He really means ISRAEL


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clever girl

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Tick tock Zionists


Almost as if this was his plan from the beginning.

This is why no one ever knows Trump's real intentions, hes a master at cloaking his true intentions. A real wildcard.

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Why do you think The ZOG is on an all out assault on Jow Forums right now? Declassification is incoming. It’s gonna implicate the ZOG. They’re trying to spam this whole board with Muh White Natonalism to distract people from important happenings.

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>They’re trying to spam this whole board with Muh White Natonalism
No, the distraction is the fake news. What the hell are you even talking about? White nationalism has been prevalent on Jow Forums for years, long before Trump.

you cant be fucking serious.

hes already sold out.

what are you expecting him to do?

Seriously? What are you waiting for? we are literally on our way going to war with Iran and you still think this is 4D Chess? he wont lose the next election because the dems are fucked. but honestly, whatever you think hes doing hes not. thats obvious by now.

if this was real. he would just realease it suddenly. this is fake bargaining 101.

Sloppy job mossad

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Turning something bad into something good. Damn...


he likes he joo joo cum to much.

Just replace Iran with israel.

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or replace the word Russia with Israel?

no he doesn't, and you're a giant faggot

for once circle we agree.

God all this ISRAEL ISRAEL ITS ISRAEL shit is getting so fucking cringe. Either most of you are feds, obsessed and brainwashed, or retarded. It’s not all about Israel all the fucking time. Grow up. Expand your thinking and realize there are other people out there that want you dead than Israel

Yes, the diaspora and their cluster B golems.

>t. Russian bot

I thought the drives we're bleached and them wiped with a cloth? Now they are acid washed? What's next? They were tumble-dried on low heat? Hue hue

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Yes he does

Wignats are worse than niggers. At least niggers make me laugh

>it’s not the jews
You fucking idiot.

>they still delude themselves
You will never escape zions claws

whatever muhammed.

Israel is the cause of all the problems in the world.


We own pol nigga

And you still can’t win

It's only a matter time before Iran gets nuked :D :D :D
I love oil

Holy shit. I knew Barr looked like something funny but didn't realise it was that dino baby.

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did you know the nigger that voiced "that dino baby" also voiced Elmo, and molested children?

Important like what?
Latest RV and trailer news?


that isnt nice circle.

You remember that one Jet Li movie where he's going to assassinate the Emperor of China but he has to deliver the heads of other would-be assassins to gain the Emperor's trust so he will be allowed to get close enough to have a chance to strike?

How do you think Trump is supposed to actually GET the Jews, once and for all, unless he gets close enough to stab them right in the heart? To get that close, you have to show ultimate submission to the Jew.

If you don't submit 100% to the Jew, you stick out like a sore thumb, think of that. Trump won't even be allowed close to the Jew until he has gained their trust. To do that he has to seem to betray everything else.

i dont watch Jet Li Films but i understand the point your trying to make.

but this whole 4D chess line stopped last year.

you MAYBE argue hes going to pretend to shill out hard for 2020 risking his base so can finally secure the deal BUT he would have built the wall by now.

>he really means whatever I want him to mean

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