TDS 444 Discussion thread

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fuck morpeeus

if someone could also kindly share
Mike & the MAD WOP #22

Paydaddies plz

and ftn 215

Imagine not being a paybull. Stop being niggers and support your favorite content creators.

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Yey! Give it up paycucks!

Hand it over payweenies!

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Hi Sven. Tell Grug Alex to fuck off and I will buy two paywalls.

Ready for those sweet sweet racisims plz

>no paykings putting out

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Also does anyone know whats up with the Krypto Report, i'm slowly dying without Azz these last two weeks

Mike Enoch is a kike. Stop listening to eceleb kikes. Richard Spencer is CIA and Sven is a fag.

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Is there anything good besides FTN on there?

I miss the war room and alc right rises. Fuckin good times

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Strike and Mike
Poz Button


Bump for peeps w/o $109 a month

RFS and Knock-off...oh wait

Literally this. What does he contribute to the show?

TDS and mad wop bleeze

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I miss Fash Course History and Honoring Our History

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PozButton is good like 62% of the time.
I want a Home Improvement episode.

They recently did an episode and a livestream

Don is dealing with personal matters apparently but according to the Sasquatch they should be back on regular schedule

I want them to do an episode on the filmography of Jim Van Bebber[???].mp3

the [???] needs to be filled in with one alphanumeric character that I've backspaced out. Enjoy!

hand it over paycuck

Or, if (((Sven))) necks himself on air, I'll pay just to see the video.


Where all the paypiggies at?


I'll listen to this, and if I'm impressed, I'll become a paypig. I probably should, I've listened to these guys for years, it's time to give back. I appreciate this.

Thanks for the Krypto update my man, im going to look for live stream now

There are 36 different tries I'm guessing. Fuck that. Somebody else do it


Thank you, pay-sama.

Thanks user

*1488 a minute.

Paycuck here. AMA.

Next time factor out the sign that's not literally the first number if you want to play mindgames you faggot

Guys, its a shitty overcast day and I need to go do lawn work and then left heavy things. With my legs.
Sven, you know this existential dread. I have basked so long neath the Sun of your contempt, but I ask you as a fellow Europoid to show grace upon the wicked and weak, upon the stahving, with their quivering thighs, upon the sons of the Ranch and of the Taco Bell breakfast.

Lo, we do call to thee. We bid you break the old taboos and usher forth a brief new age of respite, that your contempt may be all the more appreciated in the days to come. In the name of the gauges, the bicycle and the little Aryan.

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Zyklon Don has been on vacation or something. He does all the production.

Anyone have mad wop and ftn?

Ah nevermind. Fuck you nigga!

I was a Strikerist the whole time! Hahahaha!

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Nice to know no one takes moarfaggot seriously anymore.

Been worried bout the old man lol

Nice. Thank you

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The MatW episode was pure shit. Horrible sound quality for everyone except Mike and literally every caller was worse than TradLife-tier with the senile rambling forever without getting to the point

Its easy not to take the criticisms of someone seriously when you don't take what they're criticizing seriously.
Hard truth: TRS gave up after Cville. They're basically just a comedy show and a men's club, specifically for the kind of guys who think Mike never had anything to prove anyway.

how far would you say you are from killing yourself?

Top kek. Is this German engineering?

It's hard to take someone who literally works for the SPLC as anything but a literal agent of Jews.

the Third Rail was pretty serious. Until they got Larry Ridgeway on there, now it's funny, but less serious anymore.

$10 / month you faggot. $120 a year.

>TRSodomites still can't into Jow Forums trolling

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Without Lauritz it was missing something integral. Larry isn't Lauritz, its not the same, but he fills the void quite well.


why would i listen to some faggots repeating Jow Forums memes when i could play Warcraft 3 mods with my son?

How does it feel, being a contributor rather than a parasite?

Pls poast FTN!!!

>supporting a fatass married to a b'nai b'rith agent of trannification
look at yourself

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Why wouldn't you do both?
Daily Reminder that your wife's son isn't your son.

*wifes son
Lol just shitposting buddy


Please, pay piggies!

You were rekt by over 15 anons the other day when you tried to claim that Soph was jewish because she she had the name “Davis,” you literal retard. No one buys your “sit on your hands and do nothing!” bullshit anymore.

Pay the 10 nigger

Seriously roastied and cat ladies dump hundreds into random nigger patreons and gibs shit and you faggots cant even pay the 10

user pls

Calm down you autistic faggot.

Shut up kike and post FTN 215: Anti-U.S. Interests Remarks or I'm gonna start murdering your people

No. You’re full of shit and everyone knows it. You use unverifiable bullshit to try to turn redpilled anons against people who are trying to speak for them.

Who the fuck do you think I am retard

You can pay for TDS...?

It was poasted already in the archives

>tried to claim that Soph was jewish because she she had the name “Davis,”
How the fuck can someone even be this stupid? At that level of crazy I wouldn't believe if you told me 2+2=4.


>people are stupid with their money so you should be too

News to me. Thanks Dutchbro!

>Fash Course History
kek the episode on the Aztecs obliterated my sides

Link? Cant find it

This. Can’t imagine how PATHETIC one must be to not be a paybull in 2019

Sadly this week had some bad callers, it’s true

Anyone got this week's Strike and Mike? It wasn't posted for the poor fags.

Thanks user.

if alex, moike, and sven neck themselves, i will buy three paywalls

Some TDS information, including treatment info and movies coming out...

imagine being such a kike you wont pay for an antisemitic podcast.

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These guys are cryptojew fags

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Are you retarded? Do you know what a shared phenotype is? That faggot is just an Anglo hence they share similar facial features, but it's obviously not Sven, just look at the lips and eyebrows, fucking stupid kike.

You're probaly just jealous you're not the one sucking his little dick

Do you really expect people to fall for that... Try harder kike

Maybe it's Mike?


What happened to Rebel Yell? I know they're still on ID but the TRS archives don't even exist anymore.

bro, talk about how moon landings are fake

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Post FTN, or at least link for archive if already posted, can't find it...

ID spazzed out on TRS so they quit syndicating them. Forgot what it was about

Who cares they suck

Mike isn't a retard, he would come up with better material that that grug brain.

It’s so cheap. Just do it, people. It’s worth it.

I meant in the picture. It's clearly not Sven.

That doesn't look like Mike at all I've seen his HS photo and even then he looks completely different. Whoever made that image is some asshole who think if he compares Sven to a faggot who shares an Anglo phenotype he might be able to trick retards into thinking Sven is that faggot.