>Alabama Executes a Murderer a Day After Banning Abortions

Yesterday: Life is a right! Abortion evil!
Today: Kill then all! Execute the fuckers!
At least the double death states are consistent.

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Unborn children are innocent, convicted criminals aren’t.

Burn in hell you evil slut.

To an atheist (who is by definition immoral), there is no difference between the innocent child and a murderer.

if you're really that retarded and this isn't just bait, I feel so sorry for you and people who have to interact with you

Honest question, do you actually believe a baby is equivalent to a convicted murderer? Do you think your morality may be flawed?


>wtf a violent criminal was executed?

we should execute illegal immigrants, even children

>murdering babies is perfectly okay
>'an eye for an eye' is is immoral for some reason
This is your brain on atheism.

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Wait a few years and women will be lining up to fuck rednecks... then raising the babies cuz they can't abort them. Fuck libshits.

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> (OP)
>>murdering babies is perfectly okay
>>'an eye for an eye' is is immoral for some reason
>This is your brain on atheism.

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fpbp and from a fucking leaf to boot

God’s Commandment is “thou shall not kill” Not:”thou shall” but there’s a bunch of exemptions. Christ also pardoned criminals and His resurrection provides salvation for all, including the wicked. All proof Jow Forums, like Alabama, is a godless and unchristian cesspool, deceived by Satan’s Trickery.

Bama is unironically the most fucking based state ever.. I am spanish and was there for a few months for work and it was like being transported to a aryan mexico

>extremely insulated traditional culture(based)
>manly recreational activities that are in touch with nature(fishing, hunting, mudding)
>beautiful aryan qts who went crazy for a dark hair green eyed spanish chad
>no shitskins

did I leave anything out? hell I hope to go back before I am too old.. Bama is extremely based and Ive visited states from all over the US

God's commandment was "thou shalt not murder," in recognition of the fact that there are various situations (criminal justice, war, self-defense) in which killing another human is justified.

Pic related is you. You shouldn't pretend to know about Christianity if you don't.

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Gen 9:6 you fucking moron

god isnt real , sweetheart


Get out of here you godless sodomite.

Your Jew trickery doesn't work on me Kike!

>Braces tighten
>Sponge goes on
>Helmet goes on
>Switch is grabbed.
>"Any last words, Ms. Goldstein-Bates?"

Christcucks always turn to Jewish texts, out of context.
No, it’s “thou shall not kill”. In all accepted translations. But I guess, with your argument, everyone can then agree the Jewish mob that called for Christ death was totally right and innocent. Based Pontius Pilate. Nothing at all in the whole moral of that story. And nothing in scripture about Mercy and forgiveness. Jesus was a badass mother filled with vengeance for the wicked and blood on his hands. He was a redneck, I guess.

then ten commandments are in the old testament too, you imbecile. you are no better than a jew yourself.

Tell me what crime the unborn committed, if you think that being unloved is a crime that need to be punished by death, then you are a moster


It's no mystery why right wing politics isn't popular with women. Right wing policies would lead to women having fewer sex partners.

Modern women view sex as an inevitable bodily function like taking a shit. Most of what you're saying is completely irrelevant. Banning abortion and next hormonal birth control is a process to enforce women's chastity again.

That’s really what 95% of feminism boils down to. Sex, and women believing they have supreme authority over it, and all that entails, at all times, and if you contradict them or oppose them in any way then you are "literally Hitler" and they will seek to destroy you in all forms to protect their power. I'm not even joking about that, if you view everything through that lens all of their actions make perfect sense and come into focus very clearly.

Women want into the work place, knowing it’s all shitty jobs and hard work for 99% of them and is usually soul crushing over all. Why? Because then they can have sex with whomever they want, whenever they want, they aren’t reliant on a husband for support so they can fuck around as they please.

Women want into colleges more and more and want more spaces for themselves creating a situation where only the athletes and the absolute smartest and hardest working men are going to be afforded spots, despite the fact the vast majority of programs these women join provide useless pieces of paper and no practical training that will amount to anything. Why? Because those degrees require damn near zero fucking effort, leaving them to spend all their time focused on the men, and that means they have insanely easy access to sex with athletic men, and have already weeded out the vast majority of men for potential "marriage material" (i.e. some loser to pay for their whoredom) so they don’t have to do all the work on their own out in society. Easy sex now, and setup for longer term situations down the line with some cuck to support them.


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Women want easy and free access to birth control and abortions (while the "free" push isn’t as public at the moment, make no mistake it is coming), despite the damage it does to their bodies and the fact they're murdering the most innocent, weak, and vulnerable form of human life. Why? Because pregnancy and children make them far less appealing to fuck, and eat up much of their time and resources leaving them far less time TO fuck.

I can keep going, but that is ultimately what it all boils down to, pleasing their vaginas and keeping a stranglehold on men who wish to have access to their vaginas. Its why they both hate and fantasize about rape so much, it’s a man taking away all their power by sheer force and not submitting himself to them which they despise, but they also massively get off on the idea of being subjugated by someone standing up to them and realizing they cannot fight back and simply taking what he wants, that makes them wet, its why they write about it so god damned much that its frankly sickening.

It’s why they put each other down constantly, but never address female on female "slut shaming" and the like and only blame men for it. Because they know they do this to each other FAR more than men ever will, but they use it to try to increase their own value and may the best whore win. Its why they don’t give a fuck about "oppressed women" in the 2nd and 3rd world, because it’s never been about female freedom, it’s always been about individualistic desires to get wet and get off.

And on and on. When you stop and realize this, all female/feminist actions make much more sense. You don't have to wonder "why" they think about how they do about abortion, or pills, or college, or whatever else, the answer is ALWAYS "to please their vagina and hold power over men... basically, sex." They're very simple creatures when you get right down to it, their entire existence can be summed up in one word… pussy.



Roy yes

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Those things aren't the same retard

Kys already

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The Old Testament is the Jewish Tanakh. It’s jewish. That’s fact. Get a basic education. Just another dumb redneck. it also bans marrying cousins, but that hasn’t stopped you proud white Dixie families.

Texas is the only state that gets it right. If you murder someone, the state will murder you right back next day.


What race was it?

ur also retarded. he is trying to criticize christians by quoting the old testament then at the same time calling the old testament jewish, hes refuting his own arguments. I never said the old testament wasnt jewish either dipshit

hehe nice try

Leaf post I can agree with. Wtf is going on

>killing a baby that has done no evil vs giving a murderer what he deserves
abortion should give the death penalty

Kill criminals, save babies. Sounds good to me.

How can pro-abortion people be against the Death Penalty?

Killing scumbags is God's work.


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Imagine aborting this

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mmmh think of all the std's and 1/2" layer of old semen.

Even performative coonery?

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fpbp. You stand tall against the other leaves my friend

Check my Crimson and White ID

Not the ones I've had. Like fresh snow. You can dream tho.

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pro birth, not pro life
its an important distinction because artificial wombs can also provide birth without a mother involved (where this shit is headed anyway)

A tall, stout maple

>Commits 4 counts of premeditated murder, two children, in the South of all places
>"Why they kill him!"

>we have to keep killing murderers
>it will be a deterrend
>why are we still doing this whats wrong??


>He thinks convinced murderers are executed as a deterrent
You ever think it's done to just be rid of them?

Based. Do it to fags and you may get another taxpayer.


Please don't come to Huntsville. We're full. Go gentrify Birmingham or Mobile.

Alabama already has too many niggers and spics. This number will skyrocket after they can't abort


Conflating the murder of innocence to the execution of murderers.

Use a condom or a birth control pill you dumb bitch.

Children are property. If I want to kill my own property, that's my decision. Faggot.

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Must be a Muslim.

alabama should become even more based and start executing aborters (murderers) retroactively as a double fuck you to trashy women

Sometimes I wish Christianity was real, it would be awesome to see all those insufferable self-righteous "Christians" end up in hell.

>comparing a murderer to an unborn
kys retard

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Out with the bad in with the good.

Damn most (you’s) I ever got and it was a throwaway comment about sluts. No one ever. Appreciates the posts I put effort into

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