I notice whenever pro-abortion people try to dehumanize 6 week or 8 week old fetuses...

I notice whenever pro-abortion people try to dehumanize 6 week or 8 week old fetuses, they use these shitty computer renderings that completely warp the fetus into looking far more inhuman than the fetus looks in reality. If you see someone posting this propoganda, post the real photo.

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Source for the picture on the left?

Source. true if big

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38% is still huge given the birthrates of white women

>Dehumanizing the enemy.
>What is war tactics 101?
Learn to propaganda, faggot.

at least half of the 38% is spics

Big if enormous

This is why ive been pro choice for the past 20 years...340k niggers killed yearly by abortion. Think of all the tax dollars and other, more important lives saved.

Hard to hate the population control sneak masters

They really should have made it 12 weeks and then they couldn't have any rational defense. It's a much better starting point than 6 weeks which seems extreme to people.

It doesn't prevent them from having kids. In the end they still have as many kids as welfare affords them. What it does prevent is white girls who want to focus on their career from having kids ever in their life.

>rich people take "mcabort" flight to the neighbouring state
>poor people the trash bin

Wtf I like abortion now

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The fetus on the left doesn't look much different tbqh

Studies have shown us that one common factor between all events humans consider evil is the lack of empathy among individuals. Historical evil comes from a lack of love and mercy. let a group believe another group is less human than them based on arbitrary factors and you have the recipe for a perfect storm. Yet you people are no different and also like to play at being morally righteous while dehumanizing others.

She did the math wrong because half the population cant have pregnancies. Black women are 13 percent of all women and get 40 percent of abortions.

Abortion does not change fertility rates. Thats a myth spread by morons. Its used by negresses to control the timing of when they shit out their next welfare ticket and when they decide theyre done popping out welfare tickets they go right back to the abortion clinic and get an IUD or tubes tied bc thats the only birth control that doctors know the dumb nigs cant fuck up. The total number of kids they have stays the same no matter how many abortions they get.

Black women in poverty even INTENTIONALLY have as many kids as possible because each one means more welfare. If she doesnt have niglets she gets almost zero gibs. Ive never understood how Jow Forumstards think they understand niggers so well yet are so incredibly stupid and ignorant when it comes to the most basic fact about negresses getting pregnant. Theyre doing it on purpose. Abortion only adjusts the timing, it has nothing to do with how many niglets they want and choose to have to maximize their gibs.

I wish abortion would change fertility rates but they dont.

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I'm calling bullshit on you

That's clearly not the same stage.

Get your eyes checked Ahmed. Y'all got that famous NHS right?

>t. shitskin

stuff like this is absolutely crushing to the left. Spamming things like that will work.

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I mean it looks different but it doesn't look more human than the one on the right

>studies have shown that men don't feel empathy towards their enemies
What an incredibly insightful comment.

Literally looks like a tiny, underdeveloped baby. Right one looks like some reptile. Anyway kys retard.

The biggest.
The truest.
Spitting mad facts here brother.
I've seen 5-6 nigglets running around slums in my city and the mom clearly cannot feed them all on her minimum wage job. Maybe 1 nigglet has promise, but even that will be crushed by the people he's around.
I think the most sad thing about this is that leeching off of Welfare keeps them out of power and poorer than most. And it's not just exclusive to blacks but to the lower class in general.
Honestly, that sounds like it was the plan all along.

Left = 11 weeks

Any 1 have charts or green text regarding the harm of abortions on the women?

Left = 6 weeks

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Use a condom or a birth control pill you dumb bitch.


fetuses at the early stage is actually indistinguishable to other mammal fetuses.
biologically different but physically look the same.

babies are disgusting I wouldn't care if all of them died tomorrow

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Yup, killing the unborn is evil
Cutting parts off of a newborn is evil
Genital mutilation on the mentally ill is evil
Being taught to hate your own kind is evil
What else is new

Whats wrong kike?

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I shove my fingers into my eyesssss

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Leftist will tell you this is not a human

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For crying out loud we have to ban abortions right now or else my based black americans will not eventually genocide us.
Christian America before White America. Jesus before race, always.
And praise Kanye West, best artist to ever exist, better than that Beethoven homosexual.
No, I'm not a closet homosexual either.

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If this doesn't fill you with The Rage, I don't know what possibly could.


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Hey man, kill it anyway. I really don't give a fuck. You're pretending like you do because you're part of a fucking cult. It has literally nothing to do with you. Fuck off

Is it dead or alive ?
>please tell me Alive
>please tell me Alive
>please tell me Alive
>please tell me Alive
>please tell me Alive
>please tell me Alive

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As if you become human when you pass through vagina.

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Did he died?

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This is rather disgusting I'm off to vesectomy now, Jow Forums

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Also why they freak out so badly when protesters hold signs of abortion pics. The truth is a visceral gut punch to human instincts.

stillborns (dead)

>she did the math wrong
nice catch user. I'm usually good at catching dumb mistakes like that but i missed it.

What's wrong biggot? That's just a piece of meat, doesn't even look human!

It's a bald eagle egg.
It doesn't even look a like bird.

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Why is the debate about outlawing abortion - and not trying to understand and help the people, who seek it?

If there is a general demand for it, then it might suggest that there is a structural problem in society, we are not addressing.

Fuck this shit world
>you know whats the SAD part?
>women in Pooland are seething for something that does not even concern them
>all women here have the same image as their status

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>That's just a piece of meat, doesn't even look human
W-what are you suggestin'?

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They're trying to distract people from reality with a picture of what a forming human body looks like early in its development. It's an extreme form of dehumanization... We all know what the fetus turns into, which is a baby. They're so bent out of shape trying to justify what they intrinsically understand is the amoral murder of a defenseless human being they will stoop to anything.

Guys, post your best arguments against abortion, I'm making a list


Child murderers are the real victims.

Most of the abortions are done by stupid sluts who doesn't care about children life, or by rape victims. You cannot help those by the time they show up.

DESU, scientists too create artificial fetuces, and then kill them after 14 days, but those cannot become baby, because there's no way to incubate them.

This fetus is much more advanced than 6 weeks.

You're a fucking retard.

The structural problem is that life is expensive. Because fiat money (backed by nothing and issued at interest) in inflationary.

Your pic reminds me of evolutionists who forged drawings of animals & humans in the womb to make them appear more similar.

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>stupid sluts
>doesn't care about children life
What do you know about them being "stupid", just because they perform an action, you disapprove of?
Do you possess the ability to know the situations of all women's lives, who get impregnated?

>rape victims
So they are to blame for the rape and therefore have to live with the consequences? No men want to defend her from that?

I'm pro-abortion, cos that shit might save my ass sometime. Still I consider it unethical, but I want to have an option. It's like pro-gun
> dude, why you need that sten replica? You wanna kill ppl
> no, but id like to have this option in case i may need to

Also, do pro-life ppl consider plan b pills unethical? I dont like them, cos they might fuck up a girls body, but what else are we gonna do? Marry?

Umngh. Planned Parenthood earns way too much to stop this. THEY want women to get pregnant and spend money to kill unborns.
the problem is way deeper than you might think

no its not. notice the lack of lower limb development, this is right in line with 6-7 weeks.

You're those creepy free-bleed feminist freaks that pose with their stillborn fetuses while they rot in your arms.

Are you retard? The drawings and photoes in the picture are quite similar.

>The structural problem is that life is expensive.
If the motivation for abortion is economical, then why not economically support the mother and the child by providing foundation for a good life with a child?

The one thing I'll never understand with this whole abortion debacle is that when a woman miscarries everyone is expected to show sympathy and empathy with that woman but when a woman has an abortion it doesn't matter, it's just a "clump of cells"?? Imagine saying that to a woman who miscarried??? So basically an embryo is only worthy based on what its mother is feeling??? If it's just a clump of cells in the case of abortion then it's just a clump of cells all round.

I looked it up, the first one was premature and alive in that photo.

They're stupid because they were surprised, despite knowing that having a dick cum in their cunt causes pregnancy. They're stupid because, despite having access to every single form of preventive birth control that exists, they still became pregnant... They're stupid because, despite the child being conceived against all of the natural and manmade odds stacked against it, they want to murder their child because it is inconvenient.

A grown adult should understand the consequences of their actions and act accordingly beforehand to prevent a pregnancy. A person that is not stupid would know this and accept responsibility for their actions.

The real trick is empathizing with them, knowing and understanding their motives, and committing to your war against them anyways because you know it’s what you must do.

Also he died about two hours afterward.

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My argument is usually something like this
>Human is human at all stages of life. We don't consider old sick people as not human, we don't consider retards as not human, we don't consider people in coma not human. Why are the most vulnerable and fragile underdeveloped humans who WILL become developed human are not considered as human? They're humans in the very beginning stages of their life. We all been there, we all ex-fetuses, we are humans and so are they.
Also i bring up that's its barbaric tradition from 5 thousand years ago. And that future humans will look at this with disgust and horror. There's nothing progressive about it. Its the worst remnant of our primitive past. Its a wastefulness of human life and potential on a genocidal scale. There's no telling how many great scientists and philosophers we lost, all because someone didn't want responsibility.

>24 week old "clump of cells"

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Or you can just slaughter your enemies with no empathy, take their lands and their women and erase their history. Worked great for both of our ancestors you cuck.

I didn't say all of them, I said most of them. Most of them are stupid idiots who doesn't give a think to get a contraception. If you're stupid enough to get a creampie, without giving a thought about the consequences, then you'll jump to the opportunity to get an abortin, without giving a shit about the baby.

>So they are to blame
Where did I say I blame them? I said you cannot help them, that's all I've said.

>Human is human at all stages of life.
Let's not forget then, that many ready-to-divide fertilised egg-cells cannot penetrate cervix mucose membrane ad thus are flushed to the toilet. Like literally, half of the (potential) humans end up down the drain.

>fetus deleteus

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Fertilized eggs =/= fetus. Stop making our flag look bad, you degenerate fucktard.

>Human is human at all stages of life
These are your own words, you imbecil. This is exactly why there's 14-days rule in science, to separate fertilized eggs and fetuses.
This is YOU who mixes these up by your stupid remark.

>almost the size of a jelly bean
>much more advanced
Retarded nigger.

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>fetus deleteus
We should use this term instead of abortion. Inventing new language is half of the solution of the problem.

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Are you retarded and blind?

Who said that human begins at fertilization you mongoloid? Fetus is human. Sperm and egg are not. Im not mixing anything you dipshit.

What would you suggest should happen to rape victims? Would you expect them to suck it up and embrace motherhood for an unwanted and forced upon child carrying traits of a person, who assaulted them?

>muh rape
0.1 of all abortions. Thats like saying why murders should go to prison if 0.1 are wrongly accused. Completely irrelevant and should not taken into consideration under any lawmaking.

Always thought that was weird. The first ultrasound we got looked like a little person and it was only about 2 months in maybe...
It is straight dehumanization.

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There are plenty of rape-children that exist who would otherwise not exist. Do they deserve to not exist due to the whims and feelings of a woman? The feelings of women are worthless. Picture related is worth more than the lives of 10,000 stupid whores. I don't give one iota of a FUCK about stupid women. Go suffer like you deserve and bring forth an existence into this world so that you do at least one good thing in your entire life.

To make an exception for rape, or whatever, is to deny the existence of countless men based on the whims and feelings of women.

Fuck women, fuck their feelings, and fuck their comfort.

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No I'm not, I've spent several years looking at clumps of cells like that in Uni. You can clearly see, that embrions are structurally identical.

>Fetus is human
And where does fetus start? After 6 weeks, you dumb idiot? Make clear definitions first, before wagin wars on something.

>What would you suggest should happen to rape victims?
You cannot help them, so they are free to do abortion, duh.

For rape victims:
Allow the abortion and charge the rapist with murder.




If you spent years looking at cells in university, you wasted all of your time. I spent plenty of time in university studying molecular and cellular biology, and those drawings are clearly a bunch of bullshit. They are clearly not morphologically identical, you'd have to be a liar to say that. You're a russian so lying and being a cryptokike is in your blood I suppose.

>Would you expect them to suck it up
I would have no one suffer pain indignity. That is why we must consider feeling bad a crime against society.
Only until we outlaw all cancer and injury will we be free from the tyranny of reality. If it takes a million dead children piled upon the rubble of a once great nation - so be it.