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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

SCHEDULE/WH Public Pool:

>Pres Trump arrives @JFK 5/16/19
>Pres Trump departs DC 5/16/19
>Pres Trump on Immigration Pol 5/16/19
>Pres Trump welcomes Swiss Pres Maurer 5/16/19
>VP Pence @US Army Garrison Fort McCoy WI (audio) 5/16/19
>VP Pence @J&D Manufacturing in WI (audio) 5/16/19
>SoS Pompeo meets w/Singaporean FM Balakrishnan 5/16/19
>SoS Pompeo meets w/Sri Lankan FM Marapana 5/16/19
>KAC on Ingraham 5/16/19
>AG IronBarr Press Conf on Reducing Illegal Migration 5/16/19
>CommSec Wilburine on FBN 5/16/19
>CEAChair Hassett on Dobbs 5/16/19
>UndDefSec4P&R Stewart/Service Chiefs @House on Personnel 5/16/19
>AssistSoS4WHA Breier @Caribbean-US Sec Coop Dialogue 5/16/19
>PressSec Sarah outside WH 5/16/19
>PressSec Sarah on F&F 5/16/19
>DoDComptroller Norquist/Def Officials @House on Finances 5/16/19
>Pres Trump/FLotUS Melania @WH Hist Assoc Dinner 5/15/19
>Pres Trump @Natl Peace Officers Memorial Service 5/15/19 (full) (full)

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what's for breakfast /ptg/?
>in-n-out burger, gotta support our burger farmers.

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I had a bunch of gummy bears and candy


> Rory is the best MILF

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Two eggs and a slice of toast. You shouldn't eat fast food for breakfast; we need to be strong and fit for Trump.

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New Jojo in 50 minutes

MAGA. Remove illegals and traitors.

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I am fasting. it's Ramadan

The laws are never going to get changed because this dicksucking fucking moron retard asshole lost the House and with it, any possibility of ever changing laws. I wish he had shot himself in the head when the shutdown failed.

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Who the fuck cares? The US already pulled out of that shithole

I’m going to a traditional French bakery across the street who has the best strawberry crepes

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sure thing Zion Don. Just like your big beautiful wall

>i swear ill do something eventually!

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Sadly we have not (not a MIGA shill)
This is a ploy to draw us back in

movement desu

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Fucking MAGA!

I love it.
But I'd rather them not get in.

Continuing from previous thread
> if your place of residence is visited by mosquitoes of any kind you are mostly likely than not not white

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Lots of stuff on the plate. Are you volunteering to do the work?

>The US already pulled out of that shithole
Kek no we didn't

i wish these white fuckers will die soon


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How does having 1266 acres (512 hectares) in the U.P. sound to you?

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>These white fuckers who built the machine I'm typing on, the language I'm typing in, and the medicines that allowed me to live past age 8, they should die.

White trash needs to be burn in the hell

Go back to shitting in the street poo

Me too. Ramadan Mubarak brother


That comment is kinda based, I guess.

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I'm not a Jewish buttpuppet, so I'm not allowed to work in the Trump administration. Remember when he put out that call for people to help him and then threw all the applications in the trash and hired the same kikes and neocon homos from the Bush administration?

If you call Trump trash ever again I'm going to shit into an envelope and mail it to you.

>push a man who's currently under investigation into the POTUS's administration to give yourself justification to spy on his administration

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> Later date
> Laws to come.

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More Iranian disinfo.

What if your country is attached to Spain?

Equality act passes the house

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>t. Dalit.

Traitors BTFO

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I had bacon and then potatoes fried in bacon grease.

Dont you guys use the most skin bleach out of the entire world

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do it faggot you meme flag

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No, did you apply for a job and not get it?
In any event, the DHS needs people to work the cases. Do you have skills?

No one's telling women they can't consume their own menstrual blood, but babies take a man and a woman to make.

Treason against Trump should be met with execution, not prison.

Excellent, now it can die in the Senate.

America is fucked

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I think that's Nigeria actually. Indians can still tell who is upper caste and who is shit regardless of skin.

You are already burning in hell Pajeet

> but babies take a man and a woman to make.
Wait, what? What about the birds and the bees? Nobody told me about men and women!

do it faggot you meme flag

I eat bacon; just not before 815pm. Im not a muzzy but i fast all the same to strengthen my self control and break burgeoning bad habit.
Everyone should do it desu.

really informative interview with BASED BILL BARR

he again says he has no problem with mueller testifying and is aware that nadler is working with mueller to schedule it.

remind the lying liberals of this, when they keep saying "trump is blocking mueller from talking"

We cannot stop winning!

Isn't sexuality included in the civil rights act of 1964?

Drumpf the cuck will pass it.

False Flag soon? There's no way the Left and Kikes are gonna let this shit slide.

we do not have any caste system in our surrounding but it is mostly north indians who follows caste system

> I eat bacon; just not before 815pm. Im not a muzzy but i fast all the same
> moooooooor

It won't be met with anything but tweets.

LOL forget your flag there Muhammad?

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>throughout daily life
>because somehow they're being restricted from anything

I haven’t eaten anything yet. A sandwhich sounds comfy though.

>south india has no caste system



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It may well do

I had a lunchables pizza

DHS has no direction but to manage the constant inflow of filth. There is no leadership.

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I wonder what are they doing to combat muslim anti-semitism

Also, dat id

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There is a reason why he's called "The Grim Reaper."

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Didn't the left immediately turn on Mueller when he didn't give them the result they wanted, or was that just a fever dream?

But Muller already said NO COLLUSION, what the fuck more do they want

Based and zionpilled, soon every Western country will make not paying tribute to Israel a criminal offense.


I'm whiter that Elizabeth Warren user

black coffee and almond butter sandwiches

Gay I'd rather 1k acres in ME

>lots of stuff on the plate
>eats from the garbage

I didn't notice it until now. It is... shameful...

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impeach drumpf

Eat shit you little faggot apologist.

your wife will bang black

Cold and surrounded by honkies.

They make kosher lunchables?

That is so last month. Now it's

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they did start to question him, in their delusional way ("omg maybe he's a russian agent too")

but just you wait until he testifies on capitol hill and doesn't add any fuel to the leftist narrative. they're going to go fucking ballistic on mueller

>muslim anti-semitism
Is irrelevant. Every major Muslim country, except Iran, either backs Israel or is in a state of anarchy. They do not fear Muslims, only Whites.

nah theyll just shill like always.their best chance is biden. theyre tired and worn out

God save America, God save the west!!

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