We're in a timeline where Jow Forums autists are the good guys protecting babies and normies are evil baby killers

>we're in a timeline where Jow Forums autists are the good guys protecting babies and normies are evil baby killers
What happened?

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>protecting niggers
we did it Jow Forums!

Redemption arc

Babylon system
they took years perfecting,then hit the gas and are trying to invert everything very quickly so millenials have no baseline to return to.
>its gonna get craycray user

is that your cat?

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We live in a clown world where it's edgy to support morality and evil is mainstream.

This is correct

We also investigate the FBI for child trafficking at night when the mods are asleep.

Imagine telling 2008 you that.

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Fuckoff newfag

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Oldfags suck. Did you really think we were gonna allow the pedos to control the memes?

Clown world and socialism.

>What happened?
Something had to be done and we had nothing to do.

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Jow Forums is anti-mainstream.

Jow Forums has always been the good guys minus the Jesse slaughter shit

Jow Forums is Chaotic Good

Jow Forums demographic change, Overton window shift, and a massive amount of shilling and trawls.

Welcome to clown world

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lol they're only against normies/sjw they don't give one shit about saving lives or babies. If the popular opinion was abortion is wrong, Jow Forums would be pro-abortion


Nothing changes that.

You're missing the point - that scenario would never happen. The reason some ideas become "popular opinion" is because they're orchestrated to be so. It's not being a contrarian as much as everyone likes to meme it up and say that Jow Forums is.

Chaotic Neutral
Some of us are willing to make hard choices and sacrifice

Salty meme nigger

>The reason some ideas become "popular opinion" is because they're orchestrated to be so.
This. If someone really thinks about what life really is, then they would be against abortion. If NASA found a "clump of cells" on Mars it would be proof of life but libtards argue it's not because it's inside a woman. Any way you look at it you are destroying life no matter how basic a form it is.

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I've never thought about that mars analogy but that's a good one

always been the good guys

As usual. The answer is Jews and their disgusting golems.

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BS. In a sane world we wouldn't be here


The normies stole all our good memes so we got bored.

how about that:
2016 - Jow Forums investigates goverment for pedophilia
let that sink in

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Is that the symbol for Lucifer?



This 100x

Weve always been the good guys fighting baby rapers and murderers.

For every brown woman that aborts a baby there is another brown person having 5 babies. For every white woman that aborts a baby there is another white woman having her uterus removed so she can focus on her degree in climate science.

>What happened?
that nigger Obama happened

>literally an unwanted bundle of cells
>muh babbies

Why are americans so retarded?

Amazing. Even back then, the Jews tried to do the same thing they are doing now.


The cat is clearly from Ukraine

Why do jews always hide their flag?

4 Chan has always been contrarian.
Really makes you think about the state of the world when "LITERALLY HITLER"s are protecting babies from being killed and raped.

I don't know why New Yorkers hide behind that mattress cover rag with stripes.

Based Jow Forums supporting mostly brown fetuses survive to grow up with a single mom or unfit trashy parents.
>but muh babbie killing
Only fatmasters and christcucks are sentimental about this.

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we are trying to break the system, retard. nigger overload is the goal. unsustainable populations of niggers an ocean of nig nogs gibs me dat horror. these people are like cat ladies that can't get enough cats. you can't bargain with them but you can make their retardation obvious. why do you think the jews are for abotion?

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You're right,

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we have always been the good guys the media just makes us out to be the bad guys

>6 weeks a "baby"


They have to actively stage events and false flags while trying to frame this board. Think about that.

Its a time of degeneracy.

Who the fuck is arguing cells are not life.

>Something had to be done and we had nothing to do.

This should be a banner here.

The Fourth Turning

Women got the right to vote. That's what happened.

My teacher said back then they didn’t allow women to vote because it would lead to more divorce.
They were right what the fuck.

speak for yourself
FUCK niggerbabies

I pulled this off /tg/ some years ago in a discussion of cyberpunk vs steampunk

It's almost indistinguishable from reality, except you dress like a twat, and you're not even sure what you're rebelling about.
More specifically you are rebelling against "the mainstream" by dressing according a dress code laid down by that mainstream.
These mindless drones are the front ablative line of defense of the status quo against true rebellion, as these people will argue with and slow real rebellion calling it "fake" and "not true rebellion."
Truly The Grimmest and Darkest setting imaginable.

To be more concise,
the right to vote came with responsibilities;
Military service, Militia service, Volunteer service, and you had to travel far from your home.
>Most women did not want the right to vote...

The Right to vote was a change that came from the Top Down... Not the Bottom Up.
>The history books lie.

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Dont underestimate us, or our powers of remote influencing

I'm not underestimating nothing, men are learning what it means to be fearless again

only white liberals are having abortions and getting sterilized
>tfw only the good goys are letting themselves be outbred
sloppy job mossad

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>based holy digits of truth

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>fucking kek giving me signs

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kek is with you user

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Based nazis

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homosexuals shouldn't get to vote because they have no stake in the future of the nation

This is so disgustin that it makes me sad.