RIP Isaac Kappy

This is the pattern you're looking for

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what is the connection between that webem and kappy?

I have no idea. It's like larp inception. I just thought this might be helpful for those who know what the connection is and want to find the hamam.


all i see is goatse

>tile pattern from a private turkish bath style Hammam
>possibly in the basement level of the DTLA STANDARD HOTEL
>from THAT .webm
>still looking for clues from:
>light fixtures
>plumbing fixtures
>drain components
>large door details
>matching swimsuits
are they available retail? or custom made?
Weaponized Autism...ACTIVATE
I dont have THAT .webm,someone post the redacted screenshots

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At first I thought it was just a family vacation video.
But seeing how actively jewtube and the thought-police are pulling copies and trying to stick it in the memoryhole, is activating my conspiracy almonds.

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what did he mean by this

Thanks bro
Sidenote: still investigating Kappys downfall
>Kappy gets a flat tire while dri ing back to LA from ABQ
>Kappy pulls over at DAY'S INN near TUCSON,AZ where his car is eventually found.
>Kappy "forces himself" off a low freeway bridge over route 66 miles away
>two unidentified teenagers "tried to stop him"
>case closed bt TPD,CHP and article published within 24hrs

Potential Pizzagate Happening
A video surfaced of little girls in Grecian style bathing suits in a Hamam (Turkish bathhouse). Jow Forums block uploading any pictures/video even though it contains no nudity or suggestive material. Internet goes into lockdown over the video.
user is trying to weaponise the autism to identify the Hamam.

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why does it matter?

the little girls don't look traumatized or molested in the video
there is nothing sexually graphic going on

they just look like they're being cute little maid servants
after coming into the hamam from swimming in a pool

there's a video from a turkish bath house where there are several scantily clad girls, apparently between 10-14 years old, that Kappy supposedly posted

lmao jesus these kikes work fast don't they
>time is money

is that a door or just dark tile behind the girl?

i would focus on the door..if you can find similar..

The 'door' of the hamam is comprised of 8 squares by 17.


Luke 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

Revelation 17:8
The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and yet will come up out of the Abyss and go to its destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because it once was, now is not, and yet will come.

Found the pedo


The columns are most similar to the Doric order, with circular capitals and fluting, used predominantly in temples.

10-14? They're 6 at the very most

>We need to investigate the meaning behind this hexagon shape in relation to the abuse of underage girls!
Is this really how far Jow Forums has fallen? The (((Saturn Death Cult))) is already memory holed?

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You sound like a pedophile

Is the door GREEN?

Please elaborate.
I know the hexagon is the 2D representation of a cube. I also know that dodecagons can be formed of 12 equilateral triangles and 6 squares. What does this specific shape mean?

Dark green, something like this:

Your picture is a fake email.

Was it confirmed it was from Kappy? I seen some shit on twatter suggesting it was.

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I have no idea. I only know of this through Based Bellagio's CHN Central Happenings Network video:

How about figure out who murdered Kappy first?

Hint: Tom Hanks

Parallel processing > serial processing

this is the only question worth of answering, no connection established yet. Before i go into the metapysichal symbolism i need to see a connection to Isaac and the video faggots, where is it?

It's fishy as fuck
>damn I got a puncture, I think I'll kill myself

What it represents isn't relevant (or believable) to regular people. But just know that the black cube, hexagon, and the number six almost always means (((the usual suspects))) are involved. Six sides, sixth planet, six gorillion, sixth day etc.

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Top obvious. Kikes are just rubbing it in our faces at this point.

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Nice hat

Understood, thanks. The hexagon can also be thought of as a form that unites 2, 3 and 4 dimensions. It features in a 3D representation of a 4D hypercube and a 2D representation of a 3D cube.
I wonder what the significance is of the dodecagon within a dodecagon as described by the hamam symbol?

Yeah... where did the cat break down come in to play... didn't see it in the copy pasta news.
Although they did edit the copy pasta news after Jow Forums to say jumped instead of forced

Also jumped off a bridge right in front of a military base. There's a hotel, a truck stop and a military base at that exit. He was at one of those places for some reason.
Also the fastest way from alb to la would be the alb to flag to la route. No need to go to Tucson really.

I've been thumbing through Eric Broug's Islamic Geometric Design and although 6- and 12-fold designs feature prominently, I cannot find an example that features a dodecagon within a dodecagon. This may mean nothing at all, but it may also point to the hamam not being in an Islamic country.

if he went to Tuscon, besides all the military stuff, that is where the veterans on patrol shit happened. I think his name was "michael meyer" yet another con artist tied to pizzagate who makes real shit look not credible because they push some staged shit

people are trying to connect Tuscon to that "child trafficking camp" found near the cement factory or whatever.
this was the "veterans on patrol" guy another con artist
a theme you'll see is that all of these "crisis actor" type e-celebs in pizzagate are con artist types (at best) and often have a sketchy situation themselves with like being a sex offender or something.

i'm sure it's an altar where they sacrifice the children but i don't know where is the symbol from
it could be the hagall rune (like the walmart logo)
in that case it's Perun (another fallen angel like baal/ishtar)
the drains are not only for water but blood.

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I don't believe the car breakdown whatsoever.
Watch Defango's video he basically confesses to which group was tied to this. Although I don't think he really knows and/or he may be in on it.
everyone should watch this video he basically names one or two of the people who may have seen kappy in this last 24 hours.
also doesn't defango himself live in Arizona?

>no reason
It's all the cemex shit

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dropping some images

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hell is real

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>nothing to see here, goys

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Great find! What's the reference for the image?

yea I don't trust Mike Meyer or the other figures behind these youtubers but I agree.

watch this Defango talks about trying to call Kappy the day this was all going down, isn't Defango in Arizona too?

I just realised that you may have coloured-in my image!

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Read it yourself on wikileaks faggot

yeah I just colored it with paint
but remember they hide their symbolism in plain sight
like the owl, hexagon, saturn's rings, etc

symbols hold power
they are very important to them
it seems that they like so much the 666 for some reasons

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pretty spoopy tbqh

You best be archiving these mate
They will change their logo as soon as they realise the goym know
Pizza place did the same thing

Clearly he was pretty pissed off, I'm guessing he lost a lot of money on a stupid gamble, still think his "suicide" is suspicious

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Yea this shit is fucked

oh shit....

the goyim know and yet nothing happens
it's all so fucked desu

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Top of the catalog...

digits guide us

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How the fuck do you think child grooming works? They are groomed into thinking it is normal and only realize how fucked up it was when they grow up, but then it's too late, they're already in the fold or doing it themselves, or dont make it that far and ar sacrificed to Moloch.

Are they some of those instagram child models? that might make it easier. the one who came up to the camera looked familiar, I think the person who posts them on /tv/ might have posted her.

Thomas Schoenberger of Cicada 3301, hiding in the light.

Kappy names Jeffery Epstein, among others, 16 days ago.
Epstein and mathematics.
Epstein and mythological symbols.
Pic related.
Rhombitrihexagonal tiling.

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Defango is a larp.
He pretended he was behind Q.

Fuck me, Defango's faux moral outrage is is worthy of Hollywood

Black cube patterns on floor, looks to be masonic.

Perun's symbol is a black cube. The floor pattern are black cube projections.

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that symbol might mean nothing

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okay so red pill me on all this

pic messed up
"follow the white rabbit"

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Perun is Zeus. Some user was posting about a myth that involved Zeus taking a girl or something in earlier threads. He was posting about the jugs they were using in the webm.

AFAIK, Manuel Chavex III, aka Defango met Thomas Schoenberger at Defcon 2016 after solving the Cicada 3301 puzzle for that year.

TS is a self-described polymath whom Defango describes as an evil genius. Genius for creating the puzzles, evil for manipulating people for his amusement.

The theory goes that together with others at Defcon, TS and Defango concocted 'Q' as a means to counteract Media Matters and bolster support for Trump.

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yeah well, zeus hasn't kidnapped anyone for like two thousand years

while on the other hand, some desert tribe people...

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lube or anl plug at :10 of said webm

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so media matters was indeed behind pizzagate, right? to distract from spirit cooking...

Okay this is getting....weird
>The New York Times says Robert E. Mnuchin, an art dealer and the father of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, was the winning bidder for “Rabbit,” which had an estimated sale price of at least $50 million.

Article posted yesterday

that looks like a pump dispenser from a bottle of something, threaded lid

you gotta wonder what was really purchased through that transaction also Koons is garbage

that is like the nozzle for a pump bottle for like hair/skin products any liquid but you can't see the plastic/clear straw/stem that goes into the bottle.
Think like a lotion bottle. I don't think they leave lube out like that its probably just lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. the fact that someone has a camera in their filming children is really weird... these q and pizzaniggers take advantage of the mentally ill

Not sure. I'm not even sure that what I think I know about TS and Defango and Q is even true. Larpception.

>The theory goes that together with others at Defcon, TS and Defango concocted 'Q' as a means to counteract Media Matters and bolster support for Trump.
And yet none of them can prove this.
All they have to do is make one post.
Q hasn't called them out yet, but he did embarass Microchip and (((Posobiec))) who were pulling a similar stunt.
Please save this, anons.

What is it?

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