Grace-Chan has a message for you

This one's going out to all you Jow Forumsacks out there. Grace has instructed me to let the good folks of this board she is in fact genuine, and her intent remains to steel the will of other national-socialists who might see this work, and let our kinsmen know they're not alone. Brotherhood is a bond stronger than any double-edged sword, and more important than any material possession that can be artificed, and to inspire this has been our mission as natsoc. She has not faltered, and remains proud and stoic in the face of doxxing, eviction, public attempts at shame, and does not despair.

Below are the images she posted up, to address the concerns of people inquiring about the subject matter.

She has also requested I share links to her kik, and protonmail. She would greatly appreciate some words of encouragement.

Kik: Offizier.Franz.E
Protonmail: FranzVorex/protonmaildotcom

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who let her out?

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steel the will my ass faggot.

Literally who.

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>email me
She's just going to get a bunch of guys trying to date her.

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These are all what were posted, in total.

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sorry if I seem tin-foil but anyone pushing this obvious op is a LARP or asset or mentally ill. likely a mix.

>not jews
Pick one

Jake the snake?

Why are you even posting dude? No one cares. Sure, she's cute and fashy - but what does posting her kik or protonmail serve to accomplish? And who the fuck are you? This thread is retarded trash, and if she wants attention from Jow Forums she can go ahead and post her tits with a timestamp like the rest.

pretty sure that's Barb

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this seems like glownigger shit to me but hey what do I know.
I don't even want to talk about the context of this, these people posting her make me sick.
She is either genuinely mentally ill and/or a glowie.

hahahahaha nah... I love Barb tho.
See Barb or even Soph at least they're like, making content.
this woman is attractive and whatnot but does't seem 100% together if you know what i mean. or maybe this is all too nicely packaged together.
>obvious op is obvious


>ADL reports in something
>threads get spammed on Jow Forums
Jonathan Greenblatt is a terrorist

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yea it should be pretty clear, people doing "j-walks" or posting up fliers are just getting in the news for use by ADL/SPLC/etc
do you really want to be useful to them?
just like richard spencer was useful....
unfortunately there are a lot of stupid people for the glowies to use.

I doubt the girl in question is a literal cia nigger agent. But whoever is making this thread is a retard.

I would be sad if Barb got in trouble
she's like my goofy little internet sister that doesn't know I exist

user this area is full of important families and when I see the last name I think to myself... yea this person's grandfather was definitely spooky in some way.
Almost EVERYONE down here is somehow connected to the military industrial complex. That doesn't mean everyone is a spy.... but, people do collude for all sorts of reasons.
Phillip K Dick wrote about this place for a reason. He lived here.

barb is amazing and imo shouldn't get in trouble because she's gay, right? or at least seems like she might be.
soph on the other hand is going for maximum outrage, i'm surprised it took that long for her to get strikes.
as for this Ziesmer woman, whether she is legit or not, this shit just seems stupid and sad.
yes she was non-violent in her actions but with the pictures and such this seems like a desperate attempt by someone for some end.

Wait, Phillip K. Dick was hardcore schizophrenic or something like that IIRC... I don't have an argument against you, I don't know shit about that place, but PKD as an example is pretty weak, I would say.

Did write some really fucking good stories tho...

I think they're calling her speech violence and they're talking about "online violence" as if speech is violence itself... there is a legit question about radicalization online, of course, but "internet violence" isn't usually right it is more like "internet enabled" or whatever, the internet is the propaganda medium.
Her legal case will probably be a big deal. This case does not exist in isolation.
I'm not against esoteric hitlerlism, but keep it in the bedroom or don't sperg out or whatever. going and flying like this doesn't help anyone except (((the narrative)))
just focus on making money and starting families and being happy... is that so hard?

my point is that the land of Disneyland and military industrial complex is spooky and PKD was being harassed by counterintelligence agencies not just federal (allegedly)

Yeah I know how those things are, which is why you don't fucking try to get ahold of them via kik or a protonmail you find on Jow Forums. It's just preying on desperation. The fact is though, she's probably just some dumb girl and OP is far more likely to be some sort of leftist agent trying to harvest data or do something retarded.

Tits and time stamp or no attention

he was also a hardcore druggie, could have simply been drug induced.
but yea years later it turned out he was victim of a COINTELPRO type of thing.
i can't really say anymore this goes way too close to the issue at hand here.

He wasn't schizophrenic, he was just addicted to meth basically and had paranoia from that and the rabbit holes he would dig down in to.

oh yea very good point, lots of people are acting like spies without being part of a govt/state/county government agency

lol Barb is not gay

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is that Jared Kushner? seriously I can't tell if that is a man or a woman....
which is... hot.
huh, kinda like Ziesmer!!!

yea i've heard things I can't really repeat here.
in fact seeing this Ziesmer story as well as a dozen or so other upsetting stories the past year or so, I will probably just retire from posting here. This shit is too pathetic.

Maybe it's the difference in customs coming from usually using normie sites, but is everyone here totally blackpilled and thinks everything's the boogeyman? I've known some natsocs off fb for going on 6 years that are honest and I don't have to constantly ask if they're real. I just want to be upfront and support my friend. California is where whites get shit on the most, no shit we're not gonna go along with a narrative which wants us dead and replaced.

>This thread is retarded trash, and if she wants attention from Jow Forums she can go ahead and post her tits with a timestamp like the rest.
also this

by acting like nazis, insurgents, AWD type shit you are playing into a narrative like what Pierce talked about... but it could go the other way.
Either way you're being fed delusions by people who want to use you as a paramilitary force (whether online/information or physical/IRL)
either way is bad... they prey on the mentally ill.
many of these people are real, i'm not saying everything is a hoax. i'm saying that you're living other peoples ideas to your detriment (whether or not you can see that right now)