Is there any manufacturing done in Africa? I never heard that anything comes from Africa...

Is there any manufacturing done in Africa? I never heard that anything comes from Africa, never saw any label (Made in Africa).
Do Niggers have factories?
Do Niggers in Africa work from 6-15 everyday?
What do they do there?

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just shoes

Africa is not a country.

Hans... Africa is a continent. There's bound to be at least 1 product made in that continent.

Some of the nicer countries probably have exports of some sort

I've heard something about the Chinese planning on sending some textile industry there but Africa is simply a whole different ball game, they'd find a way to fuck up basic textiles even I'm sure of it

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Most of them still run around chucking spears and raping their brothers and sisters. Occasionally their own children too

this image just proves that nigger ass belongs to the tiny chink dink

they manufacture bananas

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Occasionally? You mean constantly?

Egypt has some production but only to other ME countries. But ask yourself; what the fuck would you want to be buying that is made in africa?

Just watch Empire of Dust, Africa is as inefficient as you'd imagine a continent of a billion sub retard IQ nog would be

They manufacture aids and ebola...

Yeah, they manufacture manual labor

This picture isn't accurate because it implies a nigger could ever make something.

But they obviously reproduce faster than they die of starvation. So Im guessing they only rape their children when theyre bored

Is this the You cringe you lose thread?

They're the world's finest HIV purveyors.

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All of Africa has the combined economic output of France.

It's absolutely pathetic.

Raw materials is all they really have a high level of production from.

Africa's biggest exports:
Exotic, life threatening diseases
Raw materials (heavy metals, mainly; diamonds if you buy into the carbon jew)
Left-leaning voters

Dirt cookies.

Yea, mostly cheap clothes. The kind of shit you find in Penney's.

Am I supposed to take chink propaganda serious? He criticizes them for being dumb meanwhile I go online and see hundreds of videos of chinks feeding their bodies to industrial equipment and vehicles

They make luxery cars in South-Africa.

Africa is a generation behind China? Not news.


No, just raw materials nigger warlords export. Manufacturing requires a higher level of infrastructure and stablity plus some level of societal cohesion. An international corporation would have to be crazy to try to start manufacuring there when all the expensive tools would disapear.

Diamonds, gold, oil, lumber. I think some things like tea, coffee and chocolate too but I don't recall ever seeing any manufactured goods come from there. Not even textiles.

Just Google empire of dirt. It's where that "it's all so tiresome" macro comes from. A middle management chink sent to exploit monkeys tired because he thought corruption and inefficiency was a chink invention

>t. Nigger.

pretty much this. Watch the whole thing if you havent already

Rob.....steel from others......pretty much this.
They are sofucking owned they cant make shit.
Look at the diamond trade hell they arent even allowed to make some money from them without blood to buy large wheels for thier carts.

>What do they do there?
they don't do anything. They usually sit around and wait for somebody to gib them zigs or alc

Natural resources? Yes. Lots of African miners. Factories? No.

Dearest Hans
We have several factories. One Volkswagen factory, one BMW factory, one Mercedes Benz factory. Those are also German, I believe. All right hand drive BMW X3 are produced here. All MB right hand drive C class. We manufacture steel products. We manufacture parts for Airbus. So we certainly aren't a powerhouse compared to Europe, but let's be honest, Europe certainly isn't a powerhouse compared to China

Of course there are factories of many kinds in african countries you idiots. Not every african is stupid, i even dare to say that native africans are much smarter then niggers.
And big corps will soon start opening new ones, manufacturing will move from asian countries to africa because they will be the cheapest.
Rwanda is setting up to be african singapore.

The African continent is rich in natural resources like oil, rare earth minerals, diamonds, and vegetation like cocoa. But it’s usually multinational corporations controlling them.

Have you ever tried to get a basic job done with a nigger? You can't trust them with the most simple of tasks. Fucking high tech manufacturing? Fuck no. Even over here the only blacks you see are tokens. Its all whites and some east asians.

I wouldn't trust anything manufactured in Africa by Niggers to be in my Cars, bicycles, airplanes ANYTHING... it would be impossible to overlook every part of production process made by niggers, you would probably pass everything for good even if it was off by 1 mm

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Thank you Igor. So many uninformed bigots on this board. Really, it's simply nauseating

Oh calm down. The precision stuff is supervised by skilled white overlords. It's fine.

like what? name them. there isn't even any real textile industry in Africa. not really

South africa doesn't count.

i buy scrap lead from batteries in lagos. any industry that is too dirty even for india goes to nigeria

labor costs zero and there are almost no laws so its actually pretty based besides the nightmare of logistics

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we invented heart transplants, MRI, cat scans, successful eye transplants ect, our telescope did the heavy lifting for the black hole images.. ect

A genius could supervise a child painting, it doesn't mean that the artwork is going to be good...

Nearly all manufacturing jobs will soon require very high end labour and most simple jobs have already been replaced by robots. African labor wasn't even worth it when these robots didn't exist, it's certainty not going to be worth it now. Africa is ripe for building automated factories and selling the products to them, but as a labour force it's fucking useless. Only a complete retard would pretend otherwise.

Imagine having to touch anything that came out of that God forsaken continent. Probably crawling with AIDS/ebola/some other disgusting disease or parasite.

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Why? What do you do with them?

india melts the lead in them and uses it to make paint

So you buy them and sell them to pajeets?

Empire of Dust, whole video is about Niggers stealing from their employees, stealing from eachother and throwing their salary on drinking.

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Interesting. Is it profitable? How much do you make from it?

like $2000 per 40 ft container full

Niggers have no guilt mechanism to keep them in balance. They just steel and lie in your face with no remorse

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So Africa takes it up the ass from China?

The 1/8th plug goes into the 1/4th adapter.

How can i get in the game?

they manufacture AIDS and export illegal immigrants

Assuming this isn't a pure shitpost, good post OP. I have not read the thread yet but Africa is China's China, or at least that's how MSM outlets market it to you. In reality, Africa is outsourced production and labor, just like the saying implies, while also being a resource-dense land that thanks to China pocketing up and coming nations and politicians, may as well be Chinese territory. So what does this mean minus a fat paragraph that makes the core principles at play harder to discern or remember? That China is doing more of the usual wealth and knowledge acquisition in the form of pocketing politicians, and legal thievery through actions and ethics most common people might consider incredibly hostile and assbackwards- especially when conditions in Chinaman-built factories are examined in a country with no worker protection/rights.

More or less

find a metal recycler in your town and ask for work

This is the truth. Africans dont do shut unless someone makes them do it

You mean scientists who came from Europe? Nearly everything on your list is bullshit. Here is the real list and it's still mostly empty.

The issue is logistics. Anything else would get corrected with enough money being pumped into it. A nigger wouldn't do a worse job than a bug man or pajeet

What job is that?

Whatever manufacturing that happens in Africa is probably owned by chinks or some rich bankers
Niggers themselves aren't capable of producing anything beyond Spears and onx shields

I have a relative of my become a C.E.O of a African company this happened in the 70&80s.
He thought the Africans how to make cream biscuit . Then the civil war came and they started killing people.
I know many people who fled from countries like Uganda & Liberia after they started killing Indians . They told that you could not leave the house after the sun set or you would be killed

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>commenting on a thread about manufacturing
I'll have my steak medium rare, pedro

Niggers can't even feed themselves.

Low Quality thread.

>South Africa
>Implying anything about any country ever
Sorry we only serve food to real people.

No, the issue is inherent limitations from intelligence. Africa would be everyone's china if they could manage to perform the tasks of the workers there, but they have some of the lowest average IQs on the planet and it's nearly impossible for them. Automation is doing away with cheap labour, it isn't increasing it.

They have literally spent hundreds of years trying make products in Afirca and there is very little to show for it. Even forcing them to be productive on the fear that their hands would be cut off didn't work. It's fucking 2019 and people think that suddenly this great labour force is doing to wake up and become productive after sleeping for the last thousand years. The people who believe this need to wake up themselves.

"Some 288 robots assemble the new X3. Danny Bester, the assembly plant manager, tells Business Insider South Africa that the assembly plant is 95% automated."
>95% automated


Brazil buys weapons from South Africa since you’re too dumb and retarded to make them yourself.

Which slaves should I buy?
African, Pajeet, Arabm, Chinks, Canadian, Easten European.
Which will be most productive?

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>Is there any manufacturing done in Africa?
Yes, niggers make your BMWs you are so proud of

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The most productive slaves are indisputably German. They will literally do anything their superiors will ask.

Oh, Brazil is too dumb? You live in a nation whose actual policy is to kill white people and take their shit. And $20 you think it's just going to be the Boer.

That line is now 95% automated. The robots are designed, produced, and programmed by Europeans and brought to Africa so BMW can take advantage of their corrupt government and pretend that mere 400 African workers they do employ actually matters.


I rarely ever see anything made in Western countries either, we’re dumber than African’s for voluntarily offshorimg all our manufacturing to China.

>mere 400 African workers they do employ
Except it's not 400 african workers but 400 thousands. Car industry is 5% of job market in South Africa directly and 10% indirectly.

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that isnt a Problem with a proper leader, we just dont have one ATM

BMWs for local market.

60% exported

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just search on youtube "africa factories" "african industry" or something
they are not only farmers and slums there for fucks sake, if you take nigeria with 300mln pop then according to bell curve there are at least a million niggers with iq over 130 there
in cities they have hotels and skyscrapers and stuff and outside of cities they have factories that produce food/textiles/consumer goods

a few fun Facts about that BMW factory
was there for 35 years by now, licence contract with Apartheid south africa

4000 People working there, they get the same amount of cash a BMW worker in Germany would get, thats fucking rich for africa

main energy supplier for the factory is cow dung from over 25.000 cows

was made to sell to the african market from there

yes, to other african nations you moron, south africa isnt africa

‘Lives in a nation who’s actual policy is to kill white people’.But then who’s going to pay the taxes when the all the white people have been genocided?Still doesn’t take away from the fact The Brazil buys from South Africa.I see the the US purchased a few items from South Africa for Uncle Sam too.

400 workers on that specific line.

Where the fuck are you going with this? African factories are used as a placeholder for car companies who want to sell cars in Africa as it develops. They are profitable only because of corruption, subsidies, and trade bullshit. In terms of production, they only make 610,000 cars a year. Fucking Iran and Poland makes more cars than them, along with dozens of other countries.
>Car industry is 5% of job market in South Africa directly and 10% indirectly.
Their GDP is dog shit, of course the few factories they have accounts for a lot of it. It doesn't mean they do a lot of manufacturing there, only that they are not doing much else.

Lol okay faggot we’ll see how that works out
Africa superpower 2030!!!

dried dates and figs, at least from north Africa

but yeah, nignogs produce nothing of value

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To an african nation called UK. Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

>African factories are used as a placeholder for car companies who want to sell cars in Africa
Imagine being that dumb. Oh wait, you're from Canada.

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Africa well known for fine craftsmanship

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>total of 338.093 SA vehicles exported
98.358 total to the UK
98.358/35 years of them exporting = 2810 vehicles each year....... in a Country with 35 Million cars THIS YEAR ALONE

top fucking kek, a median number of 2810 cars exported per year how big of a percentage is 2810 for 35 Million ?

Yes, I'm from Canada, a country that has a higher average IQ than yours. I wouldn't get into a mud sling match, Vlad.
>Imagine being that dumb.
Please, try to refute anything I said. Labour costs are only 10-15% of car manufacturing and that's dropping significantly because of automation.

If you think Africa is going to become a superpower because of cheap labour, you're fucking retarded and you need to learn basic history of Africa and the thousands of failed attempts to make it productive.