The french revolution was a mistake

The french revolution was a mistake

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french people are a mistake

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We warned you

Yes. The French and Germans in general are mistakes.

You did?

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That's rich, coming from the Anglo-Frankish abortion of a country and people

the french revolution was a satanic conspiracy by the french royals, hegelian dialectic

It was the first step in the implementation of a judaeo-madonic conspiracy. The worst of the enlightenment principles and the liberal conclusion of communism had its origins there

This. Collapse of the ethnic nation state was integral for the masons to seize power. Unfortunately, the masons were infected and controlled by Judaic forces, who, with a much longer term strategy, managed to oust them and turn them into the castrated organization they are today.

Do you have any evidence of what you're saying anons?

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It was led by Freemasons, Jesuis and Jews. Ofc it was a mistake.

Why are the jews so evil germanon?
I mean the holocaust was in selfdefense after all


That was not my question user but whatever

>To the Roman the Jew was anti-nature personified
t. Nietzsche

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the royals are well known for being satanists who start cult religions and institutions, these were early attempts at cults who openly worship the state

you're alright leaf, you get raked last.

Canada isn't really a country though. It's basically our very own Belgium. Nice numbers by the way.

And almost everybody seems to understand that except le frogs themselves, who act like its something to be proud of. Funny.

Russians, Mexicans, and the Spanish are still proud of their murderous """revolutions""" as well.

Just like the ((((USA))))

It was indeed

their revolutionary spirit is good but they got tricked