>this man makes the christcucks seethe

what's his secret?

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He's black.

Murder and arson.

That's what I said.



Facts and logic

Gandalf varg
Gandalf varg

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pagan superautism

> makes the christcucks seethe
> pagancuck literally has a youtube channel dedicated to seething about Christchads reking degenerate pagancucks throughout history

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>hates christcucks
>likes tolkien

>what's his secret?
The truth. No one ever addresses his arguments when it comes to Christianity. All the Jow Forums christcucks just fall back on "Muh larp" and "Muh welfare" because they know he's right.

>Thinking worshipping a tree is going to do anything....

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Go suck his cock

being a social media Kardashian while preaching thats hes too cool for it.

Basically judaism

he's a discord tranny like all anti-trump kikes

How can someone be that ignorant?

imagine admiring a man and listetning to someone that murdered another and set a church on fire.
reminder that this faggot would still be rotting in prison anywhere else than nordcuck country.

He doesn’t give a fuck user. He has a set of principles that he lives by and is perfectly comfortable in the fact that not everyone he meets will agree with him, there is a sense of zen like calmness and assuredness when you watch Varg and this is from someone who doesn’t agree with him 100%.

he is Euronymous' ex-boyfriend

They fear him. They consider him a nutter but they also see how popular he is.

Christcucks are seeing the writings on the wall and it is not looking good for their christ god.

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imagine taking life advice from someone who committed murder over faggy band drama

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>Kills someone
>Goes to jail
>Is still more successful and has more children than 99% of Jow Forums

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not everyone is willing to go as low as to marry a literal autist and live on welfare in another country like a nigger

Show me your wife and career user

show us yours

I'm not the one making the claim about who we should follow for life advice. Proof is in the pudding, he is financially successful and has had many children.

user thinks this isn't good enough, so I'm asking to see his wife and career.


Burning down churches and killing commies. It'd be cool if he burnt down a mosque or two as well.

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>imagine admiring a man and listetning to someone that murdered another
absolutely based, roman emperors and their books are taken as isnpiration for entire civilisations and they murdered millions of people, your rleigion is just retarded

>reminder that this faggot would still be rotting in prison anywhere else than nordcuck country.
but he s in france you complete retard, and he went to prison, the guy he killed wanted to kill him, and he didnt serve much time

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>what's his secret?


>Proof is in the pudding, he is financially successful
here's the problem, Varg advocates his "traditional pagan lifestyle" to others as a path to success and fulfillment, but the thing is that he lives almost entirely off of passive income from his music and merchandise. His success doesn't come from living in the woods, he attained success before that. Thus if someone else were to take his advice they'd probably starve out there in the woods without any passive income to buy shit with. Also you don't have to be a role model yourself in order to be able to point out a bad role model

I don't think he has ever outright said to anyone "go pick up and live in the middle of no where with no financial support" though. He just advocates for disconnecting from society as much as you feasibly can and living healthier. Whether that's growing your own food, not getting caught up in social media, etc. Basically live as naturally and as "red pilled" as you can, within your financial means (and collect government gibs if you can to drain the system. He has outright said this). Having a passive income is something everyone should strive for anyway, as another aspect of breaking out of the slavery.

Before Christianity the Nords were savages...


Also he's proud of his race and not afraid to show it.

Christians were also savages at one point before the Reformation.

> financially successful
kek he says that he is literally without power, and modern utilities, and barely gets by with the rent

Anders Breivik is a modern day crusader.

He and his wife have 4 income sources. Burzum, MYFAROG, her books and the welfare payments for their children. They're getting by fine.

his wife is qt and he gets to live a comfy life on a farm free from niggers and wage slavery. he is a total cringe lord and a gay fag but when it comes to his family and income source he has it pretty well made

Being correct on most matters I guess.

>refuses to debate any Christians
>blocks anybody who disagrees with him
>changed his name to Varg from “Kristian”
he’s pathetic and honestly I feel bad for him.

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Oy vey goyim. Why haven't you converted to paganism yet?!? Oy vey don't you want to be a shit eating pagan faggot and sacrifice children while dancing like a faggot in the forest yet? OY VEY!

Would you debate a robber who broke into your house and threatens you with knife or would you just shoot him?

>Pro-Israel shill

pagans and christians should unite for the white race.

i didnt know hes a isreal shill i only remember his glorious commie slaughter

the only time im reminded of this snownigger is when some nobody brings him up on pol. he (and the rest of his snownigger npc followers) are the ones who constantly seeth about christianity and live with Christ on their minds 24/7. The average christian probably couldnt give a lesser fuck about these crypto-atheist snowniggers

I would shoot him but if I was a Pagan larper like Varg I would debate Christians who request debates and not block them and hide like a coward


Tell that to the christcucks who make 50 threads a day ree'ing about Atheists and Pagans

>thinks worshiping a dead kike on a stick is going to do anything
Christfags are in the same class as mudslimes and kikes. Just a bunch of sandnigger-worshiping retards.

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post three from the archive in the past 24 hours.
you can’t, because Christians pay no mind to pagan larpers.
pic related is your average pagan. just an annoying mushroom eating hippie.

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its an issue on both sides my friend, I see many anti christian and anti pagan threads pop up, this and usually the OP has only one post, I feel like this is a d&c tactic done by kikes to divide us.

He triggers medshit subhumans

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Nope. All the cathedrals were built pre Reformation. Fuck off.

The Romans tamed you.

The highest civilization in history is shit? Okay senpai.

You're psychotic. Civilization began in SEMITIC Iraq and Syria you bum.

By being Chad as fuck with an aryan wife and loads of kids

Nordicism failed when Sweden didn't join Germany and the rest had to be occupied.

Literally worthless snowniggers other than the Finns.

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How do you read pics on here when the quality gets compressed?

Why didn’t you kill the Snowniggers, cousin?

He is based and red pilled, but at the same time retarded enough that the burgers can understand him. They would be much more mad at Nietzsche, if they actually understood him.

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lmao this is unironically true

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>as low

Let me tell you something son.

Your progeny won't care 'how low' you 'stooped' to survive. Who fucking does that today? Oh only Christcucks, and white numales. In other words, the real losers.

They will sing praises of you for surviving this shit.

Progeny can’t sing praises - nonverbal autism

"What's his secret?" He makes moonshine back in th woods, I'm guessing?

Sweden is a good argument against Nordicism indeed... The Swedetoid fears the Asiatic BVLL Praise Tengri! youtube.com/watch?v=LhO9j0G61Ac

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christians are jews and frenchmen arent huwhite. we're heading into an ice age


>Advertising Varg

Hello Varg, how ya doin’?

More like
>christians make pagans seethe
Pagan larpers are the new atheists

>has more children
How many of them are sons? Because creating fucktoys is not an accomplishment.

We need to remember (((who))) the true enemy is.

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