Jow Forums told me Satanism was made by Jews

>Jow Forums told me Satanism was made by Jews
>Actually made by a fucked up brit
Explain yourselves Jow Forums

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Looks like a Jew to me

He didn't make it, Jew. He was just one autist on the side-line. Also post nose and foreskin

Anglo. Basically the same.

Nope hes A Brit

Pick one really. do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Those who don't like it can KYS.

what's up sadsacks?

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>Crowley invented satanism
Kek ok

Modern day satanism

memeflag thinks this aleister invented satanism. nice shitpost faggot.

Ask any christian, and you will find this:
Everything non-christian is satanism.
Even some sects of christianity are satanism.

he didn't, (Jew). try anton szandor la vey and it comes straight from Sabbateanism

And did you know anton lavey was inspired by Crowley?
Coincidence right?

There's no difference between anglos and jews. Anglos are even worse if anything. What other nation used child and female labor for mining fucking coal?

Again: His actual teachings come from Sabbateanism. (((him))) blaming it on inspiration from Crowley is just the typical goy front, heeb.

>There's no difference between anglos and jews. Anglos are even worse if anything
If only we had seen this earlier. So much conflict and death could have been avoided!

Crowley came from late 19th and early 20th century irrationalism. Lords and nobles and dandys larping around as I am le God incarnate xD. Like Nietzsche, too. It birthed all kinds of movements. Including the NS beginnings of the THule society.

Weird shit. Still not modern Satanism.

He's the natural progression of Protestantism. Once you abandon logos, you become a slave to your passions. AC pursued them to their natural conclusion, sexual degeneracy. He took it to extremes, and the oligarchs used him and OTO to fulfill their sickest desires as well.

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He took most of his shit from Kabbalah.

Do you not see that big ass nose


he wasn't really a satanist. The vast majority of satanists have no public representation or presence because they're sick fucks who worship evil, so they can't go around advertising the the public that they're a cult devoted to being as evil and sick as possible.

*unless you are Jewish

>do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
Crowley was a nigger.

>Implying all anglos are not eternal crypto-jews

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Crowley grew up in the Exclusive Brethren, a church founded by John Nelson Darby, the creator of dispensationalism and the reason why the US supports Israel.

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Oh boy

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LaVeyan satanism is pretty good.
Fuck (((psychic vampires))).

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You mean (((Levey))an Satanism, the inspiration for Scientology

What's the difference?