What is mixed people's homeland? For example: there's a half African half German who is born in Germany...

What is mixed people's homeland? For example: there's a half African half German who is born in Germany, is his homeland Africa or Germany?

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Africa if they look dark. If they can pass as ethnic Germans then Germany.

abominations should be burned for fuel

Their homeland is 10 feet under the ground

Or this.

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Africa in both cases
If he wants to stay he can do so as fertilizer

neither. and this is what (they) want.

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Mongrels don't have a homeland.

>is his homeland Africa or Germany?

Neither but they'd still have to chose one, it's why making rootless people is wrong

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Whatever sperg, real world answers for real world solutions.

Send em’ all to Hawaii

>is his homeland Africa or Germany

melanin = africa

Half shitskins belong in the garbage just like their full on shitskin counterparts.

Africa and that is not a half German. That boy has a disorder. Must and coal burners get expatriated if they are allowed to live day of the rope.

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Mulattoes should be shipped to Africa. It's a win win, both continents get whiter.

>implying that's not a real world solution
Mad mongrel detected

germany is africa

kacap suka pidar vali nahui urod


The everlasting Auschwitz ovens are their homes.

Neither. it is USA

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The oven might just work, if you lot mind your own business this time

His answer is a real world answer. It's called rejection. There is no place in white nation for mutts. If Africa wants them, they can have them, but we won' t accept them. If they try to stay, they get executed. Problem solved.

>is his homeland Africa or Germany?
Begin again, in a brand new life of adventure and excitement.

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Mixed people don't have a homeland. That is why they always end up having an identity crisis down the road because they don't know where they belong.

They have two homes (but they're not necessarily wanted in any)


this is Jow Forums, nobody really cares about real solutions or even about the white race at all we just like to LARP and feel good about ourselves while letting the white race die for the sake of our fantasy

the bottom of the ocean

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The answer is: America.

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shit don't sink

This. Their home is nowhere. So as to make everyone rootless. It destroys nationalism.

I always see you lefty niggers trying to use this picture as proof when its so obviously shooped

>Send them to eastern Europe, just give them some of that Asian skin whitening cream so they pass as locals.
why bother? send them to nedherland, you spare skin whitening cream, they pass as locals without it


useless eyes for africa, useless skin for germany. death is the only option.