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If a woman wants an abortion she should lose the right to have children.
I think if a woman wants to have an abortion she should be forced to have her tubes tied.
Debate Mee.

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Females shouldnt leave the building they are born in until they get married
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Yes, though only if the abortion is the result of consensual sex. Perhaps it should even be made so that the first abortion is allowed, because human make mistakes. But if you get two unwanted pregnancies, you should just be made sterile.

I feel this will solve the whole abortion debate.

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I also feel like marriage should be like the tag on a car. You have to renew the licence every year. If you fail to renew the licence you are divorced.

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Christfags should be the first to hang. Debate MEEE.

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I think women showed be on required birth control until they apply for a pregnancy permit. Use all the money the government spends on abortions to pay for birth control for all.

I don't feel like they should get even one. You fuck this up you lose that right.

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Be a lot cheaper not to let Shaqilla have 50 abortions if she is sterilized on the first one.

No, when she arrives at clinic and asks for abortion she is taken into custody, carries the baby to term. It is then placed with adoptive family and the carrier is then sterilized. No harm done to any person.

What if somebody is raped pregnant twice?

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That girl is so unlucky,we should end her misery anyway.

i'm saying if the woman is being a slut and can't even figure out how not to fuck like a jackrabbit, she should not have the right to have kids. Rape incest if the woman will die ect ect. She gets a pass, but only in extreme circumstances.

I agree with you that abortion is wrong, but I disagree with your solution. Some women who have abortions also have good genetics and would be capable of creating high-quality children. It would foolish to waste this potential.

The real problem is that women have been given too much freedom. They make a lot of poor social and political decisions if left to their own devices. They are followers not leaders. They just copy whatever is in the mainstream culture.

Our culture is currently full of nihlistic degenerative bull shit. Guess (((who))) is pushing that. If we could take back control of the culture and promote good moral Aryan values, women would surely follow.

The real solution to the women problem is to stop listening to them, take back power and to properly guide and control them again. We have tried giving them social and sexual freedom. It does not work.

So that is enough of that. It is time for us to roll up our sleeves and clean up the mess that we have been given. One way or another these bitches are getting back in the kitchen.

makes a good point

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