What is the best country to expatriate to?

im thinking vietnam

>low cost of living
>strong economic growth
>relatively friendly to foreigners
>banh mi

things are never going to get better here. you should have plans to flee the west before leaving becomes impossible.

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no kike, the west is the white man's.
you kikes wont flee but you will be forced out along with your pet niggers.

>Chinese owned shithole where the only jobs available are in sweat shops

Go ahead user, we don’t need you here anyways.

Anywhere far from communism and islam really.

Never know when the locals will revolt or Allahu Ackbar you.

Some random Latin American country

>no guns
>no freedom
>ugly language
>communist party

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this if you're not becoming a warlord in central america what are you even doing

Any south american country except venezula(with until liberation if you want money),Bolivia and Brazil.
Please come here my white god

That's revolting.

Vietnam is pretty corrupt (so much to a point to where it bleeds into everyday life). Expect to bribe people regularly- for example at the airport to get your stuff through.

Its cheap to live there, but you also make jack shit.


Greenland sounds good

kys fag


>your own modern apartment for 20k usd, or rent it for $300 month
>food is super cheap, prime steak is like $2/kg, everything there is free range
>can't stress enough how everything is fresh, not pumped with antibiotics/killed/frozen/transported
>you can eat out everyday for under $5 a day
>named the silicon Valley of the East

Yeah my dad had the slip the guys at airport a $20 bill for every iphone he brought with him to sell.

>Chink infrastructure

When I have $500,000 in ETFs, I'm thinking of moving to Eastern Europe. Willing to consider suggestions / advice.

based feetman

Nick Fuentes only talked about moving to Vietnam because they don't have an extradition treaty with the United States, so if he was fleeing political imprisonment he would be safe. If you're not planning to be arrested by the US government, then you should just go to a white country.

mini usa - lithuania