Have you realized that beyond communism, the Jews are also behind libertarianism?

Have you realized that beyond communism, the Jews are also behind libertarianism?

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Well duh

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the first documented larper?

Libertarianism results in corporate feudalism 100% of the time. Corporate monopolies are no different than tyrannical governments.

Ultra-capitalism is one of the biggest tools to dissolve nation-states and enact the global government that the kike's ever created.

Libertarians are sociopathic, peevish, vicious little curr that kikes call to them in order to divide and conquer goyim populations on an individual level.

Zionist controlled opposition agents like Trump, Alex Jones, and of course Ben Shapiro ALWAYS extol the virtues of "neo-liberalism" whilst claiming to combat the ebil "globalists".

I have seen libertarian thinkers say that it is impossible in the absolute free market to create monopolies

And all stupid practices in economics, banking, finances, investments, government bureaucracy, the jewdiciary system, our retarded pseudo-democracy...

> woke brazilian
meu preto

There is no safe ideology! (((They))) are behind them all. I can’t think without thinking is that a Jew thought, is that a Jew thought. The only thing that helps is this tinfoil hat.

But why they would create two systems who oposes itch other?


George Lincoln Rockwell was a god among men, a shame he's no longer around.

kikes are for whatever power system benefits them, be they Bolsheviks trying to corral them up some Rus slaves, or slumlords rubbing their hands at the thought of busing in loads of mestizo niggers to work their trabajo for undercutting peanuts.

Yes, yes & yes again, I've been trying to convince americans for years about this! 1million+ jews live in the south US & they secretly fuck with southern americans constantly to gain more control every year.

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Easy: that way, even if the pendulum swings the other way, they get a win. Their problem is that they can't rule by themselves - they always need a catspaw. But that catspaw is himself a person and, upon consolidating power, will want to get rid of the power behind the throne. See Stalin's purges of the kikes.
This makes the kikes ultimately self-defeating, but it means a lot of innocent people will have to die in the meantime.

Or nazis selling off the economy to american interests.. right?

>libertarianism is jewish
Patently false. Jewish libertarianism is a 20th century phenomenon and mainly revolves around money.

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Of course they are.

they're not behind them, they've just coopted them

The american founding fathers were some of the least antisemitic people at the time.. these motherfuckers owned slaves but refused to "stoop down" to european antisemitism lmao.

Libertarian is a difficult word. Constitutional Libertarianism is the real ideology only white male owners should be able to vote plain and fucking simple.

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> the Jews are also
It's almost like there is more than one of them.

You fuckers never listen do yah

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Anything based on pragmatism, reality and common sense isn't jewish by definition.


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Yes. Got into an argument with a LOLbertarian the other day. He could not comprehend how free trade could even potentially be bad for America. My basic point was that free trade is only worth it if the decline in prices is greater than the decline in wages from offshoring. THen I told him that in general, free trade has been a net loser for American because we have lost more in wages than gained in lower prices. He could not wrap his fucking mind around that concept. He then proceeded to cite all these (((Austrian Economists))) and spammed their videos from Youtube. Then the little shit banned everyone in the group discussion who didn't vacuum seal their lips to Ayn Rand's anus.

> Jew 1: oy vey, spend more with niggers and accumulate more debt
> Jew 2: oy vey, stop messing with my cartels and monopolies