Post your POSITIVE experiences with black people

>Be me
>Be twenty something male
>Work in an office full of wine aunts and female boomers
>Genuinely nice people but I have little in common with them
>Next office along is pretty much the same except for one guy
>Guy is a middle aged Jamaican dude
>End up chatting when both waiting to use the printer
>Seems like a nice guy
>End up having more interesting conversations with him than I've ever had with the middle aged women in my office who just talk about holidays, chocolate biscuits and their kids
>His jokes are funnier than anything those women have told

TL;DR black men make better company than women.

If you've never had positive experiences with black people then fine, we don't need to hear it

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i called a black guy nigger and he laughed

Went to Trindad to work on their aircraft (they are completely unable to maintain them). We finished the job and flew back home, that was nice.

Have two blacks friends I enjoy spending time with, they are both cool and funny and can take a joke. Though you must understand outliers are a thing, and we aren’t meant to live together. To have our cultures thrive and our people to be happy we have to be separate.

>be roommate with darkie
>all we do is smoke weed watch Chinese cartoons and pick up sluts at the bar
>he steals my food sometimes
Probably the best experience I’ve had with them

Went to a strip club last week and some mulatto guy gave me a free drink that he got with his table. Said thanks mate

I had black friend from 14 to 21 other nogs use called him a coconut, that how you know he was a gooden

Jamaicans can be bro.

Black girl sucked my cock

Let me tell you white niggas a lil secret

We let the race related jokes slide in hopes of you growing out of them

We don't find them as funny but we fuck with you guys

My best friend is white and a great guy

Nice thread ty

>grew up with nigger friend who played the cello
>one of the hardest workers I've ever met
>college grad
>great guy overall
>better than trash whites
>is a liberal
>better than white libtards because you can actually talk with him and he won't ree
We don't see eye to eye, but we can work together when it's needed and have an adult discussion without hating each other.
Main point: there is a big difference between a civilized person of African Descent and full blown Nigger.
I somewhat agree.
I say that FORCING cultural acceptance and change is bad. We can coexist, but it takes time to get used to each other. And sometimes we literally cannot live with them because of culture clasj, but that doesn't make them the enemy in most cases.
Just look at European Countries. While there were small pockets of Muslim people, they never got out of hand. They had adapted to their new society. They were Europeans who happened to be Muslim.
The moment Europe started importing them by the millions, crime and violence rates shot the hell up because no one was ready for a people who would not and had not adapted to the new culture. They were Muslims who happen to be in Europe.

too many fucking soft cunts in this country think blacks are super cool bros from one experience with ngubu the friendly retard

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She had great weed and could take dick like a champ. And fixed me breakfast.

I never interacted with one. That's the most positive experience I've had. I'd like to keep it that way.

I hope this thread stays wholesome but there's no way

The time a black orderly gave me my HIV test results

when the bull takes my wife
(Im Canadian this is a proxy)

>See nigger on street
>He didn't commit a crime

I've never seen a sub-saharan african nigger. But I used to eat a lot of sand-nigger food back in my school years if that counts. It was good.

>Just look at European Countries. While there were small pockets of Muslim people, they never got out of hand. They had adapted to their new society. They were Europeans who happened to be Muslim.
>The moment Europe started importing them by the millions, crime and violence rates shot the hell up because no one was ready for a people who would not and had not adapted to the new culture. They were Muslims who happen to be in Europe
Based, checked, saved and redpilled.
Fuck ghetto trash barbarians of all shapes and colors, peace to everyone else.

bullshit, I've known plenty of black people to tell just as racist of jokes as I have, it's a universal thing

we like them but after the 62nd race joke we understand you see a devide between us and whites
just the way i feel perhaps

Lived in a duplex a few times. best ever neighbors were black family.Used to have little parties in the back round the fire pit all the time. Still keep in touch to this day. After they moved out white drunken drug dealing monster from hell moved in.

Also where i live now Jamaican dude came running over to help my other elderly neighbor cut out a stump with a machete. I had told him i would help him take it out after work but the stubborn old guy just had to try it himself. Good thing machete man was around.

>go to theaters to binge some cucky marvel movies with friends
>two black guys in front of me
>assume they're watching some shit too
>they walk into a showing of Code Geass instead

I wish I could have joined them...


he took HIV test...


>be me
>walk by some nigger
>didnt cross the street because it somehow had 2 niggers
>didn't get mugged/raped
thank you nigger

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>TL;DR men make better company than women.
FTFY. Men of any race are better company than women unless the woman's sucking your cock.

Worked with a black guy in a produce warehouse couple years back. He was a hard worker. Told him about my 2nd job. He was interested in a 2nd job so I got him in at my other job as well. He still works there today. Good worker. Nice guy.


Not all men.

>Be me
>Fuck Negress
>Good ole classic Cum n' go
>Never seen her ever again after

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This one time a nigger died, it was pretty based.

YLYL with niggers acting like apes

Daily reminder that Jow Forums is a multicultural board where a nigger posts about self hating a nigger, where a nigger can be a white supremacist and where a nigger can be outspoken as he is against jews.

this is a wholesome thread.

Уaт.. Ap ю caм кaйнд ъф пycи?

a black nurse once shed a tear at seeing me in pain getting my face stitched up in hospital
it was almost wholesome

I have put 4 people in A&E in my life and 2 of them were black and overall that was a pretty positive experience

also a black girl once sucked my dick when I was 16, almost positive but she was really bad at sucking dick

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aгeнcт тpи нигepc йec

fair enough fellow bonger

stfu nigger

We could be very compatible as friends user, don't sell yourself short

Don't have any. I've had black coworkers that were cool as fuck and great to talk to but lazy workers. Had a black friend from kindergarten to high school but he showed his true colors when I needed him most.

The closest I can say was this real butch big lesbian who was cool and a good worker but she was in another department and I barely talked to her.

A black friend of mine is full power levels on the JQ with anyone he meets.

>fellow bonger
you better be in one of the containment zones

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when i lived in houston i met so many niggers that one of them was actually pretty smart
one of them

okay fuck you actually

pic unrelated

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okay shitposting aside niggers who are woke on the JQ and race mixing are based as fuck

I have heard many negros in the containment zones fear stepping outside of them
you too?

Go back to sesame Street lol

This is a civ nat propaganda thread.

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>I have put 4 people in A&E in my life
newfag detected

I have actually never had a negative experience with a black person IRL, although I live in a small, relatively affluent, 99% white, English town.
The few black people I have associated with and worked alongside IRL have all been friendly and chilled out.

Irish Travelers on the other hand can all fuck right off to hell, before I ever met one, I had a fairly benign, even sympathetic, attitude towards them. Now however, after several interactions with several different groups of them, as well as the innumerable stories of theft, intimidation, violence, fraud, etc told to me by many different people, if the law wasn't an issue, I'd happily shoot one in the face. They barely even register as human on my radar. Like a humanoid creature somewhere between a cockroach and a pitbull.

Anyone with first hand experience with Irish travelers will know what I mean.

i listened to jimmi hendrix once

Positive interaction with a blackpilled boomer in Cyprus.

>in Cyprus, at the hotel ect
>want to get away from my family for a bit, go off to get some ice water from the dining hall and chill somewhere
>there is a raised area outside the dining room, I grab my drink and go out for a smoke
>the only guy up there is an old dude on his own, drinking white wine.
>walk past him and smoke my camels.
>old dude speaks up
>goes on a tyraid about how I shouldn't be smoking here, he then shifts the goalposts that I shouldn't be smoking at all
>tell him he's a rude bastard and walk down to the pool area.
>after getting over how he spoke to me, I guess that we just got on the wrong foot
>walk back up and apologise to him, he was rude but I've been taught to respect my elders.
>ask him if he fancies a drink and a chat
>sit down and drink with him(I then switched to wine, he says he's fine with me smoking at the table
>turns out he quit smoking not long ago when his spouse died and he is now endlessly holidaying
>have a 3 hour conversation with him where we talk about everything political under the sun and of the changes the information age brought the world
>talk about information exchange and the nature of anomimity online
>old guy has fears regarding this, thinks the human element of seeing someone's face when you talk to them is essential to properly sharing info
>makes the point that on the Internet people often fail to enforce bonds with other people because of this(think faceburg ect)
>talk about immigration and the eu
>this is back in 2015
>the man is utterly blackpilled on it, runs me through its history ect
>tells me about how he used to feel about politics when he was younger and that its all turned out to be bullshit.

The next time an old man on the street is rude to you or lectures you about whatever, ask the guy to go for a drink with you, could turn out to be the best and most engaging conversation you'll ever have.

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Went outside today and didn’t get any black guys trying to hustle me for a dollar. Didn’t see any drunk/high black guys either. AMAZING! The only thing better would be to see no black people.

>see a nigger
>gets shot by police
>finish my drink and go home
Was a good day.

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Black people are relentless against asians, more than black vs white, that's something you should probably reflect on

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im genetically stronger than most white people and i go where i want, pull up

I got jumped by 4 muslims for drinking a beer ON MY OWN FRONT LAWN

around 7-8 black dudes came running down the street and bashed them in, pretty sure one muslim ended up getting stabbed to death

vote brexit and help us cleanse london

They were not Europeans and never were if they were still muslims. Why can't you wrap your tiny mind over this.

Of course 1 nigger living in a 1000 white only area is going to act less like a nigger than he is by nature. However that nigger will always be a nigger and if you put him back into nigger land he will revert to being a full blown nigger with the exception that he has advantages from pretending to be white.

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my son is half-black, he's alright

dont come london

Well said and well numbered

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if thats so, why can't you guys fight one on one?

About half the people at my office are black. Most of them are highly educated and genuinely good people. I like them and sometimes meet up with them outside of work. Nearly all poor uneducated blacks are impossible to civilize however and I do almost anything to avoid them. Poor violent niggers are the worst.


I've known a lot of black people I'd never care to know again on principle of having nothing to relate over and disagreeing with the way they represented themselves, and three of 'em wound up being my friends and giving me a different perspective on what it means to be a man and 'cool' in their upbringing and social circles, as well as how it can cause a lot of good people to lose their drive and have a much broader perspective of right and wrong to justify doing what it means to be a man and be desirable.

Jamaican cafe on campus made good cheap goat roti/jerk pork, and the trinis were good sports about getting hustled at pool.

That's about it.

am telling fibs? am I not? who knows
all cases were in self defence with no other option
such is life in bongland

>be black
>be on Jow Forums
>good times.

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Sure thing Tyrone. Why are you larping as a nigger and why are you a communist?

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we love anime and asian food what more do you want???


I had a black roommate for my last two years of college. He always paid his share off the bills and I could bullshit with him about basically anything. He was half Indian though. I've had no positive experiences with ordinary negroes.

I personally do can't talk for other black people

>Be me
>Norway's Constitution Day (today, May 17th)
>My son and wife are at the local fairegrounds celebrating with attractions and carousels.
>Shitskins everywhere
>See only five White people during ~120 minutes we were there
>I didn't get stabbed or robbed
>I only almost vomited due to stinking sweat smell twice
>My son got scared and started crying after watching niggers fight in the line to get cotton candy.
>15 minutes later some niggers tried to sell me tickets to a "better faire" on the other side of the river.
>I tell the niggers that I'm not interested in their BLACK market tickets and that they should fuck off.
>Their primal instincts kick inn and they become threatening
>Guards come and apprehend them
>Me and my family leaves and goes home
>Son had a good time overall
>I can't stop thinking about the Day of the Rope
>Wife even mentioned that she wants them all to die
>Norway is no longer Norwegian

Well.. There was a silver lining, I guess? Norway is dead, but at least people are waking up.. Fuck my life.

Did they also teach you poor grammar?

Watched one die

igor, get out of my country you're the filthy worthkess nigger

I work with a 50+ year old black guy
He’s a cool dude because he genuinely doesn’t hate white people, despite actually growing up around a time when they were still considered subhumans. Hates niggers a lot too, shame they can’t all be like him

*your wife's son

I'm gonna need some greentext, buddy.

The only anime niggers like is dragon ball. Even worse than Naruto.

lol trust me, I wouldn't touch that shitheap with a barge pole. Cities in general fucking suck, whenever I've been to one I'm always struck by how dirty, dog eared and unfriendly everything is. I really do thank my lucky stars that I was born somewhere that is somewhat rural.

>English words written in slavrunes

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that's Cyrillic you stupid nigger

I knew a black guy who hated niggers too. He was an ok guy but also a nigger who acted like a nigger.

If I didn’t know him any better I’d think this guy was Jow Forumstard to be honest. He’s super redpilled on women and government, but yeah still acts like a dumb black man

not larping
just don't want to identify as british
>fucked webm. it is "people" that are the problem, I promise. The world we live in is too complicated. we shift blame. I swear.

fair enough. stick to ur view brother.

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