Finally watched this movie some of you pathetic faggots recommend

finally watched this movie some of you pathetic faggots recommend
>white alpha-like guy is incel even though genius driver/top mechanic/german-tier work ethics and loyalty/trust qualities
>white guy gets interest in white girl neighbor
>OY VEY she has a sandniglet child
sound of hands rubbing can be heard in the distance
>OY VEY the sandnig dad is a prison inmate
>OY VEY the dad comes out, gets into a mafia deal, white THUNDERKEK gets involved, tries to protect arab guy, arab dies
>white guy proceeds to sacrifice himself for the rest of the movie to try and save the coalburning vapid empty white girl
i mean she isnt even a whore, she is barely a character, all she does is stand there and half smile
it's utterly pathetic and you can bet millions of jews have masturbated to a movie depicting a young white studwannabe having absolutely zero chance at making white children because jewish mafia bosses rule the world and if you wanna go against them you're gonna die hurrdurr

and you goyim like this movie?
i loved watching it, the music is 10/10 alright but the social engineering is as rottenkike as can be
i mean look at the ending that's all he fucking gets
he dies and she knocks his door, hoping he would be back but he had to die to help her survive and raise her allahu spawn

top movie, even white "alphas" (he's not but the movie tries to paint him as such) get to die to protect allahu spawn
>hands-rubbing sound is overwhelming Nature

yes this is 100% pol related: white males life under jew mafia

the hallway is the most important location of the movie, that's where he meets the girl, that's where things change, that's where life is or life could be for white guy, that's where it fails to be in the end
it's a metaphor for white survival: there's a hallway, you have a glimpse at a perspective of better life in it but it cant be secure, stable or fruitful. That's what the movie is, a hallway for white guys to look at then die

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>THUNDERKEK is filtered?
what a bunch of cu.cks

i guess that mask is about white men being golems

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>sand nigger
Nahson. Kid was a spic. The Real Human Bean montage was rather difficult to watch as I lived that part in 1991.

>i mean look at the ending

god damn I love this movie, so fucking kino

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>Nahson. Kid was a spic.
ah you're right that's a colombian or something like that

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wtf is that c.cukjew writing?
>We know Driver has no enthusiasm for his day job, or his night job, or most of the people around him; the only thing he loves in this world is Irene and the boy he has come to view as a son, and he wants to be there for them. “I could protect you,” he says softly.
yeah tragedy, the movie

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that's aesthetics
you're letting gay aesthetics lube the jewish suppository up your sphincter

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I dont take it you're not ordering a scorpion jacket?

/fa/ is going to blacklist your ass

that part was gay too

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this movie is so fucking booring

Its absolutely required. I'm spending over $500 on mine.

Drive was a 100% heterosexual flick.

Same smooth-brained individual who more than likely thinks Empire was the most boring

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because the main character is already dead inside and his only glimpse of life is wishing a coalburner would open her womb to him

Watch pic related instead.

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no it's very gay
i think i'm gonna look for some cock to suck now that i have watched it

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Ride the Tiger user, not driving, riding

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i did
it's all about how nazis are wrong and deluded and just need a smart nice nigger to put them back on the right track of love life and understanding

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I just thought the curb stomp scene was intense. Everyone remembers that.

Is that a French girl?

Is that a hot midget?

your trapdar needs honing

Thas rite! Made by Jews, too. Obviously.

You don't fucking get do you. The driver is attractive and talented but that means nothing because he doesn't FEEL happy. Then this random stranger comes along and he actually feels something for once, he actually cares and even if she's a random roastie single mom with a mixed kid it doesn't matter because for the first time in forever he cares and he never wants to lose that or them. The driver isn't being rational that's the point.

You post this threat and traps at the same time? WTF, nigger?

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Nooooooo wayyyy.

Imagine being so obsessed with Jow Forums memes that you can't enjoy a good movie.

American History X: White supremacist goes to prison, comes out anti racist SJW

Reality: SJW goes to prison, comes out white supremacist racist.

Stupid movie is stupid, and prison is racist as fuck.

The Driver, which it ripped off, is much better.

that film is a training manual for fresh uber drivers

This sounds ultra cucked, gay and leftist. Why the fuck is this supposed to be le red pilled?

post nose and foreskin

Wtf man, I'm having a poo right now and I got a boner, only to learn it's a trap? Wtf man. You know how uncomfortable it is to have a boner while taking a shit?

The plot would end in 10 minutes if the whitey just got away from the roastie and told the sandnigger to fuck off. Bitches aren't worth much effort.

>real human bean
kek now the song makes sense

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short hair *almost pukes*

Yeah, Hollywood is propaganda, didn't you know?

*Jewish propaganda movie is Jewish propaganda

>tfw I was that half spic kid
>had a blonde single mom though not as hot as the chick in the movie
>met this mechanic and racer in 1991
>drove an early 70s white chevelle
>have many a car rides with the three of us

I wonder what he thought of that scene.

It's worse than a cuckold film. It's also the kind of movie that says dying for a woman is the right choice.
He could leave.
He could say fuck off.
But no, he stays and dies.
For a woman.

Movie theme is:
It's okay to be a cuckold.
You should die for unrequited "love".

You want to know why so many western males are so weak with women? Because they've idealized this trope where you cuck/incel yourself for a woman, and ultimately sacrifice your desires and needs for hers.
This is the message these kikes have been sending to boys and young men for decades.
I fell for it too, between being raised by my single mother and these kike propaganda films, I was clueless about women. White Knighting and "sacrificing" for these whores all through my teens and early twenties.
Once I ultimately had a pretty back break up with a girl I absolutely adored, and discovered she hadn't even waited a week to fuck another guy, the scales fell from my eyes and the metaphorical curtain was pulled back and I saw the truth.
I stopped giving a fuck about women, I cut my abusive cunt mother out of my life.
And now years later, I've had more pussy, been chased by more women, and had women (too many to count) declare their love for me.
It's like night and day. You treat these bitches like shit and then fuck em right, and they just get wet trying to figure you out and fall in love as you walk all over them.

You're right op, movies like this are absolute trash tier propaganda designed to play on white male concepts of honor and decency, but they only make white men weak and pathetic to all women who know them.

I'm just pleased that my initial thoughts on this crap aren't just my own. I watched it before i ever visited here.

Glad I didn't buy it. Want a real redpilled film? Network. Old movie, starts slow, then drops redpill bomb after redpill bomb.

>rather difficult
I know that feel when movies seem to real or too relatable. not always pleasant

LA Confidential is super redpilled too. I don't think I've ever seen it on a redpilled movie list.

> You treat these bitches like shit and then fuck em right, and they just get wet trying to figure you out and fall in love as you walk all over them.
Yeah,yeah. But the question remains, if women are such gutter trash: why waste all that time and energy on them and their holes? Sex is overrated. At least when putting up with frontholes.

I will never defend the plot of the movie. its totally cucked and fucked up and degenerate, for both man and woman roles. its aesthetic is 100% worth salvaging and appropriating. its sexy and hip. this sounds totally cringe but you want the alt-right to be sexy and hip. give it time. new trends at first seem too radical for normies and women. the trends that have staying power are the ones thats were actually sexy and hip once you get past it being radical

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The aesthetic is already old and played out. We clown world now. Hypernormalisation. Reality is now a SsethTzeentch video all the time.

Fuck this Amerimutt nigger

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Hey hey people, Sseth here...

Except for the part that the villains were all jews.

Because, while women aren't worth our respect or our sacrifice, they can still be lovely creatures if you know how to handle them right.
The women who adore me for treating them like shit are such wonderful little submissive creatures. They want to cook and clean for me, make me happy, etc.
When you treat them like shit, they submit. And they realize they're happy being submissive, they're free'd from the kike programming as much as you are.
And they're thankful, and happy. They're at peace. Their world becomes about you, keeping you happy in order to convince you to stay with them and keep them safe.

It's still that "protector" role, but the kikes pervert that natural state between men and women so the male feels he must sacrifice and submit himself to the woman.

>turns life around but nigs gonna nig ruins life
The moral of this story is? If you're weak, they will take everything from you. And that nazis are autists too

This guy is clearly retarded lmfao
> Standard Gabriel
> Arab


The female was suppose to be a spic but white girl mulligan blew the director and squeezed her way past the initial casting decision. Not everything is a conspiracy

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man thats fucking depressing , why didn't you say the movie sucks

spics and sandniggers are practically the same shit.

just like any other "good" movie out there
great optics, shit story

The amount of people that like and this shit is incomprehensible .

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And the Spanish guy was a criminal who ruined his girls and almost got her murdered after fucking her at 17 and trapping her with a baby

How exactly do you treat them like shit? I literally dont know how to do that?


Go cry about it some more, you cheese eating surrender-monkey

oh so it's autism: the movie
so brilliant
i'm sure that sold the script the hollywood jews

i post random pics and i have only a feeling it's a trap, couldnt confirm

>pine after coalburner and die, whiteskin
checks out

that face/skull is very wrong, it does trigger my trapdar

he wouldnt even meet the sandnig
>roastie goes roast on the hallway
>chill guy goes chill into his appartment
>the end

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her face too
she looks slightly downs
not like alcohol fetal syndrome but some other degen

>i loved watching it, the music is 10/10 alright but the social engineering is as rottenkike as can be
That was my assessment, as well. Nobody watches Drive for the plot.

Basically ignore their complaints.
Laugh at their whining.
Treat them like they're the biggest teenager in the house.

A specific example I have is one girl I was fucking for a while. We had just finished having sex and were talking a little.
I forget what was said, but she got really bitchy about it.
I got out of bed and started putting my clothes on.
I said "you can leave if you're going to be such a bitch." and then I just looked at her, letting her know I meant business.
She sat there, naked on my bed, with a stunned look on her face. After a short moment of silence, she looked down and said "I'm sorry, you're right I was being a bitch".
Then I put on my clothes and left the room to get a drink.
She comes after me, holding the blanket around her and hugs me from behind. Apologized again and begged me to fuck her some more. So I did.
That was also the first time she swallowed my spunk, and I didn't even have to ask her to.

the black pilled youtube channel is top tier at decrypting it

>You want to know why so many western males are so weak with women? Because they've idealized this trope where you cuck/incel yourself for a woman, and ultimately sacrifice your desires and needs for hers.
>This is the message these kikes have been sending to boys and young men for decades.
akshyully it goes back centuries to "amour courtois"
blame us
>Courtly love was a medieval European literary conception of love that emphasized nobility and chivalry. Medieval literature is filled with examples of knights setting out on adventures and performing various deeds or services for ladies because of their "courtly love".

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i never opened such a nice thread, thanks to all for your replies

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It's a movie made for women, you realize that right? The target audience is normie, roastie whores with a niglet baby who want a dashing white man to come scoop up their disgusting, used bodies and treat them like a queen

it's not propaganda for white men, it's a feel good movie for white women

chick movies dont have a guy's face onscreen for half the movie, chicks are sollipsistic, to them men are things and they dont look at them for any longer than necessary to get a vag tingle

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Good propaganda never limits its underlying message to a single target audience.

The movie is classic cuckoldry...

The White Man is surrogate father for the mongrel child, while his gangbanger father is in prison.

What's more, he risks his life and freedom to commit a crime, to help the gangbanger and this mongrel family.