Race War brewing in UK - Romanian Gangs are hunting down muslims across UK

Seems like Romanian Gangs have already had enough of muslims and are bashing them up and down england showing the brits and western euro's how to do it.

Link - youtu.be/aDoKA7-KD-Q

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It's about time

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Some more of romanians fucking up and beating the shit out of pakies/muslims across england.

Link - youtu.be/UaTJZA3a824

Link - youtu.be/0DqHJ9ARfv0

Link - youtu.be/gdzseYurs2w

Link - youtu.be/3Ta2gapY6r8

Link - youtu.be/BTbQtDLrAt8

Link - youtu.be/R8LwBg2eapQ

Link - youtu.be/kXTewPwCkKs

Link - youtu.be/W22GzVjR3tM

Link - youtu.be/tE1n6OAftGQ

Link - youtu.be/aRddPxbpplg

Link - youtu.be/WC0NbTnAXqI

I wish these were a bit more brutal. But the fire starts with a spark.

I'd rather live amongst Muslims than dirty fucking Romanians.

Good for the Romanians. But why aren't any Brits doing this?

There was one story up in northern england on the outskirts of city of sheffiekd where theres a influx of slovak/eastern european gypsies romas from slovakia and they had a hard time living in communist eastwrn wurope...and they had a feud with a muslim in sheffield . So one day they waited for him.. gagged him...took him to a park and led him to a disused railway tunnel...tied him up and soaked him in petrol and tried to burn him alive.

I'll try find the news article if I can.

Haha diety brown rat pakie sunni musrat exposed.

Romanians are quite surprising. I work with one who was a taxi driver, carried a baseball bat around with him to chase people that didn't pay. Also tells racist jokes.

second one is saucy

Shut up you filthy paki.

Im guessing the brits need to see someone else to do it first...like a dutch courage sort of thing...and a copy-cat thing...always wait for someone else to take the first step.

Spotted the non-white

Back to the goatfucking ahmed

Roma's are just mad the Pakis are cutting into their crime syndicates.

Basedmania wins again

How about they fuck off to their own Countries like the Shitskins?

the fucking state of multi cultural britain. I'd love to take these vids back 20 years into the past and show the cunts who cheered along with Blair on the dawn of multi cultism

Let's hope so. I've been wondering why all these hooligans and skinheads have been letting this shit go on.

gang turf war
subhuman scum vs subhuman scum

they look the same.

>Im guessing the brits need to see someone else to do it first
No. British people are just quiet. We just want to drink tea, eat Greggs pasties and watch football, soap operas and the occasional political TV program. Violence is unseemly.

That's why kikes rule us. We're passive and don't resist them. We have no choice but to accept hundreds of millions of niggers. We will never do anything about it.

Fortunately God will, so it's just something we have to put up with temporarily.

My parents are Rhodesian, one of which spent 6 years slaughtering communist inspired gooks in the Bush. Grow the fuck up you spineless cunt.

There are pedohunters all over Britain already.

Whoever wins, we lose.

Romanians have been migrating to England for well over a century. If they're actual Romanians and not gyppos then I have no problem with them.

Multi culture clearly causes more hate crimes it makes all races get attacked more. God fucking damn WHY CANT WE HAVE TRAVEL BANSGXDJ DTKCJ

Because you're probably somebody with a Migration background yourself.

I'm a mix of English Welsh and Irish. I just don't have a problem with Europeans coming to Britain. I've never had a problem with any European migrants here and I've met many. Even most Poles are alright. Pakis and nigs on the other hand are endlessly troublesome.

diversity is our stre-
meanwhile, a white guy liked a tweet and got arrested

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fucking dacians are chad af

based and vladpilled

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Nice i assume you'll take some Eastern Europeans off our hands?

How do they tell the difference?

I think its mainly the gypsies that are clashing with them.

Muslims getting IMPALED.COM

stupid mutts

Got another one for you

You know what, maybe Romanians aren't that bad after all
We just need to transport all the cyganie from southern Poland to the UK as the frontline of the race war

this is racist and disgusting. fuck romanians and fuck racism. Jesus preached we love all human beings despite their race and religion. I love any muslim as if they are my family

the roma's have moved into what were paki areas and have turned the place into home sweet sewer, that's probably why they are clashing.

>t. seething 'asian'
fuck off kebab-nigger

I'd rather gypsy street shitters than paki rape gangs

Muzzie got stabbed by Romanians. Hahaha.

Link - m.youtube.com/watch?v=6uqyHyVeAUY

Slovakians/slovaks flood a street in page hall in sheffield to attack a muslim taxi driver after a child was aporoached by a muslim pervert in a car.

Link - youtu.be/QieqpM9ELXo
A muzzie taxi driver tried ripping off some eastern eruppean romanian so he cane back with a gang if Romanian gypsies and attacke dthe muzzie at his taxi branch/rank in london uk.

Link - youtu.be/3ATNvYrmP74
Some more slovaks attack anithet pakistani muslin taxi driver pervert in page hall suburb of sheffield.

Link - youtu.be/Dml6ufZsTD0
Some more slovaks/eastern europeans catch a pakistani muslim who tried breaking into one of their cars so they chased him down...cornered him and gave him a beating with baseball bats in grimesthorpe area of sheffield.

Are these /gypsy/ Romanians, or the real kind? Cuz I wouldn't know who to cheer for if gypsies.

And Das Juden screams YES, more baby boys to slurp on when U GOYIM look the other way.

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Some more slovaks/eastern europeans catch a pakistani muslim who tried breaking into one of their cars so they chased him down...cornered him and gave him a beating with baseball bats in grimesthorpe area of sheffield.

Link - youtu.be/ET0odBBlIfI

>I'd rather gypsy street shitters than paki rape gangs
Imagine telling the British soldiers on D-day that these will be the options given to their descendants.

No, fuck YOU pozzed brother

And muslims rape YOUR babies
..but your a abdoooool so of course your going to change the subject and pick on your enemy.

Filthy brown islamic scab.

I heard that was happening in Alum Rock in Birmingham. Not sure if that is the video. Basically Romanians are moving into a traditional Afghan, Pakistani area and the locals don't like it.

Part and parcel of a rich and vibrant diverse shithole country we now live in.

Thanks politicians.

Reminder, 1950s Britain was a paradise.

> God will
's right Brit, just be a good boy and collect your reward in heaven. (Feel free to smack me around if I ever talk that same way.)

WTF I love Gypsies now
Pakis would fit right into Romanian graves if 500K of them make it to Romania

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Been happening for ages you manmental burger
Inner city and old Industrial towns

yeah, I've seen two clips - they were awesome. Too bad they weren't ... uh, more effective.

So drug wars, great.

Does it matter? Race war incoming.

>Afghan, Pakistani

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When all you have to choose from is evils, wouldn't you take the lesser ones?

>Reminder, 1950s Britain was a paradise
It was a shithole actually, we were economically devastated by the war, but it was *our* shithole nonetheless. This island hasn't felt like home since the 90s.

Gypsies are Hindu Pakis
Sounds like pakis met their match


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sure, when they aren't busy stealing shit and then selling the scrap

What the hell is going on in Britain?

damn, I feel you, I haven't seen shit like this go down in Romania, and I lived in one of the worst cities, full of gyppos.

Based and Dacianpilled

(even from a leaf, that was bait.)

The British state is so cucked that our 'visitors' have no fear of repercussions

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the people who constantly take about race war in the west are russian trolls.
They want the west to be engulfed in civil war to weaken it.

gypsies are worse

yea because they are gyppos, and gyppos are from india

arent romanians children of dracula ?

That's stupid. The Russian boogeyman has been proven false everytime.

Fighting over drug territory. Its like niggers and spics in the US

They're Christian Pakis, never heard of hinduism being a thing among european gypsies.

Based gypos

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The other day, me and my brother were mulling over the possibility that the Soviets planted all the seeds of liberalism, multiculturalism, progressivism, etc etc etc. During the 60s 70s and 80s and now we are seeing their efforts come to fruition.

Perhaps McCarthy was right all along.

> muh Russia
Fuck off jidf

Exactly....western governmemt blames russia... did russia tell you to tell your british police to be quiet while muslims are grooming then raping and penetrating 10 year old white english girls ....Nope.

Did Russia force muslims to run amok across britain while selling drugs....and grooming more little white girles and boys behind the back of their temporary cheap looking hand car washes where theres 1 or 2 cars need washing but theres up to 15 to 20 young muslim men there......

The white ones. The Gypsies are of ancient poo stock.

>Tfw when both Paki and Romanian violence will be counted as "white" in the statistics

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Revenge is justice. Just make sure the ones responsible are the ones who started shit in the first place.

If a paki rapes your daughter and the law decides that they should roam free in the streets without proper punishment, then it's perfectly fine.

Even though they're different people and should have stayed in their shithole of a country, realize, that their fake religion is what promotes them into being the living pieces of shit they have become where they invade, leech, and refuse to assimilate into a foreign society all the while having the audacity to look at their hosts as an enemy. ALL jewish root religions helped to pave the way for this even happening.

Some make people complacent and uncaring about the greater things, while other will make people into violent savages. Even cuckanity has a history full of darkness and to this day do lone nut jobs attack their own over it. It divides families and nations from within which thn weakens the chances of survival for the people involved over time and the one thing they all have in common is a shared "god", "morals", and jewish figures. It's obvious who the real problem is. Pakis are simply a symptom of the root problem. The jews. Brainwashing and several years of jewish dogma and "morals" in a self-perpetuating echo chamber is the result of these people. Yet, like programmed fools they will kill their own for "insulting people of the book".

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Yuri Bezmenov:

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He's saying "yeah mon yeah mon" until he realizes which brown group is attacking which

I agree
They are mostly Christian because they joined the majority religion of their land

Many of them still believe in Hindu type beliefs while not really proclaiming to be a hindu


Then at the same time, they will even unite "against a common enemy" despite both these fools having the luxurious life they have if it were not for the work of white men. These savages would not have advanced as far as they did if it were not for usury and vile traitors doing business with them. The jews set up the conditions and problems while providing solutions that lead to more problems.

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Don't be a racist user. Anyway not the point. It's fascinating to watch.

In most videos you can't tell. In most of the ones you can, it's gypsies.

Gypsies and pakis are the same race, though. That makes it a turf war at best.

Piss off dirty pakie/pathan sunni islamic sand-rat.

Shut up Paki filth

Irving was right, they'd have fought alongside the Germans, actually given the state of the US I doubt there would have been many people left fighting other than everyone slaughtering the Soviets of course.

Romanians are bigger british patriots than locals... Christ save the Queen.

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he's right tho, anyone that says any different hasn't been around romanians or roma gypsies for too long they're fucking scum of the scum

Eastern Europeans are based. Western Europeans are cucks.

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All mass religions that have any trace of jewish concepts, characters, morals, etc, needs to go. That includes a "one god responsible for all of creation" bullshit.

Outside of pushing degenerates, that are derivative of their environments and conditional upbringings, usually surrounded by abrahamic influences, creates these kind of parasitic invaders who would rather bring their dysfunctional way of life given to them by their false religions and environments into a country far superior to theirs and drag it down. Jews are the ones pushing for the immigration, multiculturalism, and all sorts of shit that ultimately leads to race mixing which actually DECREASES diversity despite their bullshit propaganda. If everyone becomes a sea of brown, that's not very diverse.

Also, these false religions are used as a seed point to infiltrate and condition people from within. That's why the 6 million meme is found in their religions and has been used several times through out history to politicize their agendas.

Pic releated.

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good to hear
these eastern european lot are finally earning their keep

>traditional Afghan, Pakistani area
Those are English areas that were taken over by foreigners.

>A band that will attacks technology that's truly good for the sake of shekels while housing members of jewish descent.

user... If it was truly about white pride, an entertainment industry ran by jews wouldn't have allowed it.