My mother's theory

So, my family is Swedish, but I study in Norway. Nonetheless, my mother has this insane theory about the future of Europe.

Due to Sweden, Norway and UK being massive cucks. The civil war (race war) will start in Germany or France within the next 10 years. At that time, Italy Will turn into a fascist country again. Then the race war will spread to France/Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. Subsequently of their fighting, a new nation will be born: Nation of the Aryans (France, Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. This nation will go to war with Sweden, UK and Norway for being race traitors, then they nuke the middleeast and Africa.

What do you think? Is my mother correct?

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Wrong, it'll start in UK
Other than that, sounds good, especially the nuking the middle east and Africa part

Vogeltje gij zijt gevangen,
In een kooitje zult gij hangen.
Gij blijft hier, gij blijft hier,
Lieve vogel gij blijft hier.

Waarom houdt ge mij gevangen?
'k Wil niet in een kooitje hangen.
'k Blijf niet hier, 'k blijf niet hier,
'k Wil veel liever weg van hier.

You think we'd let white cucks do their own shit. You're seriously mistaken kraut. We run things here. UK is our land. If white people have a problem with us they can fuck off.

Or convert. Whichever works.

I think she's off in some areas, but more importantly, is she single?

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I wish you all the best of luck. I hope you find your inner power and totaly eradicate the shitskins.

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Very acccurate. At least the first half. Germany wont go down without a fight.

What about Denmark? Do you consider them nords? Why would krauts want to destroy the nordic people? I for one would propose and anglo/kraut/nordic alliance.

Danmark isn't a cucked

nice LARP

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What are those two things in the middle


All western countries are cucked.

Look ma i'm shitposting

No, because you're ignoring the rest of the world.

you all are nogunz so nothing will happen


your mom sounds crazy af bro

>you all are nogunz so nothing will happen
This. The ZOG will deploy the re education camps as a counter measure to "hate speech" before any of this happens

Yeap the EU army will come just like in France and rape you all
Does anybody still remember the yellow bests?

wtf why is this stickied