I Support war with Iran

so Amerimutts and Israel gets BTFO.
Change my mind.

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t. ali reza al franci

t. chen chong chin Zou chang

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majoosi cope

facebook tier image

what? you just outed yourself as an authentic ahmed.

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French Pussy

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Since we are giving our opinions
>am pro life as I do not believe in killing those who cant defend themselves its not manly
>support eye for an eye style of punishments
>support Iran as long as the choice is between them US and Israel

Iran with war is a fucking stupid idea, but France would probably get suckered into the conflict as well. Something of this scale would have tremendous global impact. Nobody would be unscathed.

check this out user.
they really want the US to fight wars for them kek.
the EU says it won't get involved, and even if they did, i hope the ZoG controlling France right now gets BTFO too.

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it's not even a war about oil, this is an excuse they use.
real reason is supremacy over the region, they want to destroy Iran like they did with Iraq and wanted to do with Syria.
they don't want any prosperous country in the region except Israel. so they can annex other parts of other countries.

>supporting a war

Shut up and get your white flag ready

>Saudi Arabia wants to fight Iran to the last American
My sides kek

>This old (((hollywood))) jewish propaganda meme again

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>implying OP is not a sunni arab nigger who wants to see Shia Persians getting killed.

your double digits IQ is showing, nigger

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>this old jewish hollywood jewish propaganda meme again
good engrish toothpaste

I miss being friends with frenchbros.


What do they teach you guys in school?. That you're the 3rd world superpower?

supernigger power by 2020, mutt!

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You had all this time to become a superpower. You really think one more year can get you there?.

yes, by the end of the year we'll reach optimum negrification that will lead us to surpass metal gear.

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I personally don’t want to waste tax dollars blowing up another shit hole country.

>this is not for you to decide, goyim, just trust the plan.

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