The Swiss are going to have a gun referendum this Sunday

the Swiss are going to have a gun referendum this Sunday

>If Swiss voters reject new gun laws,,,Switzerland could be forced to leave the Schengen Area.

>While Switzerland is not a member of the EU, it belongs to the visa-free Schengen area and must therefore comply with various rules applied by the bloc.

>if Switzerland fails to approve the revised EU Fire Arms Directive, its membership of the area would automatically cease unless other EU states and the European Commission offer concessions to Switzerland.

>Swiss government has warned that leaving Schengen could cost the country billions of francs and this argument seems to have persuaded many people in Switzerland. Polls indicate around two thirds of voters intend to vote in favour of tighter gun controls,
>Guns are a mainstream asset in Switzerland,,,military service is compulsory. There are more than 2.3 million small arms in circulation

Are the Swiss really going to be bullied by the EU like this?

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>If Swiss voters reject new gun laws,,,Switzerland could be forced to leave the Schengen Area
will they cuck out?

if they give up their guns I vote we invade
lousy centrists

i hope swiss will chose their freedom.
but i trust they will.

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It's pathetic the amount of people who fold as soon as money is brought up.
Their loyalty to their country is for sale. And the price is pretty low.
The Jews have been really done a number on us.

>will they cuck out?
Probably because they gave women the vote in 1970.

Hasn't been a problem for 20 years, why push it now? Schlomo is starting to get nervous.

What is the EU's beef with Helvetica? Czechia has way looser gun laws no?

Please let the EU collapse

What are the polls saying? No way the Swiss can agree with the new gun laws, right?

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The EU bullies switzerland since the begin of it's existence

It is a british source. Just assume it is entirely retarded.

some stats about guns in Europe

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Almost definitely like we did in the last few initiatives/referendums

Swisses actually are heavily armed unlike Czech.

From what I've seen, I thought firearm ownership was a way of life for the swiss? I can not imagine a whole people giving up a large part of their identity for the international equivalent of a costco membership.

They already cucked out, right now the last pro-gun people/associations are saving the scraps. Schengen is the last step for them.

Btw the gun culture in Switzerland is not the same as in the US. Just because they can get guns easily doesn't mean their rights are seen as "unalienable God-given constitutional rights". All the guns are permit guns, they are registered and most people are Statist bootlickers.

The redpill is: you can't be pro-gun and statist at the same time. 99.99% of Europeans are hardcore statists. Criticize cops and you'll be called a leftist.

Reuters quotes a gfs.bern poll that claims 54% are in favor of the new restrictions. But also

will they cuck?
looks like they will

>Polls indicate around two thirds of voters intend to vote in favour of tighter gun controls, with fears over the loss of Schengen membership playing a key part in their decision-making process.

Does anyone know if there's a way to vote online this coming Sunday? Swiss here and obviously out of the country.

Well, females are allowed to vote and a significant eurocuck population has moved in, so I guess they will cuck

It'll be a 'fair' (((democratic))) vote of course.

>ways of life
That is for racist nationalist bigots!
Britain does fine not being in the Schengen Area, but it is certainly scummy that they are holding this over the Swiss' heads.

Europe has plenty of guns.

>Britain does fine not being in the Schengen Area

And they have the least amount of guns of any western country.

lmao. Fuck Britain.

And the threat is simply that migrants won't be able to freely enter.
Also the gun people are saying

>Opponents of the new gun laws argue that claims from the government that Switzerland would lose its membership are just fearmongering.

>They argue that under the terms of Switzerland’s existing bilateral agreements with the EU, the country is not required to adopt the new rules on weapons. In addition, they state that it is in the interests of the EU to ensure that Switzerland remains a member of the Schengen family.

So, it is only even a threat, it is not even definitive that they would be forced out of the Schengen area.

Leaving jew Control will cost you sheckels Goyim

Doesn't matter what we have. Most if not all guns are registered (bar the old replicas and collector pieces). Whenever the State will decide the party is over, they'll take everything back without compensation and nobody will bat an eye.

You only own what the State doesn't know about.

All their homes have bunkers and they are required to keep a gun

Please keep your guns. The EU wants the swiss not to be independent.

>switzerland nogunz

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>amend its gun laws to make them compatible with new, tougher EU rules brought in following the 2015 Paris terror attacks,


Please tell the EU to eat a bag of dicks

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>it is not even definitive that they would be forced out of the Schengen area.

Of course.

Europe has plenty of guns, as opposed to Britian.

They're trying to come for them too, but czechs are more based than the Bergjuden.

>It is a british source

I think they are German or Swedish based, or may even be across Europe, I don't think they do British news

when will the EU meme end?

Well that is why we wait to see if they give the guns up first.

Britain is an island

Government is a form of parasitism. Some fucks come along and start managing your shit. All of a sudden its a privilege for you to access it and now you need to do what you are told.

The EU is worthless dont let them trick you into thinking you need them.

>Opponents of the amended gun law lag more than 30 percentage points behind those in favour, and chances of catching up are slim,

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stay strong Swiss people!

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>Yet despite the prevalence of firearms, gun homicide rate here is very low — 0.5 per 100,000 people, as compared to about 5 in the U.S., according to United Nations data.

lmao gg no re
What a bunch of retards. The swiss unironically have the best country and fuck all mass shootings so I don't understand why you'd vote in favour. EU propoganda

this will pass. too many people believe the propaganda and so many people are cucked about guns.

gee i wonder why

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Wrong. That pokemon is obviously a niglet.

You know what you need to do.

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most of the tourist cities in swiss are full of niggers
>there are blocks after blocks where she niggers work as whores

Absolutely gay, but remember that polls were catastrophically wrong about Trump and Brexit.

Whats the point of visa-free policy anyway? Just sit in your fucking Alpine cuckshed hoarded with guns and be happy. Fuck gayrope

Swiss firearms laws are making it harder to commit terrain there. Imagine the EU sending Muslims to do an Islam in Swiss borders, but then they were accidentally stopped by an armed Swiss.

Since they aren't members of EU, just surrounded by it this isn't a concern. It's just the need for a passport or not to cross the swiss border.

It's almost like conducting your poll entirely within a city always gives a cucked result.

>". All the guns are permit guns, they are registered

firearms purchased before 2008 need not be registered and don’t show up in statistics

allows citizens or legal residents over the age of 18, who have obtained a permit from the government and who have no criminal record or history of mental illness, to buy weapons

really makes you think

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Yeah I get it Sven
>the Schengen should be abolished

fuck yeah; therapists

There was a thing in the news today about how CNN and think I MSNBC made up polls or manipulated them

I wish I could vote but my voting shit is at my house

It's not what you think.

The truth is that whites are more intelligent than niggers, that's why they are not arrested for murder. They get away with it because high IQ.

anyway if you still watch CNN and MSNPC at this point you should be considered retarded and therefore be sterilized

no its not lol
Niggers commit far more crime than white people because of low impulse control
Its clear as day, predominantly black areas are FAR more dangerous than white areas, black countries are FAR more dangerous than white areas, and its not because white people can just 'hide their crimes'

time is a fundamentally white concept

Visa. You already need a passport.

It's not a very clear question. If they asked the question like that in a lot of places a lot of people would end up ticking the wrong box. Have people received a lot of information about the debate and consequences?

>voters will be asked the following question:

>"Do you accept the Federal Decree of 28 September 2018 approving and implementing the Exchange of Notes between Switzerland and the EU concerning the resumption of the EU Directive 2017/853 amending the EU Directive on weapons (Development of the Schengen acquis)?"

There's a reason why Switzerland wasn't invaded in WWI or WWII. No one fucks with the (((bankers)))

>Thepassport-freeareaof the European Union is known as the Schengen Area. Ifyouhold apassport from one of the EU countries,you do notneedto show apassportwhen travelingbetween countries within theSchengen zone.

This is one of the issues where the "shy vote" will decide it. All the people that never get polled and never talk about it but will vote.
It's always like this on controversial votes they're very like to win on yes votes but miss the "Ständemehr" meaning more than 50% of the cantons have to vote yes for it to pass. The conservative cantons will vote no and that is pretty much everyone vs Zurich, Basel Stadt, Geneva and Vaud.

You have to write in JA(yes) or Nein (no), we don't tick boxes in switzerland. Everything has to be written in by hand.

Fuckit when?

This just sounds to me like the EU is bullying Switzerland into disarming.

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and people are schooled up on the question. It seems like it's deliberately made confusing, couldn't they have put it in more simple terms?

So what if they lose money? Why does the economy trump everything in this fucked up world. The best things in life are fucking free.


Out shit is always written like this. It's nothing confusing as everyone is used to it from early on.

I didn't know Serbia was so docile.

Good, vote of retards won't get counted.

I know, I was just trying to show that the Swiss don't have a gun problem. They have guns, but also peaceful society, so there shouldn't really be an argument for more control.

>ownership has not been a contentious issue.
>That’s because mass murders are rare and school shootings non-existent in this peaceful nation

Feudalism really did a number on you guys, huh?

My mom just about crumpled into the floor when I politely explained that Switzerland has compulsory gun ownership yet it's such a nice, peaceful country.

Don’t the swiss have a EU-phile millenial problem?

huh, they are still arguing here that the brexit question was too complicated. The remainers are convinced people didn't understand it even though the question was something simple, like should we leave the EU

they can't regulate this guns baby *flexs biceps*

I won't vote, everything starting with the mass migration initiative which has been ignored by our government has been a massive redpill. Will probably move to Poland, this country is lost.

Is there an influx of refugees in Switzerland? I thought you people keep all the shitskins out with restrictive immigration.

>you do notneedto show apassportwhen travelingbetween countries within theSchengen zone.
yeah but actually you do, because you have a duty to identify anyway.
it just means you can use other forms of ID.

We have those votes 4-5x per year on multiple questions on all levels communal, cantonal and national. Reading and interpreting those questions is part of the school curriculum from 4th grade on.
There's nothing hard, they're clearly worded.

(((Defeatist))) user.
>I wont vote, blah blah. Trump won't win the country is lost, I'm going to move to (((Poland))).
>I wont vote, blah blah. Brexit won't happen the country is lost, I'm going to move to (((Poland))).

>they learn about government in 4th grade
Is there anything at all that the Swiss don't do better than everybody else?

based and directdemocracypilled

>Is there anything at all that the Swiss don't do better than everybody else?

>this country is lost.
You are a German on a proxy, right?
I mean we are literally occupied by the burgers and have a fake democracy, but Swiss has one, right?

Oh, well that would make sense.