Are these Phenotypes correct? Memes and "whiter than you Mohammad" aside

Are these Phenotypes correct? Memes and "whiter than you Mohammad" aside.

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It doesnt matter if the man who fights besides you is ugly, the fact of the matter is
>he fights beside you

All of them being absolute Chads aside, mostly yea.
Except for anglo, but you probably already know this

Maybe. I look an awful lot like the mix between the two that are supposed to represent my ancestors.

Of course the eternal ((( frank ))) claims to be a chad but projects his cucked ethnic groups failures on the Chad Anglos who slap them up Militarly and Politically

Wow, this is based

>slap them up Militarly and Politically
The only thing seeing any slapping is your police's chins by Muhammed's balls

Yes all Greeks do have grey hair, correct.

Depends, British Celts mainly have blue, grey, or blue-grey eyes even though brown aren't uncommon.

My eyes have a blue grey mix (changes depending on lighting


The "ones who make you're not white threads" is spot on.

>t. Mutt

Celts don't have jet black hair.


I get tanned like a south european after some hours in sun despite I'm dark blond and blue eyed.
We are all mixed with each other, I know that majority of my ancestors are dutch and germans.
I think pure European phenotypes are a meme. There happened too much DNA transfer in Europe in last 2000 years that somebody could say I'm pure germanic, slavic or scandinavian.

Friendly reminder that in ancient Greece, every Greek man was old. Ever noticed how all the statues were of old bearded men? Das rite.

Greece was never browned, it was (((youthed)))

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it's not that it happened much, it's just that the time frame is so large and populations were incrementally far smaller until modern times. For most of written history European countries had very low levels of immigration, especially from the medieval period up to the modern day. The most major migration events occurred with the LBK and beaker culture spread from 8-4k years ago, then during the late bronze to early iron age and finally during the late Roman period, which was the most significant by far. Most europeans are very closely linked to peoples as far back as fifteen thousand years bp like the solutreans or gravettians, so it suggests that we all descended from a very few groups in any case, so most genetic disparity is from genetic drift. It isn't that we are particularly mixed today with other europeans, who were probably the most segregated peoples until modern times.

Meds aren't white

No. The portuguese are more related to the right one and northafrincan-sephardic ones as well. Very few portuguese are eligible for sole-european phenotype.
Thus you have these "mediterranean memes" being shilled in order for literal brown manlets feel included in european status


"Mutt" memes, "Christianity vs Paganism" threads, "You are not white" posts
These are all kike shills

No retard, they're obviously the same face with different outfits. And if you think you are just like them only because a meme told you, you are deluded as well

What ever you say Mestizo scum

>mutt memes

t. Jose Alvarez de Sousa the 56th.

Whiter than you muhammed

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Yeah. I may look somewhat darker, but that's because we got a lot of sun here. The difference between the color of my forearm and chest is like near-mexican color to pale as a corpse

Ofc they aren't 100% accurate you nigger, these are exaggerations but I was curious as to whether any of these hold true.

you forgot one.

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fuck off beaner

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>Get ruled by the French for 100s of years >Royalty and nobility only spoke French
>English language is 30% French
>lose 100 years war against France
>got forced to stay on there Island and Jew the continent every time someone gets powerful by getting everyone to gangbang them
>go invade some shithole nations around the world
>muh Empire
>lose Empire in stupid world war
>claim you did everything
now the modern day
>5/100 Brits have guns
>have licences for everything or it's banned
>have twitter police come and arrest you for saying mean tweets

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>eternal Churka

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Nah. The Spaniard looks too Jewish, so does the Roman. Slav's chins are too chad. Celts don't have black hair. Anglos like thsi exit, but are rare; Nordic is about right, Greek is too white ecks dee.

Hi mongol brother

I remade that one later. Also started making a separate Spaniard after they got butthurt about the Podemos one I made them. Made some adjustments to colours for several of them as well.

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Add those 25k to the 75k and you get 100k Frank Niggers dead.
Furthermore you killed 200k nigggers in a Haitian revolution and still lost.

Our Empire:
Most of Africa
British Raq
Parts of the Middle East
All turned into productive nations

You have some shithole in Vietnam, yeesh...

Slapped the French up in the Napolenoc wars
Slapped Adolf and the Italian niggers in WWII

You are ruled by a globalist basedboy kike

You forgot one...

That was the first Empire plus you mutts hate us so go be proud to be Germanic, Mexican or whatever thing that you are

>le there is a lot of sun
No. You are just brown. There are a lot of culturally "portuguese" pardos that wpuld pass by white in portuguese standards. Light skin sephardis as well

Love the Chad Portuguese

And lets not forget the 3rd generation mulatos with somewhat straight hair. Those are also considered white. The Portuguese were always notorious racemixers even the Kings in the semito-philic 1st dynastic racemixed with black jewish moors and put them as nobility.
Of course all due to christianity.