Why does Israel have a right to exist?

Why does Israel have a right to exist?

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fuck off antisemite

Kys kike loving faggot

Fuck off, Shlomo.

rights don't exist, they're just social constructs

same as any other nation

no. it is a fictional place like Shangri-la or Wakanda. it's very existence hinders the progress of the human race.

It has nice right to exist

The question is irrelevant. They have nuclear weapons to guarantee mutually assured destruction.

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like Palestine?

No right*

Because they are our greatest ally you evil anti semite don't you remember the holocaust don't you dare say anything bad about Israel or Jews

It's just burgers artificially keeping it alive.

Why not?

Yes, I remenber all about the wooden doors and the "870,000" at Treblinka that Krege debunked.

why does america have a right to exist?

It doesn't and only people have rights, states don't have rights.

Because Native Americans didn't have a concept of Rights and Governance
Arabs do
Fuck off to Siberia

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That's a lie.
And you're a jew.

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For the same reason that you have a right to exist.
It's God given right.

because moshie says so you fucking nazi
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because germany lost OP.... thats why

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>don't you remember the holocaust
never heard of it

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Why do blacks deserve welfare and affirmative action?

Why does saudi Arabia have a right to exist? Why does Iran have a right to exist?

Power? You're parasites. You use American mercenaries.


>muh races
Jow Forums is filled with retards that unironically think we should save all the races like little girls

>no one has answered the question

Because they fight for their existence, so by the laws of nature, they are allowed to survive / exist.

Because 6 million Jews died in the holocaust. Therefore they deserve a country.

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Because kike zionists control everything, including america

It didn't happen get over yourself

pay up the 300 billions

Oh, it doesn't. But neither do you. So will you fight, or die on the end of a bayonet?

Israel wants Americans to fight for them. Good goy!


Are you implying that i*rael fights for itself.

Dont care about these weirdos.
Israel will stand forever.

Exactly. They want to eat their cake and have it too.

Because jews determine what's a right and whats a privilege.

Non-jews exist? A privilege.
Jews exist? A right.

>Shangri-la is not real
You need to learn more stuff, user

It's not that they have the right to exist, it's that they have the might to exist. Israel dunked on every muslim country that has tried retake the territory and it's convenient to have a US satellite state in the region, so the west supports their existence.

nice proxies

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Why do you?

Moronic kike. Americans fight and die for Israel. It's a completely illegitimate situation.

uh, the six gorillion isn't enough?

>Arabs do
Throwing acid at women, raping 9-year-olds and drinking camel piss is not having a concept of rights and governance.

Why does the United States have a right to exist? Why does Turkey have a right to exist? Fuck off with this weak as slide shit

It doesn't

Yes absolutely no question about it

It's our rightful place, and no other religion has faced as much oppression as us

yes but jews don't. israel will be taken over and given to the niggers as reparations.. except they're all forced to live there with no white aid anymore forever

Christians did more

yea rabbi, exactly.
given that your mudbrain childporn kike retards own banking systems and thus enslave the whole world, does it really make sense to speak of "muh oppression"? have you always been kicked out of your host nations for no reason at all? get the rope, Schmuel

If two people were treading water in the ocean, Israel is like the fat one that grabs you, pushes your head underwater so it can stay afloat. It can't tread water on its own. Its a dependent, without the charity of the US government (7 trillion spent so far on Axis of Evil ww2 larp wars), it would sink like a stone. Only 9 million people live there, and yet they treat a country of 320 million like a vassal, as well as fund Islamic terror in an attempt to get the US to continue their ruinous wars. Israel is garbage.

I wonder why that is?

no but taking over france from cucks like you is

if they seen sovereignty, they will be annexed, so no.
the reason is the right of conquest
the only war we actually needed the burgers(1973) was a proxy war between us and the USSR, so completely false.

the US

It's not like we are in a better situation.

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Because the Anglo deemed it so.

>so completely false.
Lives on support of ----great power patron [USA] ----- and ... balance relationships with regional powers Source Stratfor