Meanwhile in the UK

This is the new face of the Royal Family! How do you britbongs feel about this?

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Top lol, no wonder hey procrastinated so long with publicizing the baby's face.

he's not the father

Can't even hold a baby right.

Wouldn't be surprised, the baby is almost blacker than her mother

LMAOOO she cheated on him with a BBC. No way that's guys 1/8th black

Old pic

Pretty sure it's an old picture

Tfw the British Royal family is getting cucked

we shouldn't have left the empire. Britain is truly going downhill without the Indian hand to guide it.

Fascinating. If u google prince harry baby, you can't find a proper picture of the baby's face. Theyre hiding the niglet's face.

not white

This but unironically

i am vomit

Can anyone find a picture of royal niglet?

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Nothing new, they have been cucked by the arabs and indians since the 1800's.
It's the baby. They said that Harry would not inseminate the niggress Markle because it will bleach some african genes, this is why they hired a Congolese man to breed her and make a pure niglet.

Yall know OP is lying right?

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If he wanted a pet monkey, he could have just brought that one back. They are all over the place in Africa!

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If this is really "his son" its not his.

Hahahahahahaha, daaaamn

Theres 1 picture made public. It appears his skin is fairly light, like the mulatta mother. Not white, but lightish.
Did they shop the photo and the royal niglet is actually dark?
This is actually a najir event in the stepping stones of white genocide

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not for long if he keeps holding it like that

Who cares. He likes poon. Im sure his baby will be fine. Y'all gotta stop letting this division get to you. If you want more white babies then go have them.

jesus christ
Jow Forums confession time: I'm not actually racist
>pretty fucking uncomfortable

weird. kid is darker than mom. 3/4 white and he's black as fuck

You fucking retards bieve anything you see without even checking.
fucking kilk yourselves. All of you.

Is this not just a photo of him visiting other new borns?

That's neither the prince nor his child.
Fucking Jow Forums retards will bump this thread to 300+ replies, mark my words.

>Marry a mutt
>you being 100% white
>"b-but mutts are part white....the baby will be a castizo"
This is why you never racemix, your genes lose 99% of the time.

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the pregnancy was fake

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a nigger baby is a nigger baby. what do you want?

That’s the new royal nigger, user.

I got no problem with it considering pic unrelated

plus, i won’t lie to you, black pussy is like a drug. i had to settle for an indian but if i could go back to black again, i would in a heartbeat. can’t blame our boy harry for wanting some too

He could have had ANY AMERICAN WOMAN! WHY?! He made us look bad!

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You can even see the disgust in his face

Black pussy is disgusting, looks like that is always dirty.
Here >

Prince Niglet of Windsor.


did the kid niggerify?

Kang D'shaun Wiggins III.
>tfw you 56 the royal family

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Well, fuck it! Is it true that they are ALL really, "being sent to Africa to continue their humanitarian efforts, etc, etc, and whatnot and the otherwise, etc....., for THE GOOD OF THE WORLD, AND ALL.

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