its just a jewish lie.

Okay, again why lie. So you have a payload, the radiation you believe in but is not harmful today, is taking up weight. Why not have more explosives instead of that crap taking up precious weight. If its a lie, just say the Abomb leaves no trace that other bombs its just super effective. I dont get the contradiction. Also how do you not get, when atoms, that have all this energy, because theres energy keeping them bound together, spinning and electrons, and smashed together they release that energy, and all that energy strips or adds electrons already existing particles, causing then to become ionized, and making them radioactive. What do you think radiation is exactly?

Back when Americans made things.
That chain is probably rated at 4 tons, unlike chinkshit that floods the market today.

To win

The question is not why we dropped the bomb. We wanted to end Japanese aggression utterly and not waste men doing it.

The real question is why we didn’t drop more. The US had the only functional nukes at the time. We should have annihilated all of our enemies and subjugate the globe.

But I guess the US was deep into isolationism back then and didn’t even want to be in the war to begin with. It’s just probably the greatest missed opportunity in all of human history.

To see what it would do

Don't bother, this nigga probably didn't even pass high school chemistry

Two reasons. First as a scientific experiment. Second loxism. The people who were calling the shots were Jews, they decided to drop it on the most Christian cities in East Asia, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There was no need for the United States to drop an atomic bomb or even be at war with Japan. The leaders of the United States talked openly about how they could force a war with Japan, and then they actually went and did it by putting an embargo on Japanese trade with the entire rest of the world.

Japan never demanded anything from the United States other than being able to buy oil.

>Why did we drop the bomb?
why not
you want mirrion dorrar, fuck you here bomb

Saving American lives of course.

Since kikes were involved on can suspect other motives as well as one can from the Hamburg/Dresden bombings too.
A giant ritual fire sacrifice to get enough dark energy to this World.

To scare the soviets into immediately reverse engineering the atomic bomb, leaving american scientists on suicide watch

why did we only drop two?

The nukes were not THAT effective. Firebombing of cities could be even more destructive. 100K people died in the firebombing of Tokyo.

According to Japanese historians the A-bomb was not why Japan surrendered (to them it didn't matter if it was a nuclear bomb or firebombing) - the reason they surrendered was that the Soviets declared war (their last chance of a conditional surrender)

Actually they planned on dropping it on Berlin but Germany collapsed before it was finished

To signify the victory of the american empire, thickos

I know, I just want to pick his brain like seeing this level of idiocy, it gets me every time.

Israel shouldn't have nukes.

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To vaporize japs what did you think